Q&A: Dylan Raiola High School Teacher Rick Garretson Says “He Has Never Seen Anything Like” Raiola And Praises His IQ Ball

Rick Garretson had no shortage of well-known players under his tutelage at Chandler High School (Chandler, Arizona).

For the past 12 years, Garretson has coached Bryce Perkins, Mason Moran, Jacob Conover, Brett Hundley, Mikey Keene and his son, Darell Garretson.

All six became Division I quarterbacks players. Hundley and Perkins reached the NFL.

However he believes Dylan Raiola could be the best of them all.

Although Raiola did not take a single photo of Chandler after being transferred in December from Burleson High School (Burleson, Texas), Garretson had already been shot by a 6-foot-3, 225-pound signer, claiming he had never seen a quarter. about Raiola culture at the secondary level.

Garretson spoke to him Eleven Warriors Tuesday following Raiola’s dedication to Ohio State and discussed a range of topics including Raiola’s decision, what he is guilty of, and his best interests. He also touched on former Chandler wideout Kyion Grayes, the new receiver in Ohio State.

This interview has been slightly modified for length and clarity.

Q: I hope Monday was a very exciting time to see one of your players commit to a major program like Ohio State. How thrilling it was to see this happening on Monday?

Rick Garretson: I am happy for Dylan and his family. Obviously, you work hard to reach goals and things like that. Not that it all happened, but it is a special child with a special family. You know, we are all excited about his future for the next two years at Chandler and then with coach Ryan Day and Ohio State.

Q: I know he’s been in your program lately, but what have you seen from him in his short time at Chandler on the field and outside?

Garretson: His leadership skills are incredible. His knowledge and his football IQ, he understands the limits, he understands the graduates, he understands the media. He understands the security we allow our quarterback to dominate here. Once you have this skill, your preparation skills simply add to it all and create the perfect player mix.

Q: How old is he? I am sure to have a father who played in the NFL helped, especially being surrounded by the NFL type in his life. From his film, it looks like he hasn’t slipped on the floor, he’s immovable and can throw in the yard with a side corner or a regular throw.

Garretson: I have never seen anything like it. And I’ve had some good quarterbacks here. His IQ football has just come out, and in fact, he has been playing quarterback for only two years. That’s the other side of it. The roof is so high that its future is very pleasant.

We are fortunate to have such a person. All you have to do is meet his parents and you know his head is bent. He does not consider himself important, he is self-condemning and he is a young man who deserves all that has happened. We always say your movie and your CV here, and in Burleson, coach (Jon) Kitna did a great job with him in his second year. We hope to continue this and provide him with a foundation so that when he arrives in Ohio State, he can go and compete with them at work.

Q: What was it like as a coach to see Dylan go to Ohio State and what do you think made him decide to play for the Buckeyes?

Garretson: First, I think her relationship with teacher Day and teacher Dennis. That was a very important point. He visited three times there, so that there was also interest from his side of the fence. Coach Day knows what they are doing. He has put a team of guys in the NFL. Maybe 10 years ago, you didn’t think of Ohio State as a quarterback in the show, but when you look at them now, there’s no question that it’s a place to go to study and sit under coach Corey Dennis and Teacher Day. It helps you understand where you can move forward and move forward.

Q: Dylan announced his birthday at his church. What does Dylan believe?

Garretson: He is a man of faith. It is important to him. He travels on a journey. That’s Dylan’s biggest thing, he travels. It is fun and we have the opportunity to be with him as part of our program.

Q: If you had chosen one thing, which of Dylan’s you would most like to say the most?

Garretson: He can create, but he can do it with his football IQ. His IQ football is beyond his age. He works on it, he’s a guy who studies film. It’s like the theory of exercise rats, right, but on the side of video stuff. He works on it and lives on it, that shows. Obviously his film from last year shows the things he can do, and when you combine the same skills with the mental side, it is a way to win.

Q: The Buckeyes recently acquired one of your best players at Kyion Grayes. Did you know of any Kyion attempts to sign Dylan in Ohio State?

Garretson: I have never heard anything like this. But Kyion stood up last week to exercise during spring football. I know these guys have some fun things coming up. Kyion had a good spring in Ohio State and in fact, must have been still in high school, so it would be nice to have a couple of kids from Chandler High School representing Big Ten at power stations like Ohio State.

Q: What do you think Kyion has the potential to accommodate more people?

Garretson: They can play indoors, they can play indoors. He knows how to get off the ball. He understands the movement and understands how he follows the balls to the ground. I know you wear 10 pounds, which was great to see, which will happen every time you go to college and eat well and lift well. Kyion Grayes is a good team player and is not afraid of being coached too much, which I believe coach Hartline does.

Q: Kyion was seriously injured with you last year at the start of the season. What was it like to see him pass by but then return to the field?

Garretson: this. It was hard. When you remove your neck as he did, it says a lot about his ability to recover from the injury because I thought it would block him this season. Not so, he came back as our sixth game. He wanted to be out there with his teammates and work on his skills and contribute to the competitive team, and he helped us get to the finish line. It shows that he really wanted to solve this problem, and I was very proud of him.

Q: Several times I spoke to Kyion, he seems to be the attraction that most guys want to be with. Has he always been the person that other players are attracted to?

Garretson: he. He is a great friend. He appreciates what he brings to the table, but he also appreciates the success of his teammates. It’s a whole team and what happens when you have such guys and a talented kids team like Ohio State deals with the reception team, which is why they often sit in the College Soccer Playoff.

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