Philadelphia 76ers player Danny Green tore ACL, LCL in a seasonal defeat by Miami Heat.

CAMDEN, NJ – The Philadelphia 76ers have announced that player Danny Green tore the back and lateral cruciate ligament in his left knee in Philadelphia’s last season’s loss in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals to the Miami Heat on Thursday night.

Green was injured when 76ers superstar Joel Embiid was hit in the first quarter of Game 6, falling on Green’s left leg after he tried to shoot and send a 13-year-old player down the pile. Green initially said he did not know how serious his injuries were until he tried to get out of court sitting in court with pain and his knee shook as he stood up.

“I was trying to get in there, I saw him driving a basket, trying to get in to get back in or not to let the other person in again,” Green said during a question-and-answer session on Friday, before receiving results. Her MRI the same morning. “Joel got to the edge, I saw him put it on … I don’t know if it came in or not, but I remember dropping it. I tried to move, but I couldn’t get out quickly.

“I knew it would happen, I heard. I knew I couldn’t go back to the game, but I didn’t realize how hard it was until I tried it on, and it was tied up. Then I realized. It might take some time.

“I heard some words that were not comforting.”

Green was saying, when his interview began, that he was optimistic and hoped that the injury would not be “as bad as it looks” and that he could avoid knee surgery and return at the start of next season. However, this will not be the case, as all will need surgery that will set him apart, at least, for most of the 2022-23 season.

Green, who will turn 35 next month, said this was the first time he had ever suffered a knee injury in his career and had never had to undergo surgery.

“It’s difficult,” he said. “The 13th year, as you grow older, it’s hard to deal with … it’s not a very interesting thing to think about when you start the summer. I think the worst thing was just knowing I couldn’t help it.

76ers coach Doc Rivers and his Green teammates praised him for his decision to come off the bench and entertain the team in the second half of the game. Green, however, said that, for him, it was not a great idea to do so.

Instead, his frustration came from taking too long to get the team doctors to let him out.

“I just thought it was important for me to be with them,” Green said. “I’ve tried to get out before, but [doctor] he did not think it was a good idea. He wanted the MRI swelling to stay calm and wanted me to stay behind. But I was like, ‘Let me just put on my sweatshirt, and I can sit at the table and watch the game, whether I’m helping to teach or encourage, just to have my energy there.

“But if I can’t go there, I know something is wrong, so it took me a long time to get out… Just to see my guys and say goodbye to the fans.”

Green’s injury kept him out of the regular season, as he was not a regular starter for the first time in a decade and had the lowest points and minutes in every game since his first two seasons in the league, where he was. a back-and-forth move between the NBA and the G League (then known as the D-League) as a Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs player. Green, who has won competitions with the Spurs, Toronto Raptors and Los Angeles Lakers, said this was a very difficult time in his career. He said it was so not in personal opinion but because of everything the whole team did, including Ben Simmons working to start the season with the acquisition of James Harden in the middle of the year.

“By now,” Green said. “I’ve probably been more injured this year than I have been in all my career together. Starting, not starting, playing a few minutes. The injury alone was more frustrating than anything else. It’s two consecutive years now here in the postseason where injuries occur that I believe I can help. my team to get to the next level, and we were not late and I had to look away.This is not good.But, yeah, imagining the rotation, having guys not playing, commercials, who will be bought, sales happening, new team, new faces, trying to change and change. It was a year of rolling, especially with injuries. “

When asked about what happened during the game and the team’s play on the field, Green became the most recent player highlighting mental stamina as a problem that plagued players.

It was amazing how many times it came in the last 24 hours, with at least three players – Green, Tobias Harris and Georges Niang – all showing some aspect of mental strength, purpose or looking like something that needs to change going forward.

“We’ve had a lot of experiences all season,” Green said. “There were a lot of distractions, very different, you know, it was a trip up and down. I think in most cases, we also have a lot of guys. They worked well. Very good. mentally retarded and mature. Being confined within 48 minutes throughout the season. It comes with age and maturity. with a good Foundation, and if we had everyone come back next year, that would be a great start. “

As for Green’s future, he has an uncertain $ 10 million contract next season to be confirmed on July 1. Asked about Green’s future Friday, 76ers basketball president Daryl Morey said it was too early to decide what would happen. . the team can deal with its deal going forward.


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