Pediatric asthma, bronchiolitis and pneumonia in ES double respiratory crisis

Espirito Santo recorded, in the first months of 2022, a significant increase in the number of episodes of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in children. Compared to the same period in 2021, asthma, bronchiolitis and pneumonia, among other diseases that qualify as respiratory syndrome, are more than twice as high in children.

As coordinator of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics (SBP) for the Southeast Region, Rodrigo Aboudib, noted along the seasons, that these conditions become more frequent during the year, the use of compulsory masks ceases, and isolation social welfare pre-covid-19 epidemic-level litigation. Contributes to return.

And it is in this situation that Luca Farias Gomes, 4 years old, finds himself, the youngest of the psychology student Lorena Farias. Admitted to hospital on Tuesday (10) morning, the day of his birthday, he had pneumonia, a condition that developed very quickly.

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Luca, who was hospitalized with pneumonia, ate a special meal on his birthday. Credit: Personal Collection

The mother said her son had a prognosis on Saturday (7), he was taken to hospital, had an X-ray and ultrasound, but his lungs were clear. In the second, when the test was repeated, the organs had already been taken by the infection.

“I have an epidemic. The office is full, the children are coming and going. When I was in the emergency room on Monday (9), there was a child with severe bronchiolitis, he was hospitalized, he had to go through ambition. And now back “The images are evolving very fast, from one day to the next,” he observed

Luke already had an episode of sinusitis with the onset of pneumonia last month, but did not need to be hospitalized. Treatment was with herbs, antibiotics. At that time he was staying at home. Then, she returns to school, an environment that, according to Lorena, is full of children with flu-like symptoms.

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“I wanted to create a warning to make people more aware. What happens is that the children have been in school for a long time, and now they are coming back, or those who have not gone before, their immunity has not been developed. The system is correct because they could not catch it.” Now they are full of communication there. “

Lorena Farias

Psychology student

“It’s worse if you don’t wear masks. So, the virus is spreading and we have to try to strengthen their immunity as much as possible.”

Lucca now takes strong medications, oral and intramuscular, but does not require intensive care. This Thursday (12), he started using a pump because his chest “started to tremble”. It will go through a new assessment and the family expects it to surpass this Saturday (14). The birthday party, which was scheduled for this weekend, had to be postponed. For Lorena, the party will be her son leaving the hospital.

Respiratory syndrome

SARS is a syndrome that is defined as a set of signs and symptoms that can be caused by a variety of factors. For example, the respiratory syncytial virus is an effective agent in bronchiolitis, which usually affects children.

Aboudib explains that the picture presented is of bronchial hyperactivity, when there is bronchospasm and respiratory distress. The “sequel”, according to him, is a common change in the climate, in addition to “chest shortness” the child may have convulsions again.

To qualify for SARS, in the absence of another specific diagnosis, the patient must have a sudden fever, accompanied by cough or sore throat, headache or body aches. In children under 2 years of age, respiratory symptoms such as runny nose and nasal obstruction should also be considered.


According to the Secretary of State for Health (SESA), there have been 156 cases and four deaths from SARS among children under the age of one as of the 18th Epidemic Week of 2021. In 2022, it reached a record 360 syndromes in this population, and six more died.

Between the ages of 1 and 17, 152 cases of respiratory syndrome and 20 deaths in 2021 – considering the causes caused by Covid-19 – and, this year, 442 cases and four deaths. Instead, vaccinating children against SARS-Cove-2 (coronavirus) has reduced mortality.

Sick child - temperature rise - thermometer - sickness - flu
Symptoms of respiratory illness may include fever and cough. Credit: Shutterstock

Focus on flu immunization is also a strategy. Sesa noted that since April 26, it expects children under the age of six months to five years to be vaccinated against influenza, a respiratory disease that can progress rapidly and lead to death. As of Monday (9), this public vaccine coverage was 16.49%.

At best, according to the Municipal Health Department, between January 1 and May 10, 2021, and in the same period between 2022, the most visited respiratory syndromes in children aged zero to 14 in health units were flu, cough, cold and influenza.

This year, the highest incidence among the two-year-olds was the common cold, with 498 records. Among children aged 10 to 14, the number of flu cases was higher at 275.

In the municipality of Kariasica, the Department of Health recorded 143 cases of respiratory disease last year without counting Covid-19. Now, in 2022, there are already 436 episodes. In the two analyzed periods, the age group with the highest incidence was between 5 and 10 years, representing about half the cases.

The agency added that the number of emergency care calls from Trevo de Alto Lage, Bella Vista, Flexal and Nova Rosa da Penha has increased significantly in recent months. “This fact is due to the increasing number of respiratory syndromes including asthma, flu, bronchiolitis, sinusitis and pneumonia. These pathologies demand more time from pediatricians as children are monitored for long periods of time to take medication,” the secretary said in a note.

In Vitoria, notices include Covid-19 and Flu Syndrome and the age group informed by the Municipal Secretary extends beyond children: from zero to 19 years. In this group, there were 10,723 cases in 2021 and 16,982 this year.

In Villa Velha, the press office questioned the report’s claim, but did not respond to service data in municipal units.

Growth is also registered on private networks. Unimed Vitória said in a note that demand for Greater Vittoria emergency rooms had increased, but that all patients in its unit were being treated with the utmost care and efficiency.

“Unimed Vitória further emphasizes that it also offers a pediatric teleconsultation service in less complex cases and that this resource can help avoid unnecessary displacement, as well as facilitate customer service,” he said.

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