NFL Power Rankings: Offseason edition

Now that the 2022 NFL Draft is behind us, it’s a good time to play a favorite sport: NFL Power Rankings! Let’s see how all 32 teams perform. See the latest episode of The ODDcast on SB Nation NFL Show to re-enlighten more energy.


1 – Los Angeles Rams – The Rams who won the Super Bowl despite the fears of Sean McVay speak to their talented team. The controlling players have to benefit from the doubts until the cracks begin to appear as the game begins. Repetition is not possible but a weak NFC gives them a good impression to return to the senior game.

2 – Cincinnati Bengals – The race that Joe Burrow went on last year was not in vain. It has been a problem for some teams to deal with it for a long time. Especially since Cincy really helped her on the offensive line.

3 – Buffalo Bills – Josh Allen had a great year in 2020 so there was a question going into 2021 about him going backwards. And when he returned to other places, he was still an adult. We all know that Allen was about to have the Bills at the AFC Championship. He is on a mission to restore the lost and has the most talented team he has to help him get there.

4 – Kansas City Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes’ move to Tyreek Hill was actually a fraudulent code. Teams will be thrilled to see Marquez Valdes-Scantling and JuJu Smith-Schuster on the field instead. However, the offense should be a huge advantage and one of the best finishers in the game is working behind the strongest line. Not to mention that the Chiefs have the best coach in the NFL.

5 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Remember when Tom Brady retired? That was good. Very brief, however. Now he’s back for 45 years. And I’m sure he’s as good as ever, just putting the Bucs in the No. 1 race. 1 seed in NFC.

6 – Green Bay Packers – Last time I watched, they still had Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback. It will serve them well. Obviously, Rodgers is a bit of a threat when Davante Adams is gone. The top four recipients in Green Bay right now are Allen Lazard, Christian Watson, Sammy Watkins, and Randall Cobb. Rodgers can still make out with these guys but it’s not like they have corners swaying in their shoes. I don’t know if he won the third MVP following these players.

7 – Denver Broncos – Rumors of Russell Wilson’s dismissal are exaggerated. In the “low season” for him last year, he finished with a score of 103.1 despite having an injury that affected his throwing arm. Russ has won two overall numbers except for two of his 10 seasons in the league. One was last year and the other was nine successful campaigns in 2017. Russ has a great talent for working in Denver.

8 – Los Angeles Charger – Chargers still have a large hole in the right-hand drive which is not suitable. However, Justin Herbert could take another big step forward in year 3 and all the bad lines are fine. LA running speed should be very low after tightening the inside with some accessories. And as for new players, Brandon Staley now has Khalil Mack and JC Jackson to work with. Some defensive players often.

9 – Baltimore Ravens – Shocker: Ravens broke notes. This alone will not guarantee Baltimore’s return in 2022. But intensive preparation should help the team that is more likely to be injured than it was last year when it collapsed. This is a very big year for Lamar Jackson as a long-term contract is coming up in the future. He has to put his worst playoff challenges behind him.

10 – Las Vegas Raiders – Derek Carr changed for the better last year. There is reason to believe he could be better in 2022 given the additions of Davante Adams and Josh McDaniels. Las Vegas defense will be able to follow the passerby with Maxx Crosby and Chandler Jones destroying heavily.

11 – San Francisco 49ers – A difficult team to have because … Jimmy Garoppolo is still here. There is still time for this to change. Even after he left, the 49ers’ refusal to allow Trey Lance to run the show could be a red flag. All the while the future of Deebo Samuel is also in the air. The 49ers have enough talent to keep them out of harm’s way but their game doesn’t make anyone feel good about predicting a third of NFC Championship games in four years.

12 – Philadelphia Eagles – With NFC East making a very different race each season for the past 20 years, why not predict the Birds will come out on top? There is a big question on the quarterback. The second one has exposed holes. But the list looks pretty good, especially after AJ Brown’s commercials. Hopes are high for Year 2 of Nick Sirianni’s term.

13 – Dallas Cowboys – It’s been a bad season for the Cowboys. From the incredible loss of the game … until Mike McCarthy is said to have been replaced by Sean Payton … their first choice … it doesn’t seem like everything is coming to Milhouse in Dallas.

14 – Cleveland Browns – Obviously not an easy team to test due to doubts about the presence of Deshaun Watson. Even if Watson does not miss the important time, what can he do after a long break? The vibes don’t feel good here so it’s hard to be the highest in Cleveland.

15 – New England Patriots – Mac Jones. WHO? Mac Jones! Like I was the first person to make that joke. Bill Belichick was not sure he could win much after Tom Brady’s tenure but his presence gives the Patriots a good chance. They are in the middle of the pack pack.

