Pernambuco signs partnership to fight sexual exploitation of children and adolescents

The Parnambuko governmentA Recife City Hall And American nonprofits Freedom Fund Signed, this Thursday (28), a partnership with the signing of a protocol of purpose Fighting against sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

“This moment is historic because it marks the moment when the state government, civil society and various actors from City Hall, together with the Freedom Fund, have made a tremendous impact in the face of their own committed and incredible level of violence. Which no actor can handle alone. She Recognizing the problem, the need for emergency response and the commitment to protect children and adolescents, “said Deborah Aranha, manager of the Freedom Fund in Brazil.

Wants partnership Implementation of joint action aimed at eliminating sexual exploitation Youth in Parnambuko. According to the manager, 5 Per 8 Women involved in the sex market have entered it Before the age of 18 And 1⁄4 From them, Before turning 14 years old.

“It simply came to our notice then Society has turned a blind eye to this problem, Trade relations between children and adolescents have been normalized and normalized. They point out that we do not protect these children and adolescents and that sexual exploitation is normal and so, Disappears”, Commented. Faced with this scenario, he said, “the time has come to take, recognize and transform these social norms behind such behavior, which is reflected not only in exploitation, but also in gender-based violence, which is common in society.

Research conducted by Datafolha indicates that 22% People interviewed in Brazil Knowing or witnessing situations of sexual abuse against children and adolescents. Within that percentage, 80% did not complain.

According to Deborah, with the moment of economic and health crisis in Brazil, including the Covid-19 epidemic, the situation may get worse and therefore, the project to combat sexual exploitation in childhood and adolescence is conducted as an important one. Measure safe youth fights.

“The city has interests Unveiling the numberWe don’t want exclusions or make-up, we want reality to create policies for action. We want to address resistance and actively listen to society And the realization that when these children and adolescents are in the throes of exploitation and violence, we need Great support and host network“, Explained Vice Mayor of Recife, Isabella de Roldão. “This cooperation agreement is crucial in strengthening policies to address this tough agenda of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents,” he said.

According to him, the protection of children and adolescents has been presented as a transversal agenda, which must be addressed by all departments, including tourism. Stop sex tourism Exists in Recife. “Our interest is to ban sex tourism and, in particular, those that focus on children and adolescents. This An agenda that runs through all the secretariats in the prefecture And through this signature, this understanding is strengthened, ”the deputy mayor added.

Representing the state government, Child Policy Manager, Department of Social Development, Children and Youth (SDSCJ)Macdouglas de Oliveira reinforces Pernambuco’s role in the fight for youth protection:

“It simply came to our notice then Specialized Reference Center for Social Assistance (Creas), Training in the care of children or witnesses who are victims of such sexual violence. The great significance of this word is the commitment of institutions like government, municipality and independence to prioritize the principles of this conflict.

According to the SDSCJ, in 2020, 957 Complaint of the case Sexual abuse And 60 Inside Sexual abuse Against children and adolescents in the state, when, in the following year, the number increased 1,294 And 79Respectively.

Although the situation appears to have deteriorated, the manager highlighted that the number of complaints has increased PositiveThen Indicates that child sexual violence awareness activities are becoming more effective And, as a result, the population is becoming more vulnerable and More condemnation.

Adriana Duarte, a member of Coletivo Mulher Vida and a partner in The Freedom Fund, defended the importance of the fight against sexual harassment: It requires public policy to come down from the ground, support for reception centers to welcome victims, hold perpetrators accountable and respond to crime, the world’s third-largest illicit economy. ”

“It simply came to our notice then In Brazil today there are 500,000 sexually abused children and Pernambuco tops the list. We must return to the leadership of the movement with this movement and strengthen the paradigms of public policy for this complex service and ensure full protection of life, “explained Adriana.

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