Open Play Cast Live In Discreet Relationship

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See who is the life partner of the open game team

Oh Open game Every day at 11 am a sports program is broadcast by the band. Is driven by attraction Renata fan, Which has several famous commentators, such as former footballers Danielson. The team still has a presenter Héverton Guimarães, Chico Garcia, João Pedro Sgarbi, Ronaldo Giovanelli And John Paul Capellens.

With such success, viewers and fans of Open Play are intrigued by the intimate life of their idol. Despite being very discreet about personal life, we are going to reveal on TV Foco that each member of the band’s attraction belongs to whom.

Renata Fan, in charge of the men’s team, has a long relationship with the stock car driver Atila Abreu. Lovebirds have been together since 2008 at the age of 13.

Anna Maria appeared in a photo outside the TV with an actor from Pantanal and shot: “How delicious!”

Band ousts Silvio Santos and SBT and shuts down Formula 1 for another three years

The band fights with Silvio Santos and sinks SBT into the mud with the official announcement of the incident: “Millionaire deal”

Catia Fonseca expresses chaos in the band, involves Datena and confirms the news:

Catia Fonseca expressed dismay at the band, involved Datena and confirmed the news: “Unfortunately there was no way”

Even wiser, Renata Fan made a point of declaring all her love for her beloved when they turned 13 together: “ila atilaabreu51 & Eu! The first four pictures from today! From 09.25. 2008 to 2021. 13 years together! I don’t think so many years! ”

Renata Fan Post (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)
Renata Fan Post (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Danielson, as many know, is married to the actress Luciel de Camargo, Sister of one of the most famous countries in the country, JJ de Camargo and Luciano. The two have been together for 14 years and have two heirs: David And Maria Eduarda.

This Monday night (13), Danielson and Luciel took part Faustão in the band And, in a number of topics discussed, the girl revealed that, despite a woman’s reputation in the past, she never gave him reason to be suspicious, but also said he would not forgive the betrayal.

Danielson and Luciel de Carmargo in the band Faustau (Photo: Reproduction)
Danielson and Luciel de Carmargo in the band Faustau (Photo: Reproduction)

In addition to being a commentator for Héverton Guimarães, Jogo Aberto, Belo also worked for a radio station in Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Famous has been with his wife since 1992, as marked Chris They are parents Mariana, Who was born in 2003.

Recently, he took the opportunity of Valentine’s Day to make a statement to his wife on Instagram. “It is a love that does not fit in the chest. Forever @chrissfg !! ”, writes Héverton Guimarães.

Commentator Chico Garcia is married Mila Alves. He was another employee of Jogo Auberto who announced on the occasion of the romantic date: “I will not end the day without telling this person how special he is to me. It’s not just Valentine’s Day, it’s our citizen’s wedding anniversary. “

Chico Garcia continued: “And as much as we like to celebrate dates, we spend the whole day as we please. Walking, enjoying our little one, dating in appearance, planning, celebrating life. Together, always together. I love you so much I don’t even know ilamilaalves! Good day! “

João Pedro Sgarbi is the youngest member of the Jogo Aberto team, and was recently hired after winning a contest with over 97,000 videos obtained by the band. At just 19 years old, he is unmarried.

The rest of the cast

Ronaldo Giovanelli is a former footballer, singer and songwriter, as well as a commentator for Jogo Auberto. Famous married Roberta, With whom he has two children.

Eventually, Joao married Paolo Capellanes Estelle San Juan, Who is also a reporter for the band. He played for Sao Paulo in Boa Tarde Adriana Araujo.

Recently, Grandson The broadcaster took advantage of a link with the afternoon attraction to play with his colleagues and said that Joao Paolo deserves a place in the journalist band for being able to work with Capellens.

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