‘Not good enough’: Miami Heat scorch punchless Sixers to reach NBA finalists | NBA

Jimmy Butler dropped Joel Embiid in the game, then went to his former 76ers teammate to hug him with a message.

“’I am proud of him. I love him, ‘”Butler said, telling Embiid. “Yes, yes, yes, I wish I was on his team. I love the Miami Heat though. I’m glad I’m here.”

With another trip to the last meeting, the Heat is happy to be with him.

Butler scored 32 points and waved a “bye bye” to Philly’s team when they heard that Miami was heading to the Eastern Conference finals with a 99-90 victory over Philadelphia Thursday night in Game 6.

The Heat will play the winner of the Milwaukee-Boston series. The Bucks defending champions lead the series 3-2, with Game 6 Friday night in Milwaukee.

The heat reached the end of the meeting again in three seasons, again with Butler taking the lead. Philly’s supporters – and many within the 76ers’ organization – still do not believe the deal will allow Butler to leave after the 2019 season. He didn’t concede and scored 14 points in a 6-of-9 shot in the third inning as Heat used 16-2 runs to take control. Butler scored 33 points in 3 games and 40 in 4 games.

“I think he is one of the biggest competitors in the industry,” said coach Erik Spoelstra. “He was smart for a long time. The problems are only getting worse here. He saw that there was a chance to end this tonight and he won’t let this get to seven.”

Embiid, the NBA goalscorer, scored 20 points in a 7-24 shot.

Jimmy Butler’s 32 points led to Heat in Game 6.

With a 35-point victory in Game 5, the Heat knocked down the Sixers battalion. Embiid appeared to be on the air as he tried to carry the Sixers. He had a chance to climb a bit and had a pull-up jumper closed by Bam Adebayo third.

The Sixers differed from Butler largely because they chose Ben Simmons over him. Simmons was unhappy and was forced to sell this season to Brooklyn for James Harden. Harden, a three-time leading specialist, had to carry a load with Embiid in a powerful push during the game. Harden instead lost everything in the playoffs. He had 4 fun games at home against Miami but it was probably a back-to-back machine. When he lost another ball that led to the Heat Cup and a 80-63 lead in the fourth, the Sixers were kicked off the field.

“We did our best to find it right away,” Harden said. “We just came.”

Harden scored all 11 points in the first round. It had four curves and four baskets. Harden, who has a chance to play $ 47.4 million for 2022-2023, missed a universal shot in the second half and scored his final basket at the 3:31 second-place mark.

Few in Philly would give The Beard a successful grade. Harden said he would be back next season.

Coach Doc Rivers pleaded with his team to “fight this!” in the fourth season. The 76ers just fell to the ground.

“I got to the end of the game that we couldn’t beat Miami,” Rivers said.

Rivers signed in the 2024-25 season with another early release – the 76ers were the No. 1 seed last year and lost the second season – and its role is a hot topic.

“I do not worry about my job. I think I’m doing a really good job. If you don’t, you have to write, ”Rivers said. “Because I tried to get this team here. When I first arrived here, no one told us to go anywhere. Again this year, the same thing. If that is how someone feels, write it down. I’ll be safe. ”

Max Strus had 20 points and 11 rebounds for Heating. Even one of the hottest nights from three rounds – Miami missed 21 out of 28 attempts – to no avail.

Embiid also released a postseason game in his skull (orbital injury on his right) and nerves that were torn on his right finger after he was allowed to return last week from a collision. He grabbed the back of his head after knocking on the door after a late fall in the second round. Embiid still played 22 minutes in the first half and scored 14 points.

Embiid missed the first two games in the series as he recovered from the competition. The Sixers lost every game in Miami. Could a healthy Embiid make a difference? Probably not, but the sudden demise of the All-Star cornerstone that has not yet tasted the last meeting.

Phoenix Suns 86-113 Dallas Mavericks

Luke Doncic scored 33 points and the Dallas Maverick beat Phoenix Suns 113-86 on Thursday night to force Game 7 in the Western Conference semi-finals.

The home team has won all six games, none of which has a limit of more than seven points. The game of choice is Sunday in Phoenix.

The Mavericks won after facing the first of three defeats in three trials by Doncic, their All-Star three times.

The two losses came against the Clippers two seasons ago, including Game 7 in Los Angeles last year when the visitors won the first six games, the first in the playoffs. Dallas is playing through the first team of the first team since winning the title 11 years ago.

Dallas Maverick’s Luke Doncic took action against Torrey Craig of Phoenix Suns in the fourth quarter of Thursday’s game. Photo: Ron Jenkins / Getty Images

The Suns, looking for a second consecutive trip to the West finals, are walking the next mile for the first time in two postseasons with Chris Paul and Devin Booker. The previous three have gone six, including the loss of Phoenix to Milwaukee last year in the NBA files.

Booker scored 19 points but was closed from the 3-point range (0 of 4) as he went 6 out of 17. Deandre Ayton had 21 points and 11 rebounds, and Paul added 13 points.

The highest pitches were kept until the lowest scoring season, the regular season or the playoffs, second in the list.

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