Pete Alonso has scored two home runs in the Mets’ victory over the Dodgers

LOS ANGELES – In about six weeks, Pete Alonso has returned to Dodger Stadium for the MLB All-Star Game, where he appears to be one of several Mets players selected for the National League team. On the evening of the festivities, Alonso also took part in the Home Run Derby, reflecting on his love of the event and his role as a double defending champion.

They can also slip by trying a little bit when they have a chance. Alonso twice doubled Saturday night’s 9-4 victory over the Dodgers at Chavez Ravine, scoring five times in a high-scoring game that drew even Cleveland’s José Ramírez to the MLB RBI’s lead at 53.

“I don’t think we expect much less,” said Mets, David Peterson. “From the moment he came, he was shown.”

Striking in the third inning, Alonso pulled in front of the left wall to knock down founder Dodger Walker Buehler in the game. In the seventh, he shot the 100 mph Brusdar Graterol fastball to another field for three runners who made a solid non-stop game. It was his third home two days ago.

Alonso’s 16 homers are tied with Dodgers’ Mookie Betts heavily in the National League. He also placed 10th in the Mets full-time home list with 122 in his career.

“Oh, he’s sick,” Alonso said of his place in franchise history. “I did not know that. I just want to keep going. ”

This was a refreshing season for Alonso, who entered the Mets ’plans with the 53-homer rookie season in 2019, before returning in the ’20 and advancing last summer. This year, Alonso played in all 55 games in New York, with the goal of announcing his bid for the show in 162. Soon he could threaten the license record for the next game he played, which allowed him to focus on his performance.

On his recent tour, Alonso could be the sixth in the Mets’ regular home series at the end of the season. They can also erase the RBI record of the license, which Mike Piazza and David Wright share at 124. (Alonso at 156 speed)

It’s a number of numbers that all speak the same thing: Alonso hits the ball more frequently, sharply, and destroys more when he does. About one-third of the season, Alonso has made himself the most successful candidate at the Mets’s National League MVP Award since Wright became fourth in the 2007 election.

“It’s every day,” Peterson said. “It’s not just our rush here, then you don’t hear about him. … He has power over all levels. He is not just trying to run home. He’s really trying to run the ball, which works for him. He is the most important part of our list. “

Over the past four years, Alonso has tirelessly trained him to be a great fighter, improving his plate-correcting style and technique. It showed up against Buehler, a former Vanderbilt ace who did “very well – if, very well” against University of Florida alum Alonso in college.

“I did not want this to happen again,” said Alonso, whose home run was much faster than making the mistake of throwing in the second inning.

On Saturday, Alonso’s performance allowed the Mets to win a thrilling match that saw Buck Showalter remove Peterson from the middle of the bat, Francisco Lindor hitting an individual even though his right middle finger was broken and both teams delayed 11 minutes delay. ball.

Alonso’s role in all of this could be an amazing piece, given the nature of the game. In 11 games at Dodger Stadium, Alonso has won seven. And in charge he has not won any more at next month’s Derby, even after jokes after the game that he has not yet received an invitation. But Alonso needs to be present, eager to put on another show.

“It’s one of the only museums in the world,” Alonso said. “There have been a lot of very important names in the baseball games that have been played here. For me, it’s a privilege to play here.”


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