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19:39 LIVE Our ultimate bronze medal for Nations League 2022 ends right here. We remind you that at 21.00 the ultimate between France and the United States is deliberate. Thank you for becoming a member of us. A very good continuation of the night to all buddies and readers of OA Sport.

19:37 Match win for Fefè De Giorgi, who struggled in opposition to Poland in all elements of the recreation. Many errors in the service, virtually no block contribution, and hidden assaults. There has been a whole lot of work to do in preparation for the World Cup which begins on 27 August.

POLAND – ITALY 3-0. 25-16 25-23 25-20, ends with an ideal flute of the Poles. Italy that should be glad with the fourth stage of the Nations League 2022.

20-24 Polish assault after wonderful work from Lavia.

19-24 Hands out of Lavia, who blocks the first level of the recreation.

18-24 Galassi assault is improper. The recreation has arrived.

18-23 ACE Semeniuk. Poland two factors in the recreation.

18-22 The first time is clearly Bieniek.

18-21 The Polish protection ends. Italy at -3.

17-21 Semeniuk floor level quantity 21.

17-20 Hands out of Romanò, our greatest in the present day.

16-20 ACE Kochanowski. + 4 Poland.

16-19 Hands from Semeniuk. Poland provides nothing.

16-18 Lavia’s profitable flute, a break is required.

15-18 Also Fornal, who pierced the wall in the center.

15-17 Butryn’s ministry begins, he intentionally takes duty.

14-17 Fornal is just not improper, eradicating the blue wall.

14-16 Good level by Micheletto. Italy that needs to be seen!

13-16 ACE Bieniek. It appears dangerous.

13-15 Lavia’s service is improper, she did not wish to do it.

13-14 Giannelli and the second contact to mock Bartosz.

12-14 ACE Semeniuk.

12-13 Fornal’s profitable flute.

12-12 POINT OUT! Impressive protection by each groups, and in the finish it is Yuri Romanò to interrupt by. Draw Italy!

11-12 Kureki makes a mistake.

10-12 Russo’s first half is over, Poland’s break comes.

10-11 Semeniuk will get a contact of the wall.

10-10 Error additionally by Kochanowski.

9-10 From Micheletto’s comedy.

9-9 And Fornal himself has missed the assembly.

8-9 Fornal’s profitable palms.

8-8 Lavia once more superb.

7-8 The blue wall fails to distract Kurek.

7-7 Hands from Michigan.

6-7 Kureki passes by pulling exhausting on the wall.

6-6 Hands from Lavia.

5-6 Exit of Romanò.

5-5 pipe victory for Fornal.

5-4 Russo’s protection and victory over Lavia. From Italy.

4-4 Kurek misses the joke.

3-4 Azzurri dangerous,

3-3 Poland reception is improper, we’re again in the draw.

2-3 Kochanowski’s profession is over.

1-3 Anzani’s first half doesn’t go, and Kurek doesn’t forgive with a diagonal.

1-2 Michelto’s pipe is outdoors.

1-1 Kochanowski first half win.

1-0 At the second try Anzani will get his palms. The Italian’s first place in the third set.


23-25 ​​SET SECOND POLAND. With Kurek’s palms, Poland led by two units to zero.

23-24 Lavia! Set level is resolved, relaxation is required.

22-24 ACE from Bieniek once more. Two Polish units.

22-23 Bieniek’s wild ace.

22-22 We additionally make a mistake in the assembly, this time with Romanò.

22-21 Hands from Lavia. The ultimate set is set level by level.

21-21 jokes Bertoli in the web, who took precisely to upset the beginning shot.

21-20 Kurek additionally makes a mistake. The worst Poles in the service.

20-20 Micheltto’s serving error.

20-19 IS A POINT! Balaso and Giannelli defend the inconceivable, then comes the worst of the Poles.

19-19 From the service of Kochanowski.

18-19 Anzani’s first half doesn’t undergo, however atypical Bieniek wins.

18-18 Again Kurek places the ball down with no wall.

18-17 Fornal jokes are out.

17-17 Kurek will get a brand new tie.

17-16 Janusz report on-line.

16-16 Azzurri who haven’t any Polish job, Romanò shoots in the second row.

16-15 Good level of Fornal.

16-14 HE! Wall safety, and Michieletto will get +2.

15-14 Lavia in two components make stitches.

14-14 From the line of Romanò.

14-13 Kochanowski’s first half is over. Italy that returns.

13-13 Michieletto lets the Polish serve, which finally ends up on the outdoors.

12-13 Kurek defeats the blue wall, badly positioned on this situation.

12-12 Hands from Romanò. On Yuri.

11-12 Touching a non-existent wall. Lavia’s mistake is conquering Poland.

Watch a really lengthy video, the affect of the Polish wall is analyzed.

11-11 ACE Kurek. Poland is holding us again.

11-10 Departure of Romanò. Poland shortens to -1.

11-9 Semeniuk wall on Romanò.

11-8 Lavia appropriately judges the opponent’s work, which ends.

10-8 Sin. Great protection by Balaso, however Michieletto takes the commerce.

10-7 With one hand Giannelli serves Romanò, who indicators a brand new level.

9-7 Galatians comedy.

9-6 From a really small Polish ministry.

8-6 All-time first half for Bieniek.

