Primavera Roma-Torino 1-1: match report

Roma-Torino, reside matches of the 2022/2023 Primavera competitors: official strains, pre-match, outcomes and match report

The fourth day of the competitors. Primavera is again on the sphere at 2 pm: Rome-Turin is the problem that can see the grenades return to the sphere after three consecutive victories within the first three seasons. After beating Cagliari, Atalanta and Inter, Scurto’s group can be on stage at Tre Fontane in opposition to Guidi Giallorossi, within the first yr with out Alberto De Rossi on the bench. Follow the lifetime of the Roma-Torino Primavera.

Primavera Roma-Torino 1-1: match report

Retme: pt 24 ‘Gineitis, 42’ Cassano

Expulsion: st 18′ Anton

Ammon: pt 8 ‘ Joao Costa, st 15 ‘ N’Guessan

Rome: Baldi, Missori (st 40 ′ Louakima), Foubert-Jacquemin, Chesti, Pisilli, Cassano, Oliveras (st 23 ′ Falasca), Faticanti (st 23 ′ Koffi) Satriano, Costa (st 23 ′ Vetkal), Tahirovic (st 9 ‘ They pay). Available nowand: Razumejevs, Del Bello, Cherubini, Pellegrini, Misitano, D’Alessio, Majchrzak, Silva, Ciufferi, Graziani. Teacher: Do you drive?

Turin (4-3-1-2): Pasta; Dembelè, N’Guessan, Anton, Dellavalle; Antolini (st 9′ D’Agostino), Ruszel (st 41′ Rettore), Gineitis; Dell’Aquila (st 9 ′ Weidmann); Jurgens (st 19 ′ Gaj), Caccavo (st 9 ′ Ansah). Available now: Hennaux, Brezzo, Corona, Dalla Vecchia, Savva, Bura, Njie, Marchioro. Teacher: Black

Spring Rome-Turin, direct


53 ‘The match ends right here: 1-1 between Rome and Turin

50 There is crimson within the handle of the grenade bench member

49 Koffi’s proper turns, ball out. Bull within the Giallorossi grip: Guidi’s group is continually pushing

47 ‘Now 5 minutes of restoration has been reported, it should proceed to 52’

47 ‘Pain for Dembelè, who sits down

46′ Pagano’s cross, Satriano tries a header on the far submit

41 ‘THE TURN CHANGE: contained in the Rector, exterior Ruszel, Scurto remains to be protecting himself, the safety of 5 individuals

41 ′ Only Roma performs with Toro who tries to not get into bother

40 ′ THE ROMAN CHANGE; within the discipline of Louakima, from Missouri

35 ‘Passard saves the Cow! Cassano’s end from inside the realm, then Koffi on the rejection doesn’t take benefit

32 ′ Occasionissima Roma: Satriano factors to the suitable glass of the realm, goes in, begins on Pagano’s low cross on the far submit. The Giallorossi have the benefit over Passador however on the left he flattens the ball and decorates the Bull.

29 ‘He resumed the sport in Rome

27 ‘The story of respiratory

26′ Pagano tries a final phrase that comes out a bit bit: Passador checks that the ball is popping out.

23′ THREE CHANGE: Faticanti leaves the sphere for Koffi, Joao Costa for Vetkal, Oliveras comes out once more, Falasca’s discipline.

21 ‘Roma’s punishment: Cassano’s end touches the grenade barrier

20 ‘Scurto rushes to cowl: REPLACEMENT, remembered Jurgens, coming into Gaj

18 ADVICE to Anton: do it on Satriano who buys him a yellow card. And that is how he takes the second: ESCAPE, Taurus in ten

15′ ADMONITION to N’Guessan: after breaking away from Satriano the grenade defender tries to hit the opponent on the bottom. The choose warns him, he will get indignant: he shakes the Frenchman who doesn’t even settle for the colour of the cardboard, not understanding that he has taken a giant threat.

13′ Pisilli’s shot from the sting: he chooses to go to complete the Giallorossi within the objective, however the ball leads to the highest and never simply.

