Padres is about to deal with Robinson Cano

11:46 am: The Padres are due to end their contract with Canó tomorrow, and tweets Dennis Lin of Athletic. San Diego already has a 40-member team, so he only needs to get 26 people involved.

11:07 am: The Padres are closing in on a deal with Robinson Canosays Jon Heyman of the New York Post (twitter ulalo). Heyman’s friend, Joel Sherman, says (on Twitter) that San Diego is one of the few groups that have shown interest. According to Sherman, All-Star who played eight times is expected to sign a major league contract.

Canó was released by the Mets last week. New York selected him to serve on May 2, the day the cut-off teams play from 28th to 26th. . He started hard, however, just hitting .195 / .233 / .268 through his first 43 appearances.

The 17-year-old former MLB veteran showed more alarming figures than the negative consequences. He linked up with a 73% low candy, a few points below the league average this season. Canó also chased away about half of the pitch that was thrown out of the pitch and hit more than 55% of the ball on the ground. At the age of 39 and out in 2021 the entire season after he stopped being suspended again due to over-the-counter drugs, the Mets thought the original numbers were reason enough to continue.

One can also hope that Canó was just rusty after a long layoff. The 12-game game is a very small example that proves the point – even when it comes to high numbers and misses and runs. When Canó managed to play this year, he did very well. In the form of plate 182 during the short period of 2020, he hit .316 / .352 / .544 with ten home runs. This was the second of three seasons between 2018-2020 when Canó placed the highest quality waste.

Obviously, there are very few players who are similar to what Canó did since he joined the league. He is a five-time Silver Slugger Award winner and has finished in the top ten MVP voters six times in his career. Had it not been for the suspension of the PED, it would have been a locked lock to be ushered into the Hall of Fame. There is no small question in Canó’s day as the star of this genre is behind it, but it is unlikely that he could be a useful fighter, especially in the fight against the right.

The Padres apparently believe so. San Diego has got incredible production from Manny Machado and Eric Hosmer at the beginning of the season. Ha-Seong Kim, Jurickson Profar and Luka Voit Each has unpleasant barriers, but their combination of output power with (especially Voit) large mobility numbers has contributed to all of their systems. The remaining line has been battling for varying degrees, and the total San Diego .227 / .320 / .364 slash line is in the middle of the pack.

The brothers are looking for low-cost ways to promote the offense. If he believes that Canó is still a heavy hitter, there is a need to change the dice. The Mets remain at risk of approximately $ 37.6MM total that has been on loan at Canó over the next two years according to its initial ten-year contract with the Mariners. If the deal comes to an end, San Diego could owe him only a fraction of the $ 700K minimum wage in the league. This is especially true with the Friars who are about to reach $ 230MM in value-added tax, which does not seem to be worth the effort.

Canó would not be commonplace on diamonds to the Padres. Hosmer is a lock to hold on to the first base as long as it hits at this level, and Jake Cronenworth has a second foundation. Voit’s right-hander is the first to hit and the numbers remain the same, but Canó can sometimes refer to him against a good start as he works hard to the right of infield.


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