8-5 Lavia! Let’s return to +3.

7-5 Bieniek once more to win the first half.

7-4 Perfect Romanò diagonal.

6-4 The Polish wall is turned off in the Italian camp.

6-3 first half with Bieniek.

6-2 Kurek’s assault is over, the first time in Poland.

5-2 The finest Italian place, which protects and will get +3 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

4-2 Kurek is out of motion.

3-2 From Lavia’s assault, which hinders Michieletto’s nice work.

3-1 Bieniek’s first half, it is a problem that offers us a hand.

2-1 Great lob by Romanò that makes a fantastic save by Balaso.

1-1 Perfect match for Kurek.

1-0 Murooo Michieletto. The first blue spot in the second set.


16-25 OVERVIEW OF POLAND. It’s an ace from Kurek the Poles to shut out the first spherical.

16-24 Romanò’s ministry is in the center of the community. The location established in Poland has arrived.

16-23 Kochanowski has his personal humorousness.

15-23 Kochanowski’s first harmful interval.

15-22 Muroooo Galassi!

14-22 A very good assault by Lavia, who kicks her opponent’s wall.

13-22 Another invasion of Italy. Polish safety has been launched.

13-21 ACE Butryn, which was initially established is now defunct.

13-20 The defensive miracle of the Poles, who acquire the assault of the Anzani.

13-19 Romanò diagonal at the intersection of strains. It takes a break to get again into the set.

12-19 Departure of Romanò.

12-18 First half Kochanowski who pinches the line.

12-17 Romanò passes by the arms of the Polish wall.

11-17 At the assembly in Galatia.

11-16 This time Michieletto’s play is superb, discovering the profitable line.

10-16 Michieletto’s assault misses the wall. Poland unfold.

10-15 Bad mistake by Michieletto at the finish of a protracted change.

10-14 The blue assault is apparent. Kurek doesn’t forgive and will get +4.

10-13 Semeniuk very correct diagonal.

10-12 Good assault by Romanò, who tries to shake his teammates.

9-12 ACE Kurek, nice alternative Poland.

9-11 Bieniek first half.

9-10 Romanò’s profitable palms.

8-10 The Poles nonetheless learn the Italian assault nicely, and Semeniuk will get +2.

8-9 Lavia doesn’t block the assault, Semeniuk as a substitute breaks the blue wall.

8-8 Excellent assault from Poland.

8-7 Giannelli’s increase is sweet, Lavia will get a brand new tip.

7-7 This time the line ends under the tape.

7-6 ACEEEEE Michieletto!

6-6 Diagonal factors for Michigan.

5-6 Encourage Giannelli’s joke, and the ball ends.

5-5 Central Polish nonetheless impacts ACE. Success is set externally.

4-5 ACE Kochanowski, Poland first probability.

4-4 Shame on the Italians, Siwika scores 4.

4-3 Kurek’s assault wins.

4-2 Exit from Polish service.

3-2 Semeniuk will get a contact of the blue wall.

3-1 Almost an ace from Lavia, and Galassi finishes the job with the first half.

2-1 Lavia’s finest assault.

1-1 Mistakes in Romanò’s service.

1-0 Hands from Yuri Romanò. The first a part of Italy.


17:57 The viewers standing for the nationwide anthem. First the visitor, then ours. While we’re right here, the match can start. Have enjoyable and go blue!

17:54 Everything is prepared in Bologna, with the speaker saying two rosters quickly. It shall be an vital check for the Azzurri, who will participate in the World Cup from 27 August.

17:51 In the night, at 21.00, will probably be the ultimate time of the competitors between the USA and France.

17:48 Both groups come from two semifinals, having misplaced 3-0. Italy gave technique to France, whereas the Poles confronted the US recreation.

17:44 Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE the bronze ultimate of the Nations League 2022 between Italy and Poland. In simply over 1 / 4 of an hour the present will start at the Unipol Arena in Bologna.

Hello and welcome LIVE protection of the third place Nations League 2022 between Italy and Poland. The European and worldwide gamers stood out in the semifinals the place they have been overwhelmed 3-0 by France and the USA respectively. They will compete this night at the Unipol Arena in Bologna in an try to achieve the backside of the podium for the occasion.

Coach Ferdinando De Giorgi’s blues need to redeem themselves after yesterday’s disappointment. The 0-3 sounds of being harassed by cousins ​​from the Alps have left a nasty style in our porters’ mouths. The opposites of Yuri Romanò and Ivan Zaytsev will due to this fact attempt to be secure, with spikers Michieletto and Lavia. Instead, Simone Giannelli should return to being a daily finalist.

Poland may even present the election with a toxic tooth. Players round the world have been dominated by the United States, and they’ll wish to return in entrance of an viewers that can get pleasure from Italy. Captain Bartosz Kurek will play, amongst the finest on Saturday, supported by Kamil Semeniuk and Alexander Silwka.

The Nations League bronze medal ultimate will begin at 18.00. It shall be doable to observe the occasion dwell on Sky Sport 1 (satellite tv for pc 201), with free streaming on RaiPlay. For those that subscribe there’s the choice to get pleasure from the matches additionally streaming on SkyGo, NowTV, and Volleyball World TV. OA Sport will offer you LIVE commentary to your reference. Enjoy coming to Italy!

Image: FIVB

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