Oklahoma Sooners have won Game 2 of the Women’s College World Series, sweeping the Texas Longhorns to defend national titles in a row.

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma defense kept things close until the Sooners’ foul reappeared Thursday night with a rush to beat their Texas counterpart 10-5 and win their second consecutive tournament.

The Sooners have now won six Women’s College World Series under head coach Patty Gasso, plus four of the previous seven. The 2020 postseason was canceled due to COVID-19.

Oklahoma recorded a record 17 home runs at WCWS, breaking its 15th mark since last season. It also established a record of total WCWS competitions with 64.

The question became apparent even before confetti was fired into the night to celebrate her victory: Was this the best softball team of all time? The team led the country in midfield, home run and ERA. It lost just three games.

Although his teammates were not involved in the controversy, Oklahoma slugger Jocelyn Alo was happy to offer him a deal.

“If I say I’m great,” he said, “I think this is the best team.”

Gasso said the answer was left to others who wanted to break the figures, but coughed his mind.

He said: “I can make them very high, if they are not very high, because everything they do seems easy to me, and they do it very quickly.”

That was the case in the pick-up match against Texas, who jumped to a 2-0 lead in the first ining and kept Oklahoma cordless until the fourth inning, when the beats started to come in handy.

Oklahoma midfielder Jayda Coleman helped keep the score fast as he reached the wall and brought back the one who should have had two runs over the first. Soon, Grace Lyons had her best moment on the field after she pulled the ball down the hole to her right, knelt on one knee and threw it into the second spot where Tiare Jennings hit the bag and threw it. to start and finish playing twice.

Then, after scoring two runs and scoring the fourth game, the Oklahoma bats came to life. Alyssa Brito doubled left gave the Sooners one lead. Four hours later, Kinzie Hansen hit a runner three times on the left wall to open the game. It was Hansen’s first visit since April 16th.

After Jennings’ sacrifice flew over the top six, Lyons hit a three-run home run to advance to the top eight.

“Our conversation with Jordy [Bahl] he was hanged, but security was what kept us going over and over again until we found a way to get on board, “Gasso said.” As soon as we did, it just started to open up. Just hit on time, hit the clutch when needed. “

Alo, who was a full-time housewife, had a late night when he did not send a ball to the fence or drive a car.

In a 16-1 explosion in Game 1 of the series, Alo hit two home runs to bring five back to the WCWS.

The five-year-old, Alo will play professionally but did not say whether she will be in the Women’s Professional Fastpitch League or Athletes Unlimited, where she was named No. 1 all in May.

He finishes his final season with .515 beating averages, 34 running home and 85 RBIs.

“Men, they like the Sooners,” Gasso said of Alo. “He loves the country. He loves everything about the OU, and he just wanted to feed the OU followers all he had. He gave up. He left it on that field, and left it in the history books forever.”


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