Personal detective routine

“It’s rare that a client comes to me with suspicion, I investigate and nothing happens,” said Patricia, a private detective. Didn’t, 48 years old, from Sao Paulo, who has been in the area for 30 years. She started snooping around friends boyfriends and, In the mouth Her face, her audience has grown. A law graduate, he caught himself by personal investigation and could not even reach the court.

Patricia, according to him, entered the profession because he always liked to take care of other people’s lives. “Although some people do it in a secret way, I don’t. I was always careful, especially when it came to relationships. My job is fun,” he said in an interview. The world.

“All I want is a marital investigation.”

Accustomed to exposing adultery, Patricia says there are still stories that shock her. One of them is finding a mother with her daughter’s husband, fianc or boyfriend – something that, in her opinion, is happening more and more.

“A client asked me to investigate her husband and I found out that she was watching her mother. It shocked me, but what about husband, fianc, boyfriend dating his mother-in-law … I don’t know what’s going on.”

In this particular case, what surprised the detective the most was that the mother was a woman who had no vanity. Directed by Patricia, the client pretends to go to work, but soon, she returns home to see her mother and husband in bed. “My employee who was on guard only found out what had happened inside the house because he came out screaming, kicking his mother out like a dog. They really had a relationship,” he said.

This was not his only unusual occurrence in the last 30 years. Patricia says a successful lawyer, married and with children, called her to investigate her boyfriend: another married man with children. Their relationship lasted 10 years and he suspected betrayal. “I asked how his wife never noticed and he said they were very discreet. They said they were going to bars or footballs, but they were actually going to motels. I investigated and caught this second man dating one of his co-workers,” the account .

Patricia also remembers the story of a married client who went out with a married woman who suspected she had a second boyfriend. “He suspected he was looking at another person in the company. We investigated and yes, he was looking at another person,” he says. Even a traitor does not like betrayal.

In some cases, he has already rented a van so that he can go unnoticed at the place of observation and discreetly stay with one of the 20 agents working for him. Due to the high demand – she says she handles an average of 8 to 10 cases per month – and because of giving tips and ending up with other professionals, today Patricia even charges for initial counseling. Currently, this amount reais R $ 400.

To find out if you are being cheated, the amount paid is quite high. After all, according to him, people want to solve problems, not fix one more. The contractor receives information and photos in real time, which guarantees speed of discovery.

“Prices range from R $ 5,000 to R $ 10,000, when it comes to general work, such as guarding, for example. It’s a high price because we need to have quality and good professionals to maintain our privacy.”

The time required to crack a suit varies. Patricia has already caught the job within the first hour of the first day of the investigation, but says she has some cases where she could not be caught even after a few weeks because her girlfriend was spending a season in Europe. Therefore, he warned, there is no set time to decide when a case will be settled.

Even with an experienced team, sometimes, only the boss’s hand solves the problem. “About two or three months ago, my team needed to put a tracker in the car of an investigating woman in Brasilia. In 10 days, we couldn’t move. I took a plane and within two hours I had it. Solved,” he said.

Arriving in town, it was enough for the friend who came with him to pretend that he had twisted his leg in front of the investigator’s house. The woman answered them and entered the room. “We had to go inside to find out if there was any stolen material inside the house. They were large pieces. I was even able to get pictures of the stolen goods. It was a fleeting thing, but I think I was very lucky.”

Complaints and threats

When discovery is a crime, the situation is more fragile. He has already arrested a man in his 60s who abused 11- and 12-year-olds. “I pass on the results of my investigation to those who hire me, not to the police. I have a contract that has a privacy clause. But in this case, I have sought approval and reported to the police,” he said.

There are even people who have threatened him and vowed to take revenge after his discovery. She was caught cheating with her husband in the middle of the road. “I saw her kissing her boyfriend and I took pictures with her husband. She cursed me and told me I didn’t know anything about her life, I would make a bio,” she says. But since the pictures were taken in a public place, he would have no way of reporting. So Patricia was calm.

“Nothing goes illegal,” he guaranteed

How to stay in the law by investigating the lives of others? Patricia guarantees that this is possible. “There’s a boss who wants to put a tracking device in a fleet of vehicles without the employees knowing. But he owns the car, so he can. If you’re married, marriage is a partnership. If you’re together and you keep the camera. Your house. The car is the same thing. Nothing goes illegally “, said Patricia.

To avoid falling under a strategy, for example, stocking laws, change agents assigned to the same case. “No one can prove a routine with my agents. Stacking is proven regularly, people are regularly followed by the same person. My agents are never the same, sometimes I change the schedule two or three times a day,” says Patricia.

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