Phillies wins Rob Thomson’s first game as manager

PHILADELPHIA – Kyle Schwarber started Joe Girardi’s season on Friday with their first run to the field.

It continued from there with a 10-0 win over Angels at Citizens Bank Park. Bryson Stott hit his first tour of his career, exploding three times in a second. Bryce Harper hit third home in the fifth. Schwarber and Harper also made it to the sixth round. Zach Eflin did well in eight innings. Nick Maton and Odúbel Herrera shot down to download Mike Trout a few songs.

It was just one game under director Rob Thomson, but perhaps baseball president Dave Dombrowski started something else. It was probably the stream of games that players needed.

“It would be great, because everyone in the clubhouse now knows [stuff] it ‘s not going well, the changes have happened, “said Phillies right-hander Nick Castellanos before the game.”

“It confuses things. We’ll see how it can be. “

Players often say the same thing after Girardi’s dismissal: one falls every time a team fails, but the responsibility lies with the players.

“The players are playing,” said Rhys Hoskins. “Teachers don’t play. Players are playing. … At the end of the day we won a baseball game and we didn’t do enough. ”

“The way I see it always goes down to the players, because we are the ones who have to play,” Castellanos said. “If the players were playing better, we would have won a lot and Joe would still have a job.”

Girardi was fired because the Phillies were 22-29 with a franchise-record payroll. He entered Friday 12 games behind the Mets in the National League East, with 5 1/2 games behind the Giants on the third NL Wild Card.

Dombrowski said he thinks the new words could help save the weather. He said Thomson provides “a way to connect with the players rather than what is happening. I think that was very important to us.”

It was an interesting comment. There doesn’t seem to be a major problem in the clubhouse with Girardi, like former Phillies’ managers, where players often have one thing or another. Girardi was certainly not Charlie Manuel, who always laughed and laughed with his players. But no doubt Girardi’s decision not to make Corey Knebel on May 24 in Atlanta did not work out. Knebel, Schwarber, and Kyle Gibson met Girardi the next day.

“It all comes down to success, and we didn’t do that,” Harper said. “As a group, there is a responsibility to us. No charges against Joe. We did not play as much as we could. We did not do things to become the group we were supposed to be.

“I spoke to Joe this morning, and he just said thank you. He has worked hard, time in the game with the team trying to get it right and getting us where we need to be. I just wanted to let her know that I am grateful for the time she spent away from her family, her daughter, her basketball career. I criticize the guys in the group, including me. “

Do they think Thomson can help?

“He’s been in the game for a long time,” Harper said. “He’s been a great team and a great manager, like Joe Girardi, has he? He’s been on the board for five years now. He knows the ins and outs. to him. “

Thomson laughed that every night is not as easy as Friday. Supervisors do not make the most difficult decisions in the top 10.

There will be difficult times, but he was pleased with his appearance.

“Leading up to the game, I was a little worried about leading, and doing everything, all the meetings,” Thomson said. “As soon as we got to the game, I felt good. It was strange.”

The players thanked Thomson at the clubhouse later. This was his first victory as general manager of the league.

“It was a great way to get there, answer today and find out [Thomson] The first leg of the official victory, “Schwarber said. everyone is happy to be him. “


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