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With the deliberate reduction of sessions on Holy Week, the Senate Plenary should analyze a voting agenda this Tuesday (12), from 2 p.m., with 11 items. The first of these is a bill that seeks to amend procedures relating to parental separation, a practice in which a parent takes steps to place a child or adolescent against another parent.

Senator Rose de Freitas (MDB-ES) is an alternative to the project (PL 634/2022), approved by the Chamber of Deputies. The matter was originally presented as PLS 19/2016, then Senator Ronaldo Ciado (GO).

In the chamber, the text was added to 13 other proposals and returned to the Senate with a series of changes to the Parental Separation Act (Act 12,318 of 2010). The Rose de Freitas report recommended rejecting a good portion of the amendments proposed by deputies.

The reporter upheld provisions that prohibit investigations into crimes against children or adolescents or domestic violence, or changes of custody on behalf of accused parents. According to the text, this situation also prevents parents from receiving shared custody or responding to the precautionary establishment of child or adolescent accommodation. If approved, the matter will be approved by the President.


Another project on the agenda expands the dissemination of information about missing children and adolescents. In addition to mandatory notifications from ports, airports, highway patrols and interstate and international transport agencies, it will be mandatory to include information on the national registration of missing children and adolescents and the disappearance of missing persons in the national register.

The resolution is provided in PL 2099/2019, which includes the obligation to update two records of the Statute of Children and Adolescents (Act 8069 of 1990). The proposal was made by former deputy Laura Carneiro.

Reporter on the subject, Senator Veneziano Vital do Rego (MDB-PB), highlighted that missing persons records must work through mutual cooperation and response.

Electronic package insert

Senators must analyze the bills that make up the electronic drug leaflet (PL 3.846 / 2021). The proposal allows laboratories to insert a QR code into drug packages to access a digital package insert. Senator Nelsinho is the Trade (PSD-MS) reporter on this issue.

According to the text approved by the Chamber, the printed leaflet is still required and cannot be discounted – unless defined by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA).

Digital package inserts must be hosted on links approved by the agency, and may include information other than complete and updated content similar to laboratory-printed package inserts.


A bill that sets out the supply of medicines and treatments with nutritionists by the Unified Health System (SUS) for people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue may also be voted on.

PL 3,525 / 2019, written by Federal Deputy Erica Coke (PT-DF), had a favorable report from Senator Sergio Petecao (PSD-AC). Reporter received an amendment by Senator Luiz Do Carmo (PSC-GO). According to the text adopted, SUS’s integral care should include the promotion of “comprehensive information and guidelines on disease and available preventive and therapeutic measures”.

Currently, individuals with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue have access to SUS (including multidisciplinary treatment for medicine, psychology and physiotherapy) and access to complementary tests and recognized therapies, including physiotherapy and physical activity.


Another item on the agenda is the replacement of Senator Roberto Rocha (PTB-MA) in PL 4,483 / 2019, which deals with teachers’ qualifications to work with hospitalized or disenfranchised students – for example, consent to hospitalized socio-educational measures. . This article was written by Deputy Gastao Vieira (Pros-MA).

Alternatively, the reporter adjusts the PL to legal tactics. Rocha also removed the term “locomotion restriction” to include cases under the Penal Code, relating to convicts and detainees (for psychiatric treatment). And also so that this rule does not cover other cases which may be considered as “locomotion restriction”.

Cooperation agreement

This Tuesday, two draft legal decrees are being analyzed for ratification of an agreement signed between Brazil and the United States in 2020 on research and development of military technology (PDL 254/2021) and a cooperation agreement signed by Brazil and Angola in defense, 2010 (PDL). 86/2020).

Two more draft resolutions form the agenda. PRS 49/2019 Senate establishes Paul Singer Diploma. PRS 32/2019 Matopiba forms the parliamentary front, a region consisting of Maranhao, Tokantins, Piaui and Serrado Biome in the state of Bahia.

Finally two requests have to go to the polls. The first is to promote the thematic debate session, to debate Abril Verde (RQS 224/2022). The second is for the expansion of the Interim External Commission, which monitors the situation in the municipality of Petropolis after heavy rains in recent months (RQS 249/2022).

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