9 ‘THREE CHANGE: D’Agostino, Weidmann and Ansah are available, out of Antolini, Dell’Aquila and Caccavo. ROMANI REVOLUTION: inside Pagano, exterior Tahirovic

7 Dembelé sees Caccavo on the sting and serves him, on the finish of the bomber.

4′ Gineitis from the tight aspect tries to dig in however there are three Roma gamers to defend nicely

2′ End from the sting of Jurgens: excessive of the cross

1 “It begins with the Romans who began it


47′ The referee sends everybody to the locker room: the primary half ends 1-1

44 ‘The motion of the Bull who wins the nook

42′ PURPOSE of Rome, equaled Cassano. Defensive layup: cross from the left Cassano finds himself alone within the space and has sufficient time to face and have a look at the space.

41 ′ Pisilli on the trocar serves Joao Costa on the suitable, who jumps the opponent, enters the realm and leaves a cross that Anton deflects for a nook.

37 ′ The report is similar as the primary minutes: Roma are chasing the objective, Toro who defends nicely however struggles to construct. Two lengthy passes by Passador within the remaining minutes, the ball was twice received by the Giallorossi.

33 ‘Satriano walks shoulder to shoulder with N’Guessan, very near the referee who continues.

33 ′ An opportunity to restart, Antolini serves Jurgens on the trocar however Baldi had considered every thing by leaving his space to attend for the attacker.

30 ‘The recreation resumed

28 ′ Cold climate at Tre Fontane

27′ Roma nook, N’Guessan stands as much as shoot on the flag and put it within the nook. The second nook can be cleared by the Turin defence

25 ′ The Romanians attempt to return the objective, which had management of the sport till the prospect of a grenade.

24′ GOOOOOOOL in Turin!!!!! Gineitis has scored! Dembelè crosses from the suitable and unleashes a robust shot that Baldi lowers close to the submit. Missori prevents the ball from crossing the road with a sweep, however he does not notice that Gineitis is on the top of the disc, prepared to gather and bag.

20′ The Turin goalkeeper stays on the ground however it does not appear to be an issue as Passador will get up and comes again from the ground.

19 Front of Rome: The finish of Missori on this space is much like Passador

18 “The hunt for Pisili has come out! Roma nook: the Giallorossi used a defensive gap

15 ‘ Try out Bull: Dembelè to Dell’Aquila who has the sphere, outdated Spal serves Caccavo however the attacker’s end is weak.

11 ′ Roma are pushing in these first minutes, Bull is struggling to get out

8 ′ ADVICE to Joao Costa

5 ′ Saving on the road of Anton: in opposition to the Roma foot and Costa who from the sting sends the ball minimize by Tahirovic, Passador touches it, then sweeps Anton on the road.

4 ‘Try to be seen Caccavo from the opposite aspect, the nook is defeated

3 ‘Pisilli on the surface proper, rejecting Passador for a nook

1 ′ Parties: The dream has begun

Spring Rome-Turin: the place to look at on TV and stream

Roma-Torino Primavera can be broadcast reside by Sportitalia, on channel 60, in addition to streaming on the Sportitalia web site.

Spring Rome-Turin: the primary recreation

Hours 13.15 There are about 45 minutes left within the Primavera match between Roma and Torino. At Tre Fontane, the Giallorossi and the grenade will compete: Scurto’s group has returned from three consecutive victories and earlier than at present they had been the one leaders, whereas Guidi’s group has six factors, the results of two wins and one defeat. The groups will quickly start coaching classes main as much as the sport.

Spring Rome-Turin: official

Here are the official varieties:

Rome: Baldi, Missori, Foubert-Jacquemin, Chesti, Pisilli, Cassano, Oliveras Codina, Faticanti, Satriano, Costa Cesco, Tahirovic. Available nowand: Razumejevs, Del Bello, Vetkal, Cherubini, Pagano, Pellegrini, Koffi, Misitano, D’Alessio, Majchrzak, Silva, Louakima, Falasca, Ciufferi, Graziani. Teacher: Do you drive?

Turin: Passador, Anton, N’Guessan, Gineitis, Caccavo, Dell’Aquila, Jurgens, Antolini, Dellavalle, Dembele, Ruszel. Available now: Hennaux, Brezzo, Gaj, Rector, D’agostino, Ansah, Corona, Dalla Vecchia, Savva, Bura, Njie, Weidmann, Marchioro. Teacher: Black

Rome-Turin, director

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