Photo showing Colby Covington’s tooth, attorney Jorge Masvidal doubts his ‘mind’

A video of what Jorge Masvidal did to Colby Covington is still missing, but there is photographic evidence that Masvidal’s lawyers claim to show what happened.

Masvidal’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, has also included “linked photos” in which he is said to have suffered a “CC” face – his Covington identification – as a demonstration requesting the war veteran’s medical records. Covington reportedly suffered brain damage in the crash, which took place outside Miami Beach Hall on March 21.

In the photo, Covington’s front tooth appears to have been badly damaged, indicating injuries he said in response to police. The former UFC interim welterweight champion defended his name through a Florida secret law designed to protect victims, but Masvidal filed a lawsuit last month in court.

The demonstration included some photographs showing Covington’s facial expressions after being beaten, and, the lawyer said, contradicting the allegations.

“Interestingly, these images do not show an injury alongside a small piece of false CC tooth,” Cohen wrote in a medical request. “The evidence presented here contradicts the CC’s allegations. CC alleges that the Defendant hit him in the back. before being beaten, they appear to be running away from the opponent in fear. “

Colby Covington will sue Jorge Masvidal

Pictures of Colby Covington accusing Jorge Masvidal.

The video cited by Masvidal’s lawyer was not immediately available.

In addition, Cohen also included photographs representing a $ 95,000 Rolex Covington watch that he said was damaged in the attack. He described the watch as “Folex” – or “Frankenstein Rolex” – because of his belief that it was untrue, and pointed out that the horrific lawsuits that resulted in the embezzlement of more than $ 1,000 did not work.

“This name implies that the watch is made of marketable materials combined with fake or tumble Rolex layers and maybe real Rolex components – of course to reject the evidence that the clock is worth $ 95,000.00, “he wrote.

Cohen also included Covington’s recent media footage as well as a photo from UFC 272 showing Masvidal beating Covington.

The latter two objected to Covington’s claim to brain damage. Cohen wrote that if an independent test had to be performed before treatment. At the same time, the lawyer doubted whether he would be prosecuted for Covington’s work and his recent encounter with Masvidal in the octagon.

“Based on what the government and the CC say – combined with the fact that the CC is a military expert who can be reprimanded repeatedly – The defendant wants to obtain CC medical records to better protect himself in these cases,” Cohen wrote. “Specifically, to determine the extent to which one punch in the jaw of the CC damaged the brain while the role of the CC as a fighter causes him to be injured from time to time.”

If the injury was indeed serious, Cohen suggested that Covington should also undergo a psychiatric examination to determine if he could continue with the case.

“Since the alleged injuries are not only vague, but the victim here is a martial artist, the notes listed below that psychological testing may be necessary because of the inconsistency of the claims,” ​​Cohen wrote. “A psychological test may also be needed to determine if a CC is able to continue this issue or if it has failed to function properly as a result of a ‘brain injury.’”

Masvidal was ordered to stay away from Covington permanently in a recent case. Masvidal did not delay two cases, increased battery and conspiracy. Covington has not commented publicly on the matter.

In the octagon at UFC 272, Covington won a landslide victory over Masvidal, a former roommate and training partner, to stay at the welterweight title. The preparation for this fight was marked by numerous personal stories and insults directed at the Masvidal family. According to the report of the alleged assault, Masvidal told Covington at the time, “You should not have talked about my children.”

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