Paul DeJong nominated by the Cardinals

ST. LOUIS – Feeling they were “good and patient” with Paul DeJong, the Cardinals opted for a hard-hitting trip to Triple-A Memphis on Tuesday where “bats look the same and change hasn’t happened” and embarked on a way to find their short-term solution.

On Tuesday, when the Cardinals hosted the Orioles at Busch Stadium for the first time since 2003, a short-term task fell on the shoulders of rookie Brendan Donovan, who became the first player since 1900 to make his first four MLB debut in four different positions. . Tommy Edman, the Gold Glove winner of the second round last season, has gotten more work in the short games in the coming days and will see the time soon. Also, Edmundo Sosa finished two games at Double-A Springfield on Wednesday and could play for the Cardinals this weekend.

Regarding the role of DeJong, who just hit .130 in 24 games, Cardinals crew met on a team flight Sunday night on their way home from San Francisco and St. Louis. Louis Monday. The idea of ​​choosing their regular version from 2017 to Youth was made up of Tuesday’s game.

“This is not going to be easy to negotiate, and we knew once we were going to explore options briefly that it wasn’t a move where you just played another guy with Paulie sitting on the bench; it was going to be a move he came down on, “said Cardinals superintendent Oliver Marmol.” I feel like we were, together as an organization, confident and patient at the time. It was not clear why the move took place. ”

DeJong’s previous setbacks undoubtedly contributed to the downfall. Shortstop hit 30 home runs in 2019, but was unable to regain form while battling hand and rib injuries. He hit .250 by just three times in 2020, and dropped to .197 in ’21 when he lost a small job for Sosa. DeJong worked all the time with the batting coach and showed signs of having a break from the season, especially when he collided with them at home on the opening day of the 9-0 win over the Pirates. However, DeJong’s bat did not continue to show progress last month, which led to Tuesday’s move.

“It’s not an easy decision, and it’s something we’ve been struggling with for the past few days, but when you consider what is good for him, what is good for the organization and the club right now, it can be hard to find. ‘anira baseball John Mozeliak. “Our hope is that he will rejoin the club and become a good member of the party we saw before the epidemic. At the moment, he understands that he has to go and get his job and we have not put in place a plan.

“It comes down to production,” added Mozeliak. “He took it as an expert, and he understood it. That doesn’t mean he enjoyed it, but he understood it. In the end, he wants to get back here and that’s hope.”

As DeJong struggled against the plate, he did well to defend himself this season against the Cardinals team consisting of five Gold Glove winners. Only the Astros’ Jeremy Pena (+7) have more defensive weapons saved this season than DeJong (+4). However, he was changed for lack of progress, says Marmol.

“It was a matter of time depending on the number of opportunities he was given,” said Marmol of DeJong, who has 72 hours to tell the Memphis Redbirds, who play the series in Norfolk, Va. “I think there is a change that needs to be made physically and emotionally. To be able to go there and remodel, they have to make real physical changes to make the results look different. The ball will tell you what’s going on and more [popups]. He should go there and show that change is happening and that production is available. ”

Marmol said he had discussed with Edman – a small apartment at Stanford College – about working hard to prepare for the change. The Cardinals were quick to move on Edman considering he was one of the best performers in the league with difficulty and defense this season.

“Security is important, but at some point, we need to find the right combination of defense and goals,” Marmol said. “Tommy has prepared me for the preaching work today, and he will have another one tomorrow. We want the discussion to be open, of course. Right now, it’s preaching to me. Tommy, when talking to her, is relaxed in every way [playing shortstop or second base]. He took the balls down and threw them [the diamond] today and I felt good about it. He is confident in his ability to play for a while. “


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