Opinion: Mayo Laranja – Fighting Violence and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents. TRT6 – Regional Labor Court of the 6th Region

Articles by Andrea Keust Bandeira de Mello, Chief Justice of the 8th Labor Court of Recife and Regional Manager of the Child Labor and Stimulate Learning Prevention Program:

Every day, we receive thousands of tragic news about the most diverse source crimes and practices of violence against children and adolescents. But, among them, the crimes committed through the use of brutal force, sexual aggression and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents have a strong impact on us.

On May 18, 1973, eight-year-old Araselli Cabrera Crespo disappeared, never to be seen alive again. Six days later, the girl’s body was found in an empty space near the Vitoria Center in Espirito Santo. The girl was beaten, raped and killed by drugs. His body was deformed by the acid. At the time of the crime, the police had heard different versions of what had happened, and after the suspects had been tried and acquitted, the Araselli case was dismissed by the judge.

However, Araselli’s death served as a warning to Brazilian society as a whole, highlighting the reality of violence against children. Because of its brutality and brutality, the date of the assassination has become a symbol of the fight against this human rights violation. But the fight against such violence consists of a tough and everyday struggle to protect Brazilian children and adolescents who suffer and emit screams that need to be heard.

In 2000, May 9 was established as “National Day for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children and Adolescents” by Act 9,970, and annually, government and non-government organizations and civil society representatives took advantage of this date, in addition to formulating public policy. Reflect on and promote debate.

The Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights launched a national campaign for the rights of children and adolescents through the National Secretariat.May orange “, Whose goal, throughout May, is to raise awareness, prevent, guide, and fight against child and adolescent abuse and sexual exploitation. The proposal involves raising the issue for visibility, informing, raising awareness, mobilizing and inviting the whole society to take part in protecting the rights of children and adolescents.

Let us remember that “sexual abuse” is a form of violence that occurs within or outside the domestic environment, but without the means to purchase sex, and in which, in most cases, the attacker is a relative or acquaintance. Hunting .. The phenomenon consists of an adult-centered relationship, characterized by an unequal energy relationship; The abuser (parent, caregiver, legal guardian, known or unknown person) dominates children and / or adolescents, exploits their desires and rejects them, not as a matter of their rights, but as objects of pleasure and sexual comfort. Uses.

We can imagine the phenomenon of sexual abuse against children and adolescents:

1 – every act of an aphrodisiac nature;

2 – with or without physical contact;

3 – with or without force application;

4 – Between an adult adult or adolescent and a child or adolescent.

As a method, can be abused Belong to the family – When the attacker is attached to the infected person by blood ties, Legitimacy Example: Compatibility: Parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles etc. Relationship: Honest father, honest mother, brother-in-law etc. Responsibility: Guardian, guardianship, Acceptance, etc. or not Family environment – Where the attacker is a person who is known (or unknown) to the victim and who wants to get emotional benefit from this relationship. Examples: friends, neighbors, victims known professionals (teachers, doctors, religious leaders, etc.) or strangers.

In all cases of abuse, certain features are observed, such as:

1 – Presence of abuse of power where the strong subjugate the weak to satisfy their desires and aspirations;

2 – The existence of the “trust and responsibility” link unites the child (adolescent) with the attacker. Betrayal of trust is one of the most striking aspects of this type of violence;

3 – Incidents of mental violence, whether or not associated with physical violence;

4 – Silence imposed on the victim so that he does not reveal abuse.

Often children or adolescents do not report an episode of abuse, either out of understanding or out of fear of retaliation. But there are some symptoms that can be noticed unintentionally. Childhood is one of the most important stages of human development and a traumatic event at this stage can be decisive for adults. Therefore, it is important to protect it and bring the necessary clarification to the population, to debate the issue in the mainstream media and, therefore, to prevent it.

For this we call on all around to unite May Orange, Placing a yellow flower on their social network, symbolizing the campaign. Share a booklet that can help protect many children from child sexual abuse. And for that reason, where there is doubt or certainty, do not hesitate. To report abuse or suspicious cases, Dial 100 Or access the “Direitos Humanos Brasil” application and report it.

This material is purely informative, and is authorized by quoting its reproduction source.

Department of Social Communication

Sixth Region Regional Labor Court (TRT-6)


Text: BANDEIRA DE MELO, Andréa Keust – Bachelor of Law from UFPE in 1990, Bachelor of Civil Procedure from UNIPÊ in 1994, Bachelor of Health Law and Medical Law from UNIVASF in 2016, Bachelor of Legal Psychology from ID20E’s ID20E. TRT 6th Region, currently the holder of the 8th Labor Court of Recipes. Program Manager for Prevention of Child Labor and Stimulating Education in Bienna in 2018/2020 and 2021/2023

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