NFL Policy Release: Predicting Chiefs History 2022

Although the NFL OTAs have not started, we are ready to share the winnings and losses on the newly released list. It may be a lot, but it’s fun!

So let’s take a look at Kansas City Chiefs ’2022 regular schedule, predicting what will be the final record at the end.

It’s always Arrowhead Time.

week 1: pa Arizona Cardinals

Sunday, September 11, Masana, CBS

In the first week, the Leaders have a chance to build: The Cardinals will be without their star DeAndre Hopkins, who will be out for the first six weeks of the season. Their defense has players in the back but they have lost defender Chandler Jones in a free kick. Arizona head coach Kliff Kingsbury is known for his hot start, but the Chiefs are doing well – and doing it on the road.

Chiefs fight (1-0)

Sabbath 2: vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Thursday, September 15, 7:15 pm, Amazon

I believe this is another good plan for the Chiefs: they just play on their own Thursday Night Ball matchup very early – and at home. I believe the Chargers are a major threat to the Kansas City throne of AFC West. Both teams know how big the game is – and as a result, I would not be surprised if there is a problem in Week 1. But the Chiefs make the opening remarks in this episode.

Chiefs fight (2-0)

week 3: pa Indianapolis Colts

Sunday, September 18, Masana, CBS

The Colts are to be considered as AFC champions. If he does well at quarterback (with Matt Ryan instead of Carson Wentz this season), he will be a mixed bag. It’s a tough, early game – but Kansas City will still be a better team.

Chiefs fight (3-0)

week 4: pa Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sunday, October 2, 7:20 pm, NBC

This will be a great success. There is no evidence that Tom Brady was ready to retire – and there is little reason to think that Tampa Bay will be the worst this year. With the Buccaneers having a continuation on their side, the first battle of the season goes to them.

Chiefs lost (3-1)

Sabbath 5: vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Monday, October 10, 7:15 pm, ESPN

While the Kings may not have the same goal behind them as AFC defenders, divided enemies will be ready to fight them – and that is what I see the Opponents doing here. I saw head coach Josh