Philip Amaral talks about the success of Cali imports to Brazil

In recent years, especially since the epidemic hit the world, Brazilians are increasingly choosing to bet directly on the convenience of shopping in the comfort of their own home. A simple search on Google or social networks is enough to find a flood of offers for what you are looking for.

However, unfortunately this is not the only offer that comes to us! In the last year of 2021, there have been reports of false propaganda, shoplifting, among other problems that have cost consumers millions.


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These problems are not limited to the territory of Brazil. In the United States, for example, we have already published many cases that were purchased but never arrived, due to inspection problems and lack of delivery care.

The stigma attached to the market for buying products, especially technology, has made many Brazilian entrepreneurs think. Philip AmaralWhich has been owned for more than 10 years Callie import, A store specialized in selling and importing cell phones in Brazil. Knowing the reality of these audiences who are victims of online scammers, the expert gives tips on how to resist yourself and be able to safely leave the product in the store and reach your home!

Currently, with this epidemic, Brazil has registered a large increase in ecommerce usage due to lockdown and isolation policy. How do you evaluate this trade situation last year?

Despite the strong performance in 2021, we believe that part of the transition to e-commerce is structural, while we expect 2022 to still reflect the Covid-19 restrictions, especially in the first half. The youngest consumer, who enters the market year after year, consumes everything through his cell phone, not even through his computer. So the possibility of double digit growth again in 2022 is very high.

Since its inception, Cali Imports has been working extremely successfully in the cellphone and technology export sector. Looking at the economy, you Do you believe that investing in imported goods has benefited consumers by balancing the growth of their country’s currency?

We are very happy with the increase in Kali imports. From an economic point of view, even with the rise of the dollar, Callie Imports has invested heavily in products, as we believe that our customers will not be affected by the prices we have kept in the best position despite the rising dollar. . We’ve had a lot of diversification in currency growth since the opening of Callie Imports, but we’ve been able to keep the same low value for our customers.

Callie Import Stock (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

We know from your history that you came from Brazil and you have been doing business in the American market for many years. What major difficulties did you encounter during your trip to the United States and what do you think are the market options in that country?

Yes, I am from Rio de Janeiro and I have been living in USA for about 5 years. Okay, my only problem was the language, I didn’t know any English, but now I’m married to an American and I can speak good English.

The US market here is very wide, you can find a lot to invest in, but, of course, you need your attention, determination without fear and humility to make a mistake. Here is the land of opportunity.

With the rise of shopping, a major concern that has grown is the lack of human security when it comes to online shopping, which we unfortunately know, especially in the case of electronics. What is Callie’s point of view on this and how will you try to deal with Philip’s bad reputation which is hurting the market?

We fully understand the customer side. Due to the large number of scammers in the market, we had a hard time with sales in the beginning. But I have always been very transparent with my clients and have passed all possible trusts until I call FaceTime as location sending among other ways to make clients comfortable. Even today we are going through some similar situations, but thanks to our customer feedback and partnering with celebrities it has helped us a lot.

Callie Import Stock (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

What are the main tips to buy safely on the internet and what precautions should buyers take while ordering products abroad?

I always say that the consumer should evaluate well where he is buying his product online, research the site, evaluate other customers, advertise, pages, if possible go documentation and ask, you will not be ashamed to ask! Only buy when you are safe, because scammers will always be there and they will always be one step ahead.

One of the main products sold in your store these days is Apple’s Line, a company that has been in ups and downs since its inception in the 80’s, but without losing the status and image that Steve Jobs left 10 years ago. What are your thoughts on the popularity and choice of this brand as a death entrepreneur and marketer?

The reputation of being an expensive device doesn’t even make many people consider buying an iPhone. “You have to be very rich”, or “I bought another brand at half price that does the same thing” is often heard.

So these guys buy a cheap Android, which often offers less powerful hardware. And that’s where the problem started.

Crashes, slowdowns, outdated software, which get worse as cell phones get cheaper. This is not always related to the system, but to the level of hardware, which is to be charged at a lower cost. The iPhone may come with a high price, but it offers two very important things: always a good user experience and a system update that ensures that the device can be used for many years without losing much of its quality.

Callie Import Stock (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

How did the opportunity to start a business in the United States come about? Is there anything you still miss in Brazil that you don’t have in the United States?

I have had family (aunts and uncles) in the United States for over 30 years and they have always invited me to come live, but, having time for everything, I decided to come five years ago. Miss some friends, places and family.

How do you predict the trajectory of Calli imports for years to come?

I see him at the top, we still have a lot to learn from the market and we have a lot of news ahead of us, successful partnerships, always the best goals for our customers.

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