Phillies vs. Brewers: Alec Bohm, Matt Vierling homer departing from Josh Hader in Phil’s fight

MILWAUKEE – To understand what Phillies did Tuesday night, you must return to July 28 last year.

This was the last time Josh Hader had stopped running in a regular game.

The Milwaukee Brewers’ All-Star almost made 40 appearances straight as they came out of the bullpen trying to defend a single lead against the Phillies. One goose egg and Hader set the record straight for the 41st straight league.

Last week, when darkness dominated the Phillies world, Hader would have found that story.

But not now.

It’s a new world for the Phillies. He has a new manager. He is hitting nine home runs, three in the last two games. Corey Knebel comes out in jams full of foundation. They are winning. And the music is so loud in the clubhouse that you can’t hear Alec Bohm talking about perhaps the best moment of his major league career.

Bohm was the first to beat Hader who he met in the ninth Tuesday night. He started the solo building game Homer left center.

Matt Vierling was the third Hader fighter he met in the inning. He instituted a progressive, narrow path to the middle left.

The two senior players elevated the Phillies to a 3-2 victory – their fourth in a row followed by new ambassador Rob Thomson and a fifth straight – and denied Hader who made his mark on the 41st egg.

“Someone has to find him sometime, right?” Bohm said above yelling at the speakers in the winning clubhouse. “Why not us, I think?

“No one is perfect in this game. I think in the end the game will get you and I think that’s what happened tonight.”

Running home was the fourth part of Bohm’s season, who was hitting .190 in his previous 19 games.

Hader, a hard-earned and cheating supporter, was 18 to 18 years old in a chance to save this season as Bohm went to the plate with his team running in the top nine. Prior to that, Bohm received advice from Nick Castellanos, who met Hader regularly at NL Central and Cincinnati.

“Nick told me, ‘Hey, you have to try to pull him,'” Bohm said. “It’s not something I always do. I thank him.”

Bohm climbed to the top of the 96.4 mph speed from Hader and drove it into the middle left wall. The Phillies’ edge was still in ruins when Vierling felt he was about to hit Mickey Moniak. Vierling opened the season with Phils but was sent to the juniors last month after hitting .170. He was recalled from Triple A along with Scott Kingery earlier in the day the Phils put Zack Wheeler on the men’s holiday with Johan Camargo on the injury list.

Vierling started the day in Omaha with a Lehigh Valley club. He and Kingery flew to Chicago, rented a car and arrived at the ballpark in Milwaukee about 2pm Eight hours later, Vierling found himself stepping off the bench to watch one of the games that helped them the most. He rolled 1-2 against the middle wall on the left to make the Phils lead.

“Just a whirlwind,” Vierling said of his day. “Go back. Getting a chance and doing that – it’s great.”

Vierling was asked where the homer put it on his show.

“Maybe it’s number one,” he said. “It’s up there. Yeah. Very good.”

After the lead, the Phils had to break out in a ninth-minute sweat as Knebel flew three batters to enter the base before hitting Pablo Reyes to end the game. Knebel threw 32 yards – 17 hits and 15 balls.

Connor Brogdon dropped the eighth number to win. Ranger Suarez, a long-distance runner, came out very well – seven innings, two innings, no moves. It was something binding for the left-hander, who raced 4.1 batters in nine innings in 10 starts to come into play.

Suarez’s performance was huge. He kept the game close to the night when Phils squandered several scoring chances and gave the offender a chance to survive for the ninth.

The Phils have not lost in four games since Thomson took over from Joe Girardi. They’re all 26-29 and last week’s hopelessness has changed, well, hope.

Does Thomson need to pinch himself a little?

“Yes, I mean, he played a lot and it’s been fun,” he said. “He’s doing what he has to do. We hope this is a good club and his pieces have come to win the game. We haven’t played consistently and maybe we’re just getting started.”

Aaron Nola looks forward to continuing the roll on Wednesday night.

“Everyone seems to be coming together,” Bohm said. “With the skills we have, it’s hard to say that the opportunity we had has not changed. We just kept going, kept working, putting our heads down and fighting. And now we see a little reward. From then on. We’re building together to win a little bit.”

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