Note: Jamaal Williams ‘does not give -‘ about Hard Knocks, he watches football

The Detroit Lions made a number of former players available to the press on Wednesday, and the PR department made a very wise decision to lead with their boss: Jamaal Williams.

Williams, being loyal to his culture, started with a bang.

“I’m feeling good (going back),” Williams said. “It’s great to see new and old people, the same players. Of course we’re coming up with new ideas, we’ve just come up with them, we know we’re going to the Super Bowl.”

Williams brought the Lions and the “Super Bowl” eight times during his 10-minute signing, realizing it was his goal and the whole team. It would be an impressive jump for a team that won just three games last season, but Williams is confident that it could happen thanks to the people around him.

“My teammates, my coaches,” said Williams. “Everybody has one idea to go to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl – well, we can reach the playoffs, the Super Bowl, all of that – but ours. The main goal is to get the ring.”

But the excitement did not end there with Williams, as is often the case.

Williams laughed at the question about the “core” of the lions, causing the interviewer to admit that Williams was a gangster, while Williams – and all the other journalists – laughed along the way.

He spoke of Goff being funny, emotional, and … tall. He joked about losing weight so that people would see his abs when he took off his shirt. And about keeping all his attention on the Detroit Lions and what he does.

But there was one of Williams’ favorite titles: HBO’s “Hard Knocks”. When asked to comment on a television program coming to the back of the group, Williams’ response was Jamaal-esque:

“I’m not saying (insultingly),” Williams paused before returning to his normal voice. “I don’t care. I just want to play football. All I know is that more and more cameras are watching me. I do not care. I just want to play football. And I want to win the Super Bowl this year. Forget the Hard knocks, all those things. It just so happens, you know what I mean? People think I’m funny. I do not do it on purpose. It’s just me. I just wander around being me all the time. That’s right. I can’t lie about anything. Like, they’ll see it. Let them see it on my face. Every time I have a camera in my face I just look em (I make a face) We have people here who already do. People here already know if they have a camera on me, I don’t smile? Maybe. Tiona. ”

You can see the entire 10-minute press conference of Williams in the video below (or here if it does not download), but the lions cleverly modified the video to remove distractions to preserve family items.

But, if you want to see an unresolved answer to the Hard Knocks question, we have given you one too. (Warning: Language)

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