16 – Tennessee Titans – Derrick Henry is the culprit and not the person to bet. But we all know that Father Time comes as a result of running backwards over the others and getting injured. AJ Brown’s departure doesn’t work for the Titans. Treylon Burks may be good but he is no better than Brown and he should be worse.

17 – Indianapolis Colts – How did Matt Ryan get promoted over Carson Wentz? Is he really that good? It’s another year we can say there is some great talent on the list but the quarterback position will leave you wanting.

18 – Minnesota Vikings – As long as Kirk Cousins ​​is present, there is a cap on their roof. They can make playoffs, or even win one game. But they are not progressing any further. We have seen enough from Cousins ​​to know more.

19 – Arizona Cardinals – After a strong start in 2021, the Cardinals faltered and scored 1-5 in their last six games. Another late fall of Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray undermines the confidence one can have in them when the game is so important. The stone relationship between Kyler and the corporation is one that should look forward to further development as they prepare for the new partnership.

20 – Pittsburgh Steelers – There is reason to believe Pittsburgh has a good place where they have not had a losing season since 2003. Of course, there is also reason to believe that the Steelers could go down when their first quarterback will be Kenny Pickett or. Mitchell Trubisky. Then again, these guys are probably better than Mason Rudolph and Duck Hodges, and the Steelers still have an unbeaten season with dudes in the middle.

21 – Miami Dolphins – Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, and Cedrick Wilson are three of the best on paper. Adding Terron Armstead should help. But none of these things are necessary if the quarterback is not good. And, so far, there are some serious questions about Tua Tagovailoa. He did not benefit from any doubt. The Dolphins were 1-7 before beating other bad teams to change their season last year. They’re probably a middle class.

22 – New Orleans Saints – Saints may wonder why they are not in the top five in these powerful ranks. They are fooled into being closer to the top of the league than the bottom. For some reason he thinks he is very competitive even though Sean Payton is leaving and Jameis Winston is back home. Winston did well before his injury last year … but it was the best football he ever played. So, there are some common questions. There is also the question of his health from the injury. The Saints’ Successful Way is Now More Insane 2 all selected (according to the quote) to go to Chris Olave.

23 – Washington Commanders – I miss the idea that ‘Carson Wentz was not as bad as people made him’ last year. Each ‘victory’ was greatly helped by Jonathan Taylor, who allowed the Colts to limit their attempts (28th percentile pass). How does one feel that Wentz is doing well in Washington when two groups that trusted him left him?

24 – Detroit Lions – Did you know the Lions were 11-6 against the spread last year? They had a very good fourth quarter cover in the NFL. He acted with the slightest hint of optimism in this regard. The team still needs work and Jared Goff is not promoting total confidence. But three recipients of Jameson Williams, DJ Chark, and Amon-Ra St. Brown offers her something to work with. Dan Campbell gives his team an edge over being aggressive. Lions will be exhausted.

25 – New York Giants – This season the Giants have been looking to bring down more than they ever built. It’s hard to blame Joe Schoen for taking so long to plan a schedule. But it does mean that New York will continue to struggle for a short time. That being said, it is not uncommon to think that Brian Daboll could have received more from Daniel Jones than the Giants’ top coaches were able to get rid of.

26 – New York Jets – Just end the season with what the Jets will say if Zach Wilson fails to progress. There are a lot of challenges for him, Robert Saleh, and Joe Douglas joining this year. He doesn’t have to be one of the best teams in the AFC but he has to show that he is doing well instead of just sticking to the mud.

27 – Jacksonville Jaguars – Doug Pederson immediately elevates the Jags by becoming the most reliable NFL head coach, unlike Urban Meyer. Jacksonville spent a lot of money but their money was not very smart. This can damage their roof. Pederson should help Trevor Lawrence move forward in the second year.

28 – Chicago Bears – Justin Fields’ opponents are already laying the groundwork for a pardon if they do not progress this season. ‘Bears are not helping him!’ While not true, Fields can expect to not be as bad as it was last year if he is truly the unique hope he is expected to have.

29 – Atlanta Falcons – Marcus Mariota as a top-notch backup? Sign me up. Marcus Mariota as a curator before taking the chance to win? Good. Marcus Mariota as the first and only Desmond Ridder, often compared to Mariota, behind him? The plot does not exist. Atlanta has one of the worst QB-WR room combinations in the NFL. Maybe Drake London can be a difference maker but I would not say I am a big believer.

30 – Houston Texans – If you have trouble rolling your head Marcus Mariota first in 2022, try to understand how Lovie Smith was head coach in 2022. Davis Mills low key had one of the best performers last year, if not GOOD . But they are not moving the needle to the evil team.

31 – Seattle Seahawks – Drew Lock is the starter behind them. I want to say more?

32 – Carolina Panthers – Sam Darnold right now is their first episode. I want to say more?

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