Olho d’Água do Casado has received an investment of R $ 20 million from the state government

Governor Paolo Dantas announced this Sunday (5) afternoon the investment in education, sports and leisure in the municipality of Olho d’Agua do Cassado. Contracts were signed for the construction of a teaching unit, the renovation of the municipal stadium Prefeito Luiz Vienna, and the construction of two wells. In all, more than R $ 20 million will be applied to local development.

The governor’s agenda in Olho d’Agua do Cassado began with the signing of an agreement to decentralize funds that would allocate resources to build a teaching unit in the municipality. The document was signed by him and Education Secretary Rosen Vasconcelos.

The agreement between the state government and City Hall provides for the transfer of R $ 2.7 million to the municipality for the construction of a school unit with six classrooms in the adjacent Da Cruz district. The school should serve 360 ​​students, in two shifts (morning and afternoon) and 180 full-time students, including a social space, covered court, cafeteria and library.

“Mayor Jay da Ematar recently went to the palace to make requests and I told him that his requests are fair, republican and they work in the interests of the community of Olho d’Agua do Casador and I took immediate action and today we are in the municipality to deliver these benefits to the people.” Said the governor.

According to Secretary Rosen, with the transfer of funds to build a school in Olho d’Agua do Casado, Governor Paolo Dantas guaranteed access to hundreds of students in primary education.

“Around here, the demand for this class of education is high and, aware of this need, the government of Alagos has met this need of the city and today conditioned City Hall to ensure universal, free and quality education for its boys and girls.”


During the event, Governor Paolo Dantas, along with Secretary of Infrastructure Maria Gavan Gomez, signed an agreement for the renovation of the Municipal Stadium Prefito Luiz Vienna. The project will have an investment of approximately R $ 1.7 million and will be carried out through a partnership between the state government, the State Department of Infrastructure and the municipality of Olho d’Agua do Casado.

The purpose of this equipment is to provide adequate sports infrastructure to the municipality for the development of educational, recreational and leisure sports. The investment will create direct and indirect employment, benefiting about nine thousand people in the municipality.

“It’s a big job and it’s very important for leisure, sports practice and the lazy time of the youth. So it’s very important for the whole people,” Secretary Maria Gavan highlighted.


Also in Olho d’Água do Casado, Governor Paolo Dantas, along with Environment and Water Resources Secretary Gino Caesar, signed an order for the work of two deep tubular wells to implement a simplified water supply system. The investment will directly benefit 85 families in Quilombo Alto da Boa Vista and 50 families in CTO Console.

“We are starting, from the first day Governor Paolo takes office, a project to expand the well drilling at the Olho d’Agua do Casado and these works will serve the important communities of the municipality. To be able to nurture. So we are creating this project, a water project for all and we will continue to expand, “assured Secretary Gino.

With the wells, the communities will have a quality water supply so that they are not affected during drought. Tubular well drilling is an effective alternative from an economic and social point of view, alleviating the water scarcity situation for this population and at the same time, providing these services to the population for future improvement.

R $ 19 million will be invested, including resources from Fecoep. The investments are part of the state government-led + gua Alagoas program through the Secretary of State for Environment and Water Resources.

The program has already dug more than 400 deep tube wells in rural areas of the semi-arid region as well as other areas of the state where there was a shortage of piped water.


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