Niterói assists in campaigns and projects for children and adolescents Nitro

In partnership with the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CMCDA), the municipality of Niterói has launched the Leão Solidário campaign through the Municipal Secretariat of Social Assistance and Solidarity Economy (SMASES).

The campaign aims to encourage donations of income tax due to the Child and Adolescent Fund (FIA), which can be deducted directly from the declaration by providing Federal Revenue Collection Documents (DARF). Mayor Axel Grail announced the move live on City Hall social media. In the same live, Elton Teixeira, secretary of the Social Assistance and Solidarity Economy, said that the card recharge of the Moeda Social Arreboia program will take place this Wednesday (11/5).

Regarding the Solidarity Lion Campaign, Mayor Axel Grail said that donations can be made by individuals and legal entities. “You can make a direct donation, which will be important to support social programs for children and adolescents in Nitro. Legal entities can also donate. This program is a way to help children and adolescents in the city directly, ”explained Axel Grail. Legal entities can donate up to 1% of the assessed tax, while individuals can donate up to 6% of the arrears.

Secretary of Social Aid and Solidarity Economy, Elton Teixeira, highlighted that by allocating funds to the Child and Adolescent Fund, citizens and organizations have the opportunity to practice citizen social participation, as donations will be used to ensure children’s rights. And teenagers

“The money raised goes directly to the FIA, which will provide jobs for municipal children and adolescents. The municipality is responsible for managing and allocating funds from funds and SMASES to apply for approved projects. It is important to emphasize that any assets deposited by the taxpayer in the account of the fund will be refunded and with financial correction through IR refund, ”said the Secretary.

Donations are legally supported by the Children and Adolescents Act (ECA). To donate, it’s easy: In the IRPF 2022 program, access the “Announcement Summary – Donate” tab. Go to “Grants on Direct Announcement – ECA” and click “New” (at the bottom of the screen). Then, look at the options: Fundo Municipality, Estado RJ, and the Municipality of Nitro as destinations and determine the amount of the grant. Go to the “Print – DARF – Direct Donation” tab and create a DARF (Federal Revenue Collection Document) for donations.

Vaccine- Under-Secretary of Health Camilla Franco explained that the fourth dose (second booster dose) of the Covid-19 vaccine is still available for use. This Thursday (12), people over the age of 60 are able to get vaccinated. Children and adolescents can now take a second dose. The vaccine is available at four polyclinics in the city: Sergio Aruca, Barreto, Itaipu and Carlos Antonio da Silva, in Sওo Lorenco.

“People 60 years of age or older are able to get the flu and measles vaccines at all the basic units and polyclinics in the municipality. There is no need to wait for the covid and flu vaccines. They can be given on the same day, or the next day if the person wants.” Hall said.

Construction – Paolo Caesar Carrera, president of the Municipal Housing, Urbanization and Sanitation Company (EMUSA), celebrates the fact that, among the various works carried out in all areas of the municipality, is the beginning of the restoration of Ilha da Boa Viagem, which has been closed for decades.

“We have been able to approve a project with the National Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage (IFAN) to restore equipment to our island. Castle (headquarters of the Scouts), Nosa Senhora da Boa Viagame Chapel and Fortim will be fully restored. The project predicts a cultural environment with an administrative area and space for exhibitions. The work is expected to be completed by March 2023, “said the president of EMUSA.


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