Openjobmetis Varese – Umana Reyer Venice 93-90 | ANTHU REYER

aspect: 20-16; 47-39; 73-69

Varese: Ross 20, Woldetensae 14, G. De Nicolao 1, Reyes 19, Librizzi, Virginio ne, Ferrero 3, Brown 15, Caruso 8, Owens 4, Johnson 8. All. Brass.
Umana Reyer: Spissu 5, Tessitori 11, Parks 13, Freeman 17, Sima, Moraschini 4, A. De Nicolao 2, Granger 8, Chillo ne, Brooks 6, Willis 12, Watt 12. All. De Raffaele.

Although the match grows, particularly nicely within the second half, Umana Reyer fails to win within the second half after the break of the nationwide groups, the superb parquet of the Championship, Openjobmetis Varese, who received the dash for 93 -90.
Without the captain Bramos (cervical issues), Spissu, Freeman, Parks, Willis and Watt begin on the beginning line, which they open with two free passes firstly of the sport with good building, however moist powder. Even Varese, nonetheless, is struggling to assault (6-6 in the course of the quarter, Willis and Tessitori are additionally writing orogranata). Reyes tries to guide the house group (11-8 within the seventh minute), however when the arrows open Spissu and Moraschini move (13-14 within the eighth minute). In a recreation with a whole lot of errors from the road, the final draw comes from Lombardy and 10′ is 20-16.
Varese begins the second quarter nicely (25-16 at 11′), with a very good reply given to Granger and Andrea De Nicolao: 25-23 at 12’30”. Although the hosts are free from 3, exchanging good photographs from the arc and runs , so coach De Raffaele is pressured to depart 33-23 at 13’30”. However, Umana Reyer continues to battle and construct and is commonly crushed shortly in protection, so within the sixteenth minute it’s 39-27. It takes a triple from Willis and Freeman to attach first with orogranata (41-33 at 17’30”), then the half closes with the identical two orogranata and Brooks responds to the punch of the opponents, protecting -8 ( 47- 39) for a very long time.
Although Varese opens the second half with Johnson 49-39, the orogranata’s method may be very completely different. The impressed Freeman opens and closes the break that brings Umana Reyer nearer to 51-48 at 22’30”, then ends the sport from 4 to 53-52 at 23′. Coach De Raffaele known as a timeout after the Varese jolt of 61-54 within the twenty fourth minute and, though Watt dedicated the third and fourth fouls in a row, they’re additionally -1 (61-60) within the 25’30 minute with Willis 3 times. and Freeman. From 65-60 at 26’30”, Tessitori is the protagonist of the equal of 65 at 27’30”, adopted by Granger at 65-67. Returning a discipline objective from the arc, Varese nonetheless managed to shut the quarter at 73-69.
The closing interval begins with 0-5 scoring by Brooks (3 times) and Tessitori for 73-74 within the thirty first minute. Ross and Parks are essentially the most aggressive fighters: 75-76 within the thirty second minute, which stays on the board till 33’30 “and Parks’ 3/3 free throw on Brown’s fourth foul (75-79). Umana Reyer raises the protection and might have the pace of the opponents, who don’t use Granger’s coach (4th private foul) and due to Brooks’ lovely block which, within the ahead roll, it results in Owens and not using a recreation transformed by Willis. in 77-81 in the course of the quarter. The recreation is nervous (Freeman can be proficient) and Varese’s bench is pressured to be 78-83 in 35’30”, Ross then fixes 82- 83, then the house group will get a brand new alternative. ’86-85 to 36’30’. The Venetian timeout doesn’t have the identical consequence: 88-85 within the thirty seventh minute adopted by Watt’s fifth assault. Parks targets, 2/2 from the road of Ross, however additionally it is just like 90, with 1’15” to play, and a triple from Granger after a terrific assault from Brooks. Caruso can be proper on the road within the thirty ninth minute (92-90), then comes the 24″ violation by orogranata and Granger 3 times that simply breaks on the board. In the tip, there was no equal to Reyes’ triple or Parks’ shot, and a rebound from Caruso, who was instantly stopped by a foul, however solely acquired the second free throw: 93-90. There are 2 “and three tenths left, after the time of the orogranata, however the misplaced ball comes and closes the sport.

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