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12.55 The second rotation of the sword ends, in some tough modifications of the second spherical.

12.52 Criscio (2/3), Passaro (2/2) and Gregorio (2/3) have received their video games! A approach to lease a mortgage for all blue!

12.49 Men of the epee spherical of 32 ends, Spain are in hazard of shedding two of their representatives (Manuel Bargues and Juan Pedro Romero) as Italy did.

12.46 Gregorio is defeated once more, Michela Battiston is changed by a steamroller and makes 3/3!

12.42 to pool of saber comes one other victory for Michela Battiston (2/2), defeat in second match Martina Criscio (1/2). Eloisa Passaro received for the first time (1/1).

12.39 We will quickly provide you with a whole image of the eight elements of a male sword. Former Yannick Borel (France), Alexis Bayard (Switzerland), Sten Priinits (Estonia), Tristan Tulen (Netherlands), Alex Fava (France), Max Heinzer (Switzerland), Ruslan Eskov (Estonia), Patrick Jorgensen (Denmark).

12.36 Rossella Gregorio additionally began his journey effectively.

12.33 Michela Battiston and Martina Criscio have received their crew’s first sport!

12.30 After most of the podiums gathered for evaluation, we might count on one thing from our spadists, none of them get a second likelihood. Let’s put our hopes in sabers!

12.27 Two Swiss runners criticize Santarelli for eliminating …


12.26 ELIMINATED VISMARA: Blue was defeated 7-15 by Yannick Borel.

12.25 Although Santarelli is no longer as troubled as in the starting, he must also get factors from Heinzer (11-12).

12.24 Borel’s little enjoyable, Vismara in the most tough (6-13).

12.23 Santarelli is imprisoned (8-8), Vismara leaves the alliance together with his enemy… (5-11).

12.22 Stuttgart Borel, transalpine entrance 5-7.

12.21 Santarelli leads 7-6 for the first time towards Heinzer, 4-4 between Vismara and Borel.

12.21 Santarelli lists beats and lead (6-5)!

12.20 The French taking pictures (3-3), Andrea Santarelli only one second behind Heinzer (4-5).

12.20 THREE RISING STOCKS OF VISMARA! Borel is now down 3-2.

12.19 A double shot with a degree from Santarelli brings 3-4.

12.18 Vismara additionally down 0-2 towards Borel.

12.18 Heinzer’s First benefit over Santarelli (0-2).

12.15 Here we’re, EN GARDE!

12.12 Some technical delays however the wait is over! Santarelli vs Heinzer, Vismara vs Borel 32 spherical matches towards two Azzurri left in the match. In the previous he eliminated Gabriele Cimini and Davide Di Veroli.

12.09 The folks of the sword go into the tower;

12.06 Minute to Sixteen Minutes by Andrea Santarelli and Federico Vismara. The first is towards Swiss Max Heinzer (sixteenth in the world rankings), the different is being known as into enterprise towards Frenchman Yannick Borel (4th in planetary literature).

12.03 Saber competitors for girls and teams begins in half an hour. We will see Michela Battiston, Martina Criscio, Rossella Gregorio and Eloisa Passaro get off the stage.

12.01 The two Italian video games begin in lower than 10 minutes at a time!

11.50: They will likely be two powerful challenges for the Azzurri in the thirty second line. Andrea Santarelli will face Swiss Max Heinzer, whereas Federico Vismara will face Yannick Borel.

11.46: Federico Vismara wins! 15-12 for the blue who will now face Frenchman Yannick Borel.

13-12 Shortening Mahringer.

13-11 Another Jab from Vismara. +2 required on the cloud.

12-11 Vismara Stash! 34 seconds left.

11-11 Vismara attracts!

10-11 The Austrian can be forward.

10-10 Stuttgart from Vismara. One minute left for the plot to finish.

9-10 Mahringer’s Stuttgart.

11.42: The invasion between Vismara and Mahringer comes with a tie. 9-9.

11.40: Vismara takes command. 6-5 for blue.

11.39: Vismara paintings. 5-5

11.36: 5-4 for Mahringer. It will likely be one other stable conspiracy.

11.35: Vismara shortens to 4-3.

11.34: 4-1 of Austrian. It looks like a really tough day for our producers.

11.31: Vismara begins badly, who’re 3-1 down towards Mahringer.

11.29: Soon it is going to be the time of Federico Vismara towards Mahringer of Austria.

11.25: Davide Di Veroli misplaced. The Blue was defeated 15-13 by Slovak Johanides.

11.22: Di Veroli went right down to 13-11. The little blue is pressured to come back again impressively.

11.21: I DON’T EXPECT WINNERS! 15-13 blue towards Ukrainian Sych.

11.20: Di Veroli is in bother. The blue is below 11-8 towards Johanides.

11.18: Two consecutive hits for Santarelli who goes 13-11.

11.16: Similarities between Santarelli and Sych. 11-11

11.12: 6-6 finest in the dispute between Santarelli and Sych.

11.10: David Di Veroli’s beating towards Slovak Johanides resumes.

11.09: 2-1 for blue.

11.05: Andrea Santarelli’s assault on Sych of Ukraine has begun.

10.57: The first two to go to the podium will likely be Andrea Santarelli and Davide Di Veroli.

10.50: Immediate blues assault. Let’s check out the challenges

Santarelli – Sych (Ukr)
Author Veroli – Johanides (Svk)
Vismara – Mahringer (Aut)

10.24: At 10.50 am the assault on Santarelli and Di Veroli is underway; on 11.10 of Vismara.

10.13: Now there’s a suspension of sixty-4 violence, then it is going to be a time of blues disaster.

10.10: This is the thirty-second blues violence

Santarelli – Sych (Ukr)
Author Veroli – Johanides (Svk)
Vismara – Mahringer (Aut)

10.08: Exciting elimination of Gabriele Cimini is confirmed. Andrea Santarelli, Federico Vismara and Davide Di Veroli handed with 32 minutes to go.

10.00: We are nonetheless ready for the formation of the males’s sword knocking occasion.

9.51: Cimini wins his first win and ends with one win and 5 defeats. It is unlikely that blue will want such a consequence to get an incredible drawing

9.43: Gabriele Cimini is eliminated. The fifth consecutive defeat of the blue. A harmful group of teams.

9.36: Andrea Santarelli once more received her fourth win and closed out her crew with a 4-2 document.

9.34: Federico Vismara completes his crew. Four wins and two defeats to the blue.

9.27: Three wins and two defeats by Federico Vismara.

9.23: Fourth defeat of Gabriele Cimini. The blue is probably to be eradicated in the group stage.

9.18: Davide Di Veroli closed out his crew with 4 wins and one defeat.

9.15: Andrea Santarelli frees herself by successful her third title.

9.09: Gabriele Cimini is in hazard of being worn out. The third consecutive defeat in blue. Real worries. They are pressured to win not less than two of the following three journeys.

9.05: Andrea Santarelli’s essential victory in the fourth assault. Two wins and two blue defeats, who completely should win the fifth blow.

9.00: Third win on 4 rebounds for Federico Vismara, with a distinction of +7.

8.55: Let’s summarize the results of blues

Andrea Santarelli 1-2 (-2)
Federico Vismara 2-1 (+3)
Gabriele Cimini 0-2 (-6)
Di Veroli 3-1 (+9)

8.48: David Di Veroli finds himself with a document of three wins and one defeat.

8.45: Andrea Santarelli has misplaced her second of three assists. Blue completely deserves to win the subsequent match.

8.40: Defeat of Federico Vismara in the second group sport.

8.33: Cimini and Vismara haven’t accomplished their second assembly.

8.28: An excellent begin to Di Veroli, who will get his second consecutive victory and 5-0.

8.23: First win for Andrea Santarelli, who misplaced the first sport.

8.15: The divisional crew resumes in Cimini and sadly the blue was defeated instantly.

8.10: First win by Davide Di Veroli and Federico Vismara.

08.06: Andrea Santarelli’s crew begins with a defeat.

8.00: The group stage of the males’s sword begins.

7.53: As talked about, we begin at 8.00 with a male sword. Santarelli is the assure, in addition to take note of Vismara and Cimini who’ve already reached the podium this season at the World Cup. Di Veroli as an alternative the boy is able to shock.

7.46: Later a gaggle of sabers will begin (Michela Battiston, Rossella Gregorio, Martina Criscio and Eloisa Passaro). So far this season, on a person foundation, the Italians have performed a lot better than the groups, however the European Competition may change.

7.42: We begin with the producers. On stage are Andrea Santarelli, Gabriele Cimini, Federico Vismara and Davide Di Veroli. The alternative to see the blue once more on the podium is there, however it is going to be a troublesome competitors and the place many are preventing for the medal.

7.38: Today it is going to be as much as the producers and boxers to attempt to elevate the Italian medal in this European competitors.

7.35: Two medals from the women’s sword with Rossella Fiamingo silver and Mara Navarria bronze. In all, the Italian medals in these eight European Championships (1 gold, 4 silver and three bronzes).

7.32: Yesterday the first gold of the occasion got here due to Daniele Garozzo, however it was a profitable day for the blue cartoons, as Tommaso Marini (silver) and Giorgio Avola (brass) climbed again to the podium.

7.30: Hello, let’s begin broadcasting on the third day of the European competitors.

Good morning OA Sport buddies and welcome to LIVE LIVE at the European fenced-in competitors. Preparation for third day of competitors in Antalya (Turkey): immediately it’s potential producers and weavers get off the platform to compete in Europe.

On paper, males boast of higher alternatives; Andrea Santarelli is the finest fighter to win a medal, however different Azzurri representatives who reply to the names of a Gabriele Cimini, Davide Di Veroli and Federico Vismara.

It could be onerous to beat a financial institution in a feminine saber, prime-3 continues to be the actual purpose for tricolor contingent made by Michela Battiston, Martina Criscio, Rossella Gregorio and Eloisa Passaro. The continent’s final (and solely) gold in punishment was worn round his neck Ilaria Bianco in 2003.

Fence: Genoa will host the 2025 European Championship

The first match will begin at 8.00 in Italy, the semifinals and finals scheduled for 17.30. Through LIVE LIVE with the assist of OA Sport you’ll have all the modifications in actual time: keep in our firm, the blue blockers can entertain us. See you later!

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