Raউলl Gazola recalls the beginning of his relationship with Daniela Perez: ‘She was the woman of my life’ – Joera

Actor Raul Gazolla He remembers the beginning of his relationship with the actress Daniela Perez, Was killed in 1992 during an interview with the Inteligência Ltda podcast Information is available from Extra.

Also killed was Daniela Perez 18 holes On a body made of a sharp object, in 1992, when he placed a recording of the Globor soap opera ‘De Corpo e Alma’.

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Gloria and Daniela Perez

Criminal Md William of Padua, Who played the character of Bira in the plot. Raul was married to the actress at that time.

“I met Dani in 1989. She was still a dancer, not an actress. I was in Kananga do Japao, and Christian Torloni, who was my partner in the plot, was going to dance to the soap opera with Carlinhos de Jesus. He chose a dancer to dance with and Daniela was chosen “, he recalls.

The actor says he was “ The woman of your life“And who dreamed of it from his adolescence.

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Paula Thomaz opened criminal charges against Gloria Perez

Pictures of Daniela Perez in black and white.  In the photo, the actress bends her arms and raises her head.

“I haven’t talked about this story much and I think it’s very good. I’ve dreamed about him since I was a teenager. When I first saw him, I thought: ‘My God, this is him.’ I dreamed of that figure, that physical appearance. I was enchanted and after that I fell in love, “he said.

First kiss

During an interview, Gazola further recalled that the couple’s first kiss took place in the author’s kitchen. Gloria PerezDaniela’s mother:

“She danced a lot, she was a great dancer, she had all the perfect moves. We rehearsed at Gloria’s house. One day I went there and we started looking at each other. Then we went to the kitchen to drink water and I gave her a cinematic kiss. And then I’m saying something else

“He came back to rehearse and took no action. He was frustrated. Since then, we started dating and I fell in love completely,” he recalls.

After the marriage, Daniela Perez agreed to go to Gazola’s house. Therefore, the actor a Surprise marriage In civilian

“We had a very intense and very good life. She was the woman of my life. I called Dani to stay with me, but she said we needed to get married first.

“On the day of the wedding, I woke her up and told her to wear the dress we bought together in Los Angeles, USA, and I said: ‘We’re getting married today, then we’ll do it. There’s a party, at church.”

“I called two friends to witness and then I got a certificate from Gloria that her daughter and I were going to live together. Gloria was upset. Imagine not being invited to her daughter’s wedding. But today we have a very strong bond that transcends anything. “, He insisted.

Understand the crime

Daniela Perez was assassinated on December 28, 1992 by her colleague Guilherme de Padua and his wife. Pala Noguira Thamaz. According to the lawsuit, the two ambushed and killed the 22-year-old girl with 18 stab wounds.

The motive for the crime, according to the conviction, was that Guilharm requested the actress to talk to her mother to further emphasize her role in the soap opera ‘De Corpo e Alma’, shown between 1992 and 1993.

How are the killers nowadays?

Guilherm and Paula were both convicted of the crime, after a double worthy murder trial, with clumsy motives and an impossibility to protect the victim. He was sentenced to 19 years in prison and 16 years in prison. However, they were later released Serve one-third of the sentence.

In 2002, the actor converted to evangelism after his release from prison. Fifteen years later, he became pastor of the Evangelical Church in Guilherme de Padua Belo Horizonte (MG), where he lives. He graduated in Theology with his new wife Juliana Lessardar.


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