Phillies vs. Diamondbacks: Rhys Hoskins, Kyle Schwarber leads 8 consecutive wins

Make a mistake with the Phillies right now and they will pay you back.

The Phils won their eighth consecutive game on Friday night, beating the Diamondbacks 7-5 in front of 37,423 fans at Citizens Bank Park.

He seemed to keep the game out of the second half, scoring five times from D-backs ace Zac Gallen, three of Kyle Schwarber’s 16 games. But Arizona made it a thrill with four innings in seven to turn it into a one-on-one game.

Schwarber in his last 10 games has 6 homers, 12 RBI and 12 runs. His second long ball was led by a sharp ball on the ground by goalkeeper Garrett Stubbs and one out with runners in the corners. The ball just went under the glove of second player Ketel Marte and went in the middle right, kicking and kicking the runners around the corners with one outside. Had Marte put it well, it would have been the final drama and a very different tone of night.

Instead, the Phillies rested, got a chance and broke the game to survive late by Kyle Gibson and Brad Hand.

“This is what happens when you get better,” said former ambassador Rob Thomson, who is starting his professional career 7-0. “When you’re not going well, the next person comes out and I hit you and you get out. But we’ve been taking advantage of the situation lately.”

Rhys Hoskins, who started scoring with a first-to-half homer, provided the necessary insurance and a private shot in the bottom left of the seventh. Hoskins with up to 11 homers per season. Response at the time was crucial after Arizona took power.

Connor Brogdon and Corey Knebel finished with innings without goals.

“Sounds like we’ve done this several times over the small route we’ve been on,” Hoskins said of the run. “It’s great. They took power, we had it early, but they arrived late in the game. We’ve already seen it, it’s best to get back on the field as we are still leading. The goal is to get a run, get the race.

The South Philly community was huge and noisy. The Phillies have added over 36,000 fans in their last three home games and it was heard in the arena.

“It’s amazing, it’s beautiful, we’re talking in court,” Hoskins said. “You just feel the energy in the stadium, even the noise around it is great. This creates a home environment, it makes the play fun. Most of it just starts with the energy that the fans bring. I can’t wait to see what the weekend is like.”

The Phillies have scored at least five runs in the last eight games. At 29-29, he returned to .500 for the first time since he was 17-17. He did not stay above .500 as he was 3-2.

Phils have made two excellent right-handers in the past two days. Gallen and NL winner Cy Young-Corbin Burnes needed 179 combined innings to cross six innings. Gallen entered with a 2.40 ERA the day after Burnes entered with a 2.50 ERA.

“They’re all hot and they’re all batting bats,” said Thomson of the two top strikers in his system, Schwarber and Hoskins. “Again tonight with Gallen, we quickly untied him and got him out of the game…

Gibson entered the seventh inning. He conceded one hit three to six times but raised the first two men in seven and both scored for Hands, who left his two hits behind in the inning. The hand has not been available in 13 straight formings since May 4. Seranthony Dominguez took two big shots with a handgun to complete the seventh shield, gaining the final blow that was a few inches outside.

Friday’s game kicked off 13 games in a row for the Phillies against teams that lost history. He has two more with D-backs, three at home with the Marlins, then five on the road against the Nationals and two at Rangers.

Over the past three years, the Phillies have played 18 games at .500 against teams losing history. This may seem like a win, but to put it bluntly, the Braves are 35 games at .500 against teams lost in the same period. With the second softest power in the National League left by the percentage winners, the Phillies of 2022 should do a better job against the lower leagues.

Before Friday’s game, long-time manager Rob Thomson spoke of the need for the Phils to treat the teams as they did their opponents last month when they played 23 of 26 teams against .500 and went 14-12.

“You have to be careful because these are big teams and everyone can beat anyone else every night,” Thomson said. “This will be the message of our next conference. You have to go out and play the game you played against the Milwaukees all over the world.

“High power, I really like the power of power, the ugly way, the way we play defense, the way we live. We just have to keep this and be consistent. ‘We’re playing.”

Saturday afternoon’s win will give the Phillies their third consecutive victory since 2011. They love their chance with Zack Wheeler, who has conceded eight successful wins in his last seven starts, returning from men’s holidays and up the hill.

With Saturday’s victory, Thomson could compete with Pat Moran in 1915 to win a succession to take the lead with the Phillies.

“He’s pressing all the right buttons right now, keeping us as comfortable as we can,” Hoskins said. “I think we see something very good on the pitch, we play very good football right now.”

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