Qatar, Germany has already won the farce cup

No, effectively, we’re in Petrolini, “good!”, “Bravo!”. in Qatar, in the darkest World Cup in the thousand-year historical past of soccer prostitution (talked about by the architect Melandri), an individual arrives immediately with out passing by catastrophe. Everyone is aware of about Cialtrone justice, the cry of Infantino, who goes by Fifa, who leads like the Qatari pasha, as a mix and forbids gamers to put on symbols of integration in assist of the discrimination of the sultanate: you understand how it’s, 5 billion is healthier put in the ass. Where there can be an interminable collection of tragicomic gags, which ought to bury everybody in disgrace, completely everybody, and by everybody I imply everybody who floats, doesn’t make waves, doesn’t make waves, as a result of the World Cup of the Sultanate is like. Comma 22 of Heller in the Sturmtruppen model: anybody who performs can put on a glbtq necklace, however whoever wears a glbtq necklace doesn’t play.

The remaining vaudeville act is carried out by the German performer Cermania, Manuel Neuerwho takes the discipline (in opposition to Japan) together with his finest Fifa band, no “One Love”, we’re not ashamed of freedom outdoors of Europe: solely that the crew is roofed just a little with a shirt, so a tough employee from Suriname, one other Zergelaar who acquired his popularity for an hour, rushes to him “to substantiate”. What do you wish to seek for? More than strains, this appears to be like for objectives, like Fantozzi of the Nazi dietician, “tu tip!”. Meanwhile, the actions, nervously, present something however pantomime: clouds, sizzling stands, paying audiences, direct, Infantino’s face as Infantino, unchanged.

Enough is sufficient to transcend the grotesque Pillars of Hercules, however not sufficient. Because at the moment the Kraut drivers do one thing admirable, however above all, inconceivable: they enter into formations like, leaning, hand in entrance of the mouth. They seem like a rustic social gathering rioting and vomiting, victimized by drunkenness. To say: aa, however you’re testing us, it’s not like that. While they have been there, they may all put on a masks, which was very a lot the plan of 2030. The spectacular arms that, nevertheless, even these filmed on TV (and the way are you unsuitable?), needs to be confused. de balls: go and go, like just a little piss insurgent. It could also be sufficient, and so forth., and so forth., however it’s not sufficient. Because to say, the cursed group, the rainbow, is nothing podimenen that Ministren wa Internen Teteschen ti Cermania, fraud. Nancy Faeser: he can, he’s in the grandstand, sitting subsequent to the Infantin de Doha, who clearly doesn’t make an argument, in truth he’s pleased: all the industrial advances included in Qatar.

It could also be sufficient and so forth and so forth, however it’s not sufficient. Because of the fantastic thing about all this, the crucca Football Federation sends an animal assertion: “Human rights are usually not negotiable”. No? If it wasn’t for dialogue, do not be there. If they weren’t negotiable, your gamers didn’t lie down, in any sense. Come, come: suppose if they may speak. But right here in Pallonaro Sultanate every thing is negotiable from life onwards. “We assist our concepts,” says Federkrukken. Here, good guys, assist the doggystyle scene. At residence and in Europe they kneel at each self-importance, in the center of the Middle East: and, in the finish, they cease. Churchill was proper, “all the time belief your rules, they may quickly give in”: it took them just a little, it’s clear that the rules have been manufactured from clay. But what number of virgins are pregnant however dwell in Qatar, madamadorè: if the method of various representatives, all representatives, and assist positions with butter, one simply finally ends up reaffirming the extreme energy of the sheikhs. Which, on the opposite, is pleased: nobody interfered, every thing goes because it ought to, issues are good, the World Cup consists of, Qatar consists of, Infantino consists of.

Until then It wouldn’t make sense to speak about analysis: there isn’t a cause, everybody is quicker than a silly slave, it’s an argument for the one who begins to alter, the one who has denied himself and says to another person, it is your time, present me what you are able to do. But what can we are saying to the media if the gamers are the first to say no, violence, freedom, homosexuality, homosexuality, freedom in these areas couldn’t care? The one who wears his armpit, sure, however from Fifa: concern, huh?
O captain, my captain: with a belt you wash your again. These examples of tolla make the Jesuits, the Pharisees, the shopkeepers and the Philistines seem (talked about by Count Mascetti) as irresponsible à la Bernardo Guy: individuals who have no idea who to offer Bernarda to, he’s too excessive. Strong quadriceps, burning calves, hocks, however, backside line, two balls like this one. Like marble. There was one.

Instead of receiving a warning, they promote their mom’s still-warm corpse. Ad minors, if at this World Cup in Qatar after respect, respect, consistency, there’s something left to promote, it will likely be offered to the highest bidder. Then simply say “oh, we’ll cease”, and every thing falls into place. After Morgan Freeman, one other man who constructed a Hollywood home on human rights, particularly black individuals, with out a room of disgrace, the solely factor lacking is to name Greta Thunberg, Wanna Marchi and Aboubakar Souhamoro. Because right here at the World Cup, so long as you are joking, you are laughing, however when it will get tough, the problem goes right down to 90. Not a minute.

Max Del Papa, 23 November 2022

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