Olympic Center brings together 1,700 children and adolescents in Super Siv – City Hall

Children and adolescents from across the city of Sao Paulo and the metropolitan area have been admitted to the Olympic Training and Research Center (COTP) in Moyema, South Zone, for the first Super Siv this Saturday (30th).

In total, 1,700 children and adolescents tested in 400 places in 11 games; Athletics, basketball, boxing, women’s football, artistic gymnastics, handball, judo, weightlifting, volleyball and wrestling.

The Olympic Center is a public facility in the city of Sওo Paulo operated by the Municipal Department of Sports and Leisure (SEME), recognized for 56 years of existence for excellence in training athletes.

It is a family tradition that Wagner da Cunha Sandes, 53, who lives in Sওo Catano do Sule, brought his 11-year-old son Pedro to a judo tryout because of the work done by COTP. Vagner believes her son will be able to develop at the Olympic Center.

“The taste of judo came from my father, we all practice it. We learned about Super Siv through friends, entered the website and signed up. If Pedro is approved for the exam, he will be able to interact with other athletes in addition to his values ​​as a citizen and develop into teaching teachers. I think the Olympic Center is very important. “

Natalis Pereira de Souza, 34, lives in Agua Fanda, in the So Paulo area, and brings her daughters Bianca, 11, and Isabella, 13, to the women’s soccer tryout. The girls started playing with the boys on a court, a habit they still maintain today, and they believe that if they pass, they will have the conditions to become athletes at the Olympic Center. Mother Natalis gives all support for the importance of sports.

“I think it’s very important that they like to play sports, football, and even me. In sports, children do not stay on the streets and learn the values ​​that they will carry with them throughout their lives. This is Isabella’s third move, who is training a lot. We expect both to be approved. “

Mario Maeda Jr., director of the Olympic Training and Research Center, said the goal of the Super Siv was achieved with 1,700 participants. In some cases, registration had to be stopped prematurely.

“Everyone at the Olympic Center here is very happy with the results. We have been able to attract children and adolescents from all parts of the city. We have interesting information, because 54% of the participants belong to families who receive 2 minimum wages per month. Another finding is that 53% of those enrolled are from public schools. “

Mario Maeda Jr., however, said the goal of the Olympic Center is not only to train athletes, but also to make young people aware of the possibilities that life in sports offers.

“Many who enter the Olympic Center and do not become professional athletes find other ways to do so thanks to sports. It is common that with the time young athletes enter the Faculty of Physical Education, others become interested in physiotherapy, in short, there are several possibilities. And we also remember the importance of sports for maintaining good health, such as fighting high blood pressure and other diseases. “

At the Olympic Center, athletes receive transportation, food and uniform vouchers. One year later, they can apply for the Balsa Atleta Municipal Program, which currently offers R $ 624 for 14- to 17-year-olds and R $ 1,268 for 18- to 21-year-olds.

The results of the Super Siv will be announced on 7 May. Parents, guardians and athletes should follow the information through social media and the website of the Sports and Retirement Municipal Secretary. The direction of the Olympic Center has planned another Super Siv for this year.

About the Olympic Center

Created in February 1976, the Olympic Training and Research Center is a public facility in the city of S সাo Paulo, operated by the Municipal Department of Sports and Leisure (SEME) to train athletes in potential basic disciplines (children and adolescents). To be a high-powered athlete.

In its 46 years, the names that have become famous on the sports scene, such as Hortensia (basketball), Amauri and Montanaro (volleyball), Joao do “Pulo” (athletics), Ricardo Prado (swimming) and Chikuinho de Jesus (boxing) pass through COTP. Done.)

In the 1980s, the Olympic Center formed a generation of athletes who achieved remarkable results this decade, such as Setter Fofao, who was part of the Brazilian women’s volleyball team and played in four Olympic Games.

Considered a national reference in the Olympic system, the great name of the sport has already trained in COTP and, to this day, young talent has emerged as a high-performance athlete.

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