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Scenes from Lisbon, Portugal: Simplification of Evidence of Effective Connection with Portuguese Community

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Those capixabas already have something to celebrate after the desired Portuguese citizenship. It is true that with the new changes in the so-called nationality law, it has become easier for Portuguese to provide documents to grandchildren or wives.

One of the major changes is related to the simplification of the evidence of effective connection with the Portuguese community.

Previously, in order to obtain citizenship, grandchildren needed to prove effective relations with Portugal, such as regular travel, legal residence in the country, a Portuguese bank account, acquisition of property in Portugal, and even joining Portuguese communities, which often made the process difficult. And bureaucratic.

“The law was changed in 2020, but it was only regulated in March this year. In the past, grandchildren needed to prove an effective relationship with the Portuguese community, which made the process very difficult. With this change, all bureaucratic part is gone, “explained Rebecca Albuquerque, director of ALM Advogadas Associadas, an office based in Brazil, Portugal and Italy, which helps Brazilians seek citizenship.

The new change also brings innovation to the electronic processing of processes, which will simplify distribution and ease access to methods.

“Now the whole process of applying for citizenship can be done online. Earlier, the person’s documents were sent by post “, explained the lawyer.

The wives and partners of Portuguese citizens have also benefited from the new rules. Like the grandchildren of Portuguese citizens, they no longer have to prove their connection to European countries.

“In the past, you had to wait three years. Today, if you have been married to a Portuguese for more than five years, you can apply for nationality, “explained Alexander Mendes, president of the Portuguese Association of Espirito Santo (APS).

“I want to get a better quality of life”

With the dream of a better life, condominium supervisor Gisele Guerra Simos, 46, is already planning to move to Portugal with her husband, footballer Caíque Oliveira Santos, 26. Of Portuguese descent, he, who lives in the best, also wants to run after the document.

“My dad said my grandfather was Portuguese, so I’m already looking for information to try to become a citizen. I want to have a better life, “said Gisele.

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Portuguese grandson

  • Evidence of “effective connection with the Portuguese community” from the new law can only be justified by sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language.
  • This evidence no longer relies on regular travel to Portugal, accommodation, property and connections with the Portuguese historical community abroad.

Marriage and stable reunion

  • The change in Portuguese nationality law will also benefit those who have been married to a Portuguese citizen / Portuguese citizen for more than six years or are in a stable union (de facto union in Portugal).
  • The novelty is that in this case, in the case of grandchildren, the proof of the “effective connection with the Portuguese community” from the new law can only be justified by adequate knowledge of the Portuguese language and no longer depends. On regular trips. In Portugal, the owner of a dwelling, among others.
  • For those who are married or in a stable union (de facto union in Portugal) with Portuguese citizens for more than three years and less than six years, nothing changes. Proof of link is still mandatory.

Source: Expert and Portuguese nationality website.

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