Option to take the kids on the weekends

A premiere at the theater and a show about Tim Burton promising to give something to talk about: the weekend in Sao Paulo is full of options. Can’t find what you want? There are more at www.bora.ai.

Dancing animals

The first children’s show by Carioca Group Focus Cia. De Dansa tells the story of the tortoise Elisa, who, when she is 100 years old, traditionally gets tired. Happy birthday. So, he invited eight animals to celebrate this important date with him. Animals have a common desire: they all want to be happy, so Elisa, with all her experience, offers them a great adventure to find happiness together.

Alpha Theater. May 7 and 8. Saturday and Sunday, 4 p.m. BRL 40 (full). 70 minutes. Free.

From PinoQuio, Cia PeQuod

As Pinocchio’s Adventure, To assemble its first opera. Circo Collodi is the stage where the famous doll, who dreams of becoming a boy, goes through a passage marked by a reflection of the education, morality, family love and culture of lies in the contemporary world. Staging combines animated theater, music and circus. Complete visual identity, sets, costumes and lighting were inspired by the 19th century European circus. For the play, conductor and composer Tim Rescala composed 30 songs.

Bank of Brazil Cultural Center. May 6 to June 6. Monday and Friday at 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm. BRL 30 (full). 100 minutes 7 years.

Circus at Sesc

There are three Sesc unit circus shows. Check out:

A. Cesc Santana, Cabaré Cyrklos, along with Cia Tempoé, combines and invents a variety of contemporary circus techniques such as hand-to-hand numbers, balance and handstands, juggling, contraction, acrobatics and pyramids, saw wheels, magic and dance. A comic presenter warms the audience with his skits and funny lines, along with his dance clown number which is the main thread of the show.

May 7 and 8, Saturday and Sunday, from 2 to 3 p.m. Free. Free.

A. Cesc Campo Limpo, Pieces The fictional tent of the Charlatanss, with Desembargadores do Furgão, combining Balinese masks, popular street theater and traditional circus languages, invites the public to learn the funny stories of a group that makes a living by cheating on people during their performances. The bizarre circus has magic, isolation, needle throwing, powerful people, fantastic animals, fakirs and lots of jokes.

May 7 and 8, Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m. Free. Free.

A. Cesc Paulista, Combined Um Cafe da Manha presents the event Wrong way With three acrobats and an actor who denies gravity and superstition on stage. Acrobats and actors use Chinese poles, saw wheels, levers, handstands and masks.

May 6 and 7, Friday and Saturday, 9pm and Sunday, May 8, 6pm. BRL 30 (full). Free.

New art exhibition

The Dark Beauty of Monsters: 13 Years of Tim Burton’s Art

The exhibition is a sensitive re-reading of the book The art of Tim Burton, Including images from the artist’s personal collection and visual concepts from several films. The exhibition follows the book’s classification with general themes in the director’s creation and occupies more than 2,600m² space, divided into 2 floors of Oca, with one room dedicated to each of the 14 sections of the book. Audiovisual resources, such as Fabric Projection, Shadow Theater, Anamorphosis, Magic Mirror, Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D movies, try to penetrate the author’s poetic imagination.

Ibirapuera hollow in the park. 8th May to 14th August. Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm. Tickets range from R $ 40 (full admission from Tuesday to Friday 9am to 5:30 pm) to R $ 100 (VIP admission to the exhibition at any time on weekends and holidays). We recommend 8+.

Manabu Mabe: An experience

The exhibition brings together more than 50 original works from a collection of families of Japanese artists who came to Brazil in 1934 to dedicate themselves to the coffee garden. The exhibition highlights its production and techniques used between 1940 and 1990 and highlights unpublished works. Divided into 5 wings according to the artist’s stage, it also has a submerged wing to take the viewer closer to one of the most expressive names in Brazilian visual art.

19th floor of the Santander Sওo Paulo lighthouse. April 29 to July 31. Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 8pm. BRL 30 (full). Free. We recommend 8+.


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