Praia do Forte for children

What is it, what is it? It has turtles, but it is not a zoo. It has lots of pools, but it is not a water park. It’s full of uncles, but it’s not family. It’s in Praia do Forte, Bahia! Mata de Sao Joao municipality destination, just an hour’s drive from Salvador, delights children. For starters, getting there from the airport in Bahian capital is fast, you don’t even have to go through the city. The road is good, without any obstacles on the way, suitable for that beautiful sleep after the flight.

When it comes to staying, this part of North Bahia has the gift of combining beautiful nature with the structure of the resort with entertainment. The only Tivoli ecoresort in the village is Priya Do Fort, next to the Sapiranga Reserve, a forest and river walk.

At any age, everyone will be fascinated by Prozeto Tamar’s animals, which hosts some sea turtle displays in front of the area’s resorts to engage guests. There is news for visitors at the Praia do Fort headquarters, with activities gradually returning during the epidemic.

Everyone will be fascinated by Prozeto Copper, which also hosts the release of some sea turtles – Photo: Pixabay

They include a new tank, an app to facilitate visits, and a short version of Biology for a Day. She was adapted for the last two hours, made to feed and bathe the adorable husks of the children. On the way out, stop at the store to guarantee a nice and helpful souvenir. Through revenue from tickets and products, Tamar is able to finance the project, which currently has six tourist centers in the country.

In addition to turtles, Priya do Fort receives humpback whales in the middle of each year until October. In July, when the observation season begins, this is a great way to contribute to the conservation of mammals. The journey takes an average of five hours. It is advisable to look for a partner organization of Projeto Baleia Jubarte, which works to save these monsters.

Launched in 2004, the Bahian unit has a life-size replica of the animals and a guided tour, but you can also see a self-explanatory panel and an adult humpback whale skeleton.

There is no shortage of forts in Bahia destinations. In the ruins, Garcia d’Avila tells the history of the region, in a museum and in a presentation with estimates on the raw walls from 1551. From the top of the hill, there is still a beautiful view of the sea. This ocean, stretching near the village, is calm and lords like Lord’s, forming a natural pool at low tide.

Garcia D’Avilla tells the history of the region in a presentation with estimates in a museum and raw walls from 1551 – Photo: Clifferson Comarella – Wikimedia Commons

Kids love to swim in small fish, as well as enjoy traveling in unusual means of transportation to the destination. Along the main road from the village entrance to the church in Sওo Francisco de Assis, pedal-driven families can be seen riding quadricycles, not motorized.

Between one tour and another, a stop to eat fish and seafood and chill at Sorveteria da Ribeira. Traditional to Salvador, he opened the unit at Praia do Fort shortly before the epidemic. Regional tastes include public success: green coconut, the taste of that soft part of the fruit mixed with its water.

Resort with children’s entertainment

If the inn is outside the center, you can tuck in and return to the colorful passenger car seat pulled by the motorcycle. For those staying at the Tivoli Ecoresort Praia do Fort next to the Sapiranga Reserve, this is a transportation option. Buggy and motorized quadricycle tours are organized by the hotel agency and others in the destination. Vehicles travel through forest paths, and there are breaks and a canoe ride option for swimming in the river.

With 287 rooms and 4 pool villas on 30 hectares of land, the Tivoli Ecosort is located on a calm seafront, which can be enjoyed from the living room veranda or lawn, full of kiosks with loungers. Built on high ground, the pools look blue, often framed by coconut trees.

With a hearty and varied breakfast, it’s easy to find something that will make the little ones happy. There are regional options like fruit, various breads, eggs, juices and coconut water as well as tapioca and sweet couscous. Prices always include half board, including dinner. Themed menus change every night, for example, between Spanish, French and Brazilian cuisine.

Located in the middle of the garden, the Kereta Kereta Club has a playroom and dry and wet playground for children up to 12 years old – up to 3 years old, parents must be with them. Treasure hunting and burning are popular with young travelers. With four baby cups, the hotel offers a personalized menu option for lunch and dinner and babysitting services (payable separately).

As they get older, boys and girls are potential candidates for trying to play on the beach, renting nautical services like banana boats and stand-up paddles.

Further south along the Bahia coast, Villa Gale Mares follows the same guidelines for traveling with children. With 576 rooms, the resort has a tennis and social football court, a gym, eight restaurants and six bars, as well as a swimming pool, a sauna and satsang spa.

Including all, the resort has a swimming pool and monitors for the entertainment of the little ones. At Club Nap, children between the ages of 4 and 12 have fun with the proposed activities, such as competitions, painting, games, dance and music.

How much?

  • Tivoli Ecoresort Priya Do Fort: Rated from R $ 2,010 for two, including breakfast and dinner. Children under 2 do not pay; 3 to 11 year olds, there is a fee. Banana boats and stand-up paddles, from R $ 50 per person. Babysitting service: Minimum three hours, R $ 28 each.
  • Villa Gel Mares: Four nights for a couple and a 12-year-old child, from R $ 5,400, all included.
  • Copper project: Wednesday / Sunday, 11am / 5pm. R $ 35 – Student, R $ 17.50; Up to 5 years, free; Family passport for two adults and two children, R $ 96. Biologist for one day: Adult, R $ 120 (1h30); Child, R $ 220 (2h).
  • Humpback Whale Project: Tuesday / Sunday, 9am / 5:30 pm R $ 12 – Half price, R $ 6.
  • Garcia d’Avilla Castle: Friday / Sunday, 9am / 6pm, with video mapping – 4th and 5th, at the same time, without projection. BRL 30 (student, BRL 15; up to 5 years, free).
  • Portomar: Humpback whale travel costs R $ 300 per person; Children ages 5 to 10 pay R $ 200. The Sapiranga Reserve tour has four departures per day. It costs R $ 370 per bogie for up to three people or R $ 300 for two in a motorized quadricycle (R $ 270 alone).

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