picture A competition combine harvester at the Foire de Châlons

It’s inconceivable to overlook. Dressed in resplendent black, the Fendt Ideal 10T combine harvester sits as the flagship on the Myrtle stand at Foyer de Chalons. This exceptional machine is filled with expertise to optimize its yield throughout harvesting. A actual subject competition machine.

A monster. That’s the first phrase when encountering the Fendt Ideal 10T combine harvester that sits on the Martell Group stand. “This is our largest ever.” President Alexander Martel smiled. Let’s now come to the query that everybody is asking themselves: “How a lot does it price?” Of course given the second-hand costs of earlier fashions in the Ideal vary above 500,000 euros.

But Alexander Martel does not wish to give statistics: “It is not going to make sense to extraordinary folks. What is essential is the floor space of ​​farms. You want between 800 and 1,000 hectares to repay such a machine”.

Alexandre Martel is president of the Martel Group, which makes a speciality of the sale and restore of agricultural equipment. – Stephanie Jayet

And as farms get larger and larger, there is definitely a marketplace for bigger combines like the Ideal 10T. Brand new, this mannequin is the second supply in France. “It was purchased by a consumer from Aub North. » Martel’s demonstrator, Valentin Mauclair, takes us on a tour of the machine.

“The massive benefit of tracks is that they double the elevate on the floor.”

What is instantly putting is the presence of two enormous tracks forward: “The massive benefit of tracks is that they may double the elevate on the floor in comparison with wheels. » Important to forestall the machine from sinking and compacting the earth an excessive amount of. Especially since this massive child of 20 tons empty can attain 36 tons as soon as the hopper (the tank by which the cereal is saved) is full.

Myrtle FOIRE_SJ_027

“The wider you narrow, the extra power it takes to power materials stream inside the machine to separate the grain” Emphasizes Valentin Mauclair. Hence the presence of an 800 hp man engine.

The Ideal 10T is loaded with expertise, akin to an automated blower system that’s triggered each quarter-hour to take away mud to forestall fires.

“It is supplied with cameras and an auto-guiding system that permits the operator to focus on the minimize. » Valentin Mauclair presses a button to deploy the cabin entry ladder. The cockpit could be very clear. The area shuttle is a far cry from the cockpit that the bodywork may counsel. Visibility is great. The demonstrator attracts our consideration “Multifunction Armrest” particularly with “advance lever” And a multi-function contact display screen is the nerve heart of the machine:

This display screen lets you independently regulate all the options of the machine. » Enough to get returns… “perfect”.

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