Radio Capinzal – Camara de Capinjal honors police officers and firefighters with “Highlights of the Year”

A night of recognition for the relevant services rendered to the population of Capinjal and Oro. It was a glorious session of the City Council of Capinzale this Monday (25th), honoring police officers and firefighters working in both municipalities as “highlights of the year.”

The work was led by Vice-President Alexandro Thomas de Vargas, with the presence of other members of parliament, due to the absence of the President, Rafael Toniel, for health reasons; Mayor Nilvo Dorini; Commander of the Military Police, Major Cleverson Gersez, Representative of the Civil Police, Gilmar Antonio Bonamigo, Commander of the Fire Department, Lieutenant Robson Fermiano; Representatives of organizations such as ACIRP and the Lions Club; Respected family and friends.

The tribute was born out of a project approved by former Councilor Kelvis Borges (Progressives) and Councilman Rafael Tonal (Progressive) and other MPs in 2019. Through this, the title Civil Police was created, Act 3.343, Military Police, Military Firefighter and Community Firefighter the best highlight of the year.

The names of those who were out in 2021 depend on the instructions of the organization concerned. The honorees are: Military Police Corporal, Maicon Mason; Civil police agent, Fernando de Oliveira Costica; Corporal Fire Fighter, Andre Bersagui and Community Fire Fighter, Adamie Machado.

Maicon Mason

Military Police Corporal Maicon Mason Born on November 20, 1985, in the town of Capinzal – SC.

Son of Defendant Mason and Asunta Bonamigo Mason, he is married to the father of Diane Garcia Mason and Melissa and Murillo Garcia Mason.

Maicon joined the Santa Catarina Military Police on October 7, 2013, took a military training course at the 26th Military Police Battalion, located at Harval D’Oste – SC, but, with much study and dedication, he was recently promoted to 31 March. , Just completing the training course in 2022.

Throughout his short career, Cabo Mykon has always shown activism, commitment and dedication to military police service, always looking to maintain public order.

He has accumulated several accolades in his file for the good services rendered to the community, starring in a number of incidents that have led to the arrest of many criminals as well as the seizure of weapons and drugs and quick response and recovery of stolen items. .

In addition to management services, Cabo Maicon completed the PROERD Trainer Course (Educational Program for the Prevention of Drugs and Violence) in 2019 and is now dedicated to teaching PROERD classes to 5th year students, providing information and skills to these young students to reduce the rate of violence and drug abuse. It is necessary to live a healthy life.

Fernando de Oliveira Costica:

Civil Police Officer Fernando de Oliveira Costica Coming from Joachim – born October 11, 1976.

Fernando, the son of Ervino Costica and Floripa de Oliveira Costica, began his career in the civil police as a police investigator at the Capinzal district police station while on duty, in addition to his duties as a jailer.

Subsequently, he was twice appointed Ceretran (Regional Traffic Circuit) Supervisor at Capinzale, where he also served as Traffic Examiner and President of the JARI (Administrative Board of Infrastructure Appeals).

Today, Fernando works as a civil police agent at the police station and was nominated for the honor of being a dedicated server for his work. Highly organized and systematic, he has the initiative and creativity to deal with the difficulties presented in problem solving and activity practice, always faithfully fulfilling its functional responsibilities to provide the best service to citizens who need and seek information from the Civil Police Station Do their demands and adaptations.

Andre Bersagui

Corporal firefighter Andre Bersagui was born on May 10, 1983, in the city of Ooro.

He is the son of Valter Bersagui and Irene Terezinha Skopel Bersagui.

Cabo Bersagui holds a degree in physical education and worked in the profession before beginning his career with the Military Fire Department as a community firefighter, performing the job voluntarily.

Subsequently, on September 1, 2011, he joined the corporation as a military firefighter, a role where he was separated for his commitment, discipline, and respect for colleagues and superiors. A distinguished professional, he is always ready to serve, vaguely, in need, engaged in work that contributes to a better society.

The Capitol Military Fire Department is proud to have counted on his position, along with respected and skilled professionals like Corporal Fire Fighter Andre Bersagui.

Adam’s Machado

Community firefighter Adam was born in Machado Piratuba. Son of Irinio Machado and Lourdes Bosquero Machado, he married Ilset Piazza and Alan’s father, Luisa Vittoria, and Davy Luis Machado.

Ademir trained as a professional security technician, a profession he continues to pursue today and, on June 1, he will complete his 20th anniversary as a community firefighter in the Capinzal Military Fire Department.

An active professional with excellent technical knowledge, he is an example to his colleagues and fellow volunteers. Always committed to the Bomberis cause, he is currently the Treasurer of the Community Firefighters Association of Capinzal, Ouro and Jordia.

The communities of Capinzal, Ouro and Zortea have the privilege of relying on people who give up their personal time, even living with their families, dedicating themselves to the safety and well-being of others, such as the Machado of the Community Fire Fighter Academy and the Capital Military Fire Department. Glad to have this professional in his community fire department.

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