Product reminder: Children’s favorite food is contaminated with listeria, it should not be eaten!

We’ve been listening to rather a lot concerning the product recently. Moreover, it impacts more often than not Popular food merchandise. This forces customers to make concessions despite themselves. This time once more, Rappel Conso warns customers about attainable Listeria contamination of a branded product. So crucial Avoid swallowing it.

Listeria will contaminate a batch of hen nuggets

Lots of product remembers recently. This pertains to merchandise as various as tortilla chips or pork skewers. Frozen raspberries and natural dried ham too.

fortunately Drink reminder It is there to tell folks. Moreover, the platform has simply launched a brand new alert on one other very fashionable product. Children and college students should do with out these food merchandise.

Indeed, it would appearA batch of hen nuggets Maître coq model Listeria contaminated. Several supermarkets in France used to promote these hen nuggets. These manufacturers should take away this batch of merchandise from their cabinets. And those that purchase it should not eat it.

The recall considerations a sure batch

These hen nuggets are offered in plastic trays of 1 kg. Many distributors promote these merchandise From the Maître Coq model throughout France. We can cite Carrefour, Casino, Provera and plenty of others.

These supermarkets begin delivering this product on July 22, 2022. Still, not too long ago, the topic of those merchandiseA withdrawal process. This process is for a particular lot.

Actually, distributors promote them beneath batches 2P22201 and GTN 3230890027529. According to Rappel Conso, this withdrawal process will finish on August 11, 2022. August 12, 2022 is the expiration date for hen nuggets.

Reminder Cons, bear in mind, is a authorities website liable for figuring out completed merchandise topic to recall.

Conso reminder recommendation

Obviously, given the recognition of the food product, many have most likely already purchased it. If this is your case, Rappel Conso forbids you to eat it. so There is a primary intuition.

The official website explains that this is crucial Product destruction. He recommends contacting client service for extra info. Note that compensation is attainable within the type of coupons.


It goes with out saying that if we purchase a food product, it is consumed. Therefore, it is very doubtless that some have already consumed it. In this case, Rappel Conso recommends that they instantly See the physician.

Symptoms and folks in danger

Additionally, Rappel reminds Conso Be alert for signs After consuming merchandise contaminated with Listeria.

So, those that eat these hen nuggets should be cautious fever. This can be discrete or contiguous Headaches and physique aches. If these signs seem, these folks should make an appointment with a physician instantly.

It should additionally be famous that in susceptible people, the consequences of air pollution can be severe. In a pregnant lady, for instance, Neurological issues can occur

Likewise, it can be Victims of maternal or fetal hurt. They are additionally a part of susceptible, aged and immunocompromised folks. At-risk people should pay specific consideration to those signs.

This bacterial agent prevents colds

Bacterial contamination with Listeria causes the illness listeriosis. It can be very severe. For that cause food merchandise should be prevented Contaminated by listeria.

However, it takes a considerable dose to essentially get sick. This is a bacterial agent lives within the atmosphere and within the digestive tract of animals. When this bacterial agent contaminates food, it does not have an effect on its look.

So you do not see any mould or different modifications within the food. he retains A hungry look With the identical scent and style. It should additionally be famous that this bacterial agent is proof against chilly. This resistance permits it to outlive in a freezer.

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