Phillies fired six shots, nine forwards in Joe Girardi’s worst loss

Nick Castellanos sat in his locker Thursday night, with his right hand wrapped in a bandage, a reminder of his collision with beeswax in the sixth inning.

Castellanos escaped the injury – “The X-ray was white,” he said – but he, his Phillies and 24,040 colleagues at Citizens Bank Park did not escape the insult.

“It’s bad, Dad,” he said. “There is no way around it. It sucks. Baseball is sometimes difficult. Last night. “

It was impossible not to disagree with the Castellanos direct shooter. In the past, the Phillies have done what they have not done since May 10, 1994 in Atlanta. The night he started playing a lot from Aaron Nola and a lot of frustrations, he shot six times in the ninth inning and ended with an 8-7 loss to the New York Mets that could melt your eyes if you were watching. on it long enough.

At first embarrassment, it seemed like the worst waste of time for Joe Girardi and the Phillies.

Later, he confirmed this.

“It was as difficult as I ever was,” said a superintendent seized by the bullets. “Probably one of the hardest things since I was here. We played eight excellent innings and in the top nine, they beat us. “

The Mets have not just beaten the Phillies for the fifth time in seven meetings this season.

They tore their hearts and danced around them.

With a 7-1 lead over the ninth inning, Girardi handed the ball to James Norwood’s assistant. The crowd was ready for a 1-2-3 inning, a few top five, Harry Kalas singalong and climbing home.

Then Starling Mars landed on the infield.

Norwood then allowed a two-run homer to go to Francisco Lindor.

Then two more rounds of first round from the innning.

With the Mets still in charge, Girardi was forced to move closer to him, Corey Knebel. The tragedy continued to be a mushroom. Mark Canha defeated Knebel’s shin thanks to an infield hit and run, which resulted in three games.

Knebel then beat Dom Smith again.

But the tragedy continued. Pinch-hitter JD Davis doubled the speed. Brandon Nimmo selected two to build the game and Mars finished off twice to lead the Mets.

A surprising comeback left the Mets kissing star at 19-9. They hit 11 in the game and eight of them came in the ninth inning.

A spectacular fall left the Phillies who passed the stars 11-15, seven games behind the NL East-leading Mets in the NL East. Phillies’ fourth straight loss would raise the temperature of Girardi’s chair, but he never lost this one.

“Poor Piss,” said Knebel, who was brought in by a one-year, $ 10-million contract to take the trip from the ninth inning. “This should not happen. Our fault worked the job. Nola had a wonderful trip. This game is on me. Leading up to six innings in the ninth inning – it will not happen. “

Knebel, a former 4- to 4-year-old in the chance to save this season, believes he could have come out of the innning and taken the lead if Canha’s ball had not hit him in the leg. Had it passed, second player Jean Segura was set to play. Knebel hit another fighter.

“If the ball doesn’t hit me, we win,” he said. “(Sleep) happens. That’s how the game works sometimes. That’s very difficult.”

Castellanos and Bryce Harper both did well as Phils outscored 12 shots and built a 7-0 lead for Nola, who threw seven innings in one ball.

“It’s a stomach ache,” Harper said. “We just couldn’t do it.”

In less than a week, the Phillies were now undefeated by the Mets and fired six shots, nine leaders to the Mets.

It’s not really comforting to think that the Mets are here for another three days, starting Friday night when they will send Cy Young winner Max Scherzer to the summit.

“It’s awful,” said Kyle Schwarber, uttering the words of the day. “But what can we do? It’s over. Go tomorrow.

“We want to win this game, but it’s like we did not win. It’s just a loss. We have to move on to the next day. We can’t be disappointed with this. We can’t sit still. Sleep and come back tomorrow. We have three more against the boys and we still have a chance to win this series.”

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