Pete Carroll hopes the Seattle Seahawks, DK Metcalf will be able to reach an agreement, unsure of Chris Carson’s future

RENTON, Sambani. – Pete Carroll said Thursday that the Seattle Seahawks are still hoping to secure a deal with receiver DK Metcalf but are unsure if Chris Carson will return from neck surgery.

The two representatives did not attend this week’s minicamp for various reasons. Carson was not approved because he did not receive medical treatment while Metcalf, who is expected to receive a significant increase, did not do anything unusual. The star recipient was praised by Carroll for taking part in the team’s voluntary part of the team’s workout during a period of instability and recovery after foot surgery.

Speaking Thursday after the final three-day trial of Seattle, Carroll said he expected Metcalf to be present and called it a pity he was not.

“It was a decision he had to make,” Carroll said. “We missed him. He did a great job of providing support, being a part of everything we did then means nothing. So I can’t say much about what he didn’t do here, but us.” I like to be with her. ”

The Seahawks saw Metcalf’s absence from the minicamp for no reason, meaning he was fined more than $ 93,000 for missing all three days. Carroll was asked if the group was planning to pay a fine but declined to comment, citing its anti-communicative measures.

Metcalf, 24, enters the final year of his rookie contract with 216 yards including 3,170 yards and 29 touchdowns in his first three years. He has not missed a game since the Seahawks signed him for the final round of the second round in 2019. His performance, combined with the highest recruitment market, has put Metcalf on the line of a deal worth more than $ 25 million a year. .

Carroll said there had been “other” negotiations on a deal with the Metcalf team. The Seahawks often do not finish adding big money to players who do not have a contract until the end of the summer.

“These are important weeks for us to take action and see what happens and hope we can improve,” Carroll said. “[We’ve] I really want to do that. “

Asked if he has less hope of dealing with Metcalf than he already does in his minicamp, Carroll said the Seahawks have a good record of developing players who want to stay with them for a long time since he and general manager John Schneider arrived. 2010.

“I have little hope, no,” Carroll said. “We’ve been experiencing this for years. It’s a difficult time. We’ve had a lot of great guys go through this process, and how is it possible for us? We’ve got time.” John is very knowledgeable in doing this and DK has a very good knowledge and DK is a very good kid. his experiences and all this … He’s an amazing person, a very good football player. He has so much to offer the world and all, I do not want him to miss out on this opportunity when we can never know. Then we will do our best. “

Carson, 27, played just four games last season due to a neck injury that required what Carroll described as a fusion surgery in December. He still has no full movement, according to Carroll, and has not been medically removed after a recent review.

Carroll said there was “a great deal of research to be done” when doctors met Carson again in the next few weeks, adding: “They will meet again and see where they are and let us know.”

“We went there – it was about 10 days ago – here and we had the opportunity to chat with him and hear him,” Carroll said. “He’s worried because he wants to play and he loves the game and he’s an employee, he wants to work and push with all that, and there are some things he was still young but restrained to do so he wasn’t ready to do it all.

“It’s just hard for him, our boys love the game they grow up when they see that it can be difficult, difficult and real, we will love him through this and help him. It’s very fast. We’re trying to fight it and he knows. He’s doing everything he can and he wants to compete until the last word, so he ‘s going. “

Carson started all five of his NFL seasons as Seattle’s first. He climbed 1,100 yards in 2018 (14 games) and 2019 (15 games), two healthy seasons that have been a work in progress. He has a contract until 2022 after trying out the free agency last season and returning to Seattle for two years, $ 10,425 million plus $ 5.5 million guaranteed.

The Seahawks re-signed Rashaad Penny in March and signed Ken Walker III in the second half, cementing their backs and the future of Carson football in the air.

“He’s been one of my favorite Seahawks,” Carroll said. “I loved what he stood for and what he came up with and we love to be with him again. He’s a very special player and a very special player in your team and a man. So we’ll keep our fingers crossed.”


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