Oklahoma Softball has just been put on a Donkey Record Hospital for generations

The strange rule came into force in the 2022 Women’s College World Series: Although most NCAA softball games can be eliminated by a rule of thumb (or “run rule”) where the team leads by eight or more times in the fifth or later inning, the path is turned off if there are only two groups left. When the competition is on the line, the game should be played until it finishes. Naturally, this does not happen very often, because the two winning teams each are competitors. In the history of WCWS competition, more games have gone to 12 innings more than anticipated eight times or more (six before this year).

But softball needs compassion to protect Oklahoma, the most successful team the game has ever seen. The Sooners went 59-3 this season to win their second consecutive race. Of the 59, 41 selected by the law of charity, and it should have been 43. They swept Texas in the playoffs, and both games were a complete blast: They won the game 16 16-1, breaking the record for six games and putting the mark on the highest level. has won a successful race, and led Game 2 10-2 after six innings. Texas climbed three times down to seventh to score the final 10-5.

Things have to be tough for teams as they play hard in a given tournament. That was not the case with Oklahoma. In both regular and 12th major competition, the Sooners defeated their opponents by 463-45 combined – an average victory of 8.20. In the NCAA tournament, he extended the limit to 8.73, thanks to a 20-0 win over Texas A&M and an 8-0 win over UCF. They won the trip to the top of the league by leading UCLA 15-0, placing 26 times in two games in the tournament. When things went awry, Sooners continued to beat the diners.

Most of the latest developments revolve around Jocelyn Alo, who undoubtedly proved to be the greatest softball player in college history. The full-time Division I home runman completed his career by going 12-for-18 with five home runs in the WCWS, expanding his midfield hits to .515 this season as he set the record for most home runs (five) and more. running games (12). It is a WCWS tradition for the ushers to give to the families of the players who have hit the ball; Alo’s family returns to Hawaii with a suitcase full of very twisted soft tissue.

Of course, teams do not win 41 games in terms of charity for one star player. Oklahoma averages run 9.33 in all games this season, while no other team has surpassed 8.0. If you take away all of Alo’s 85 RBIs, he would soon be running 7.93 games, which would be good enough to be second in the country. Behind Alo in the fight system is Tiare Jennings, who led Division I in the RBIs. It was not uncommon for teams to travel Alo, for Jennings to wear a home runner’s belt – which happened against Texas Wednesday night. (Alo and Jennings continued to chase home.)

And in addition to having some of the best mistakes in softball, Oklahoma also had some very good staff. It ended the season with a 0.97 ERA; Wichita State was second with a 1.46 ERA. (To be fair, Oklahoma janitors did not need to run for Oklahoma strikers.) The Sooners allowed only 65 runs in 61 games, while three Oklahoma strikers each scored at least a majority. Soon the bowlers threw eight batters, and two in the NCAA tournament.

Oklahoma was a marvel in terms of security. Outfielder Jayda Coleman stole the Texas home game in a Thursday night tie.

Control was sometimes difficult, but it did not feel that way for a group that was happy to push the enemy asses in any way. I am glad that this series of games does not have a compassionate rule. Instead, we can see what happens when Temporary continues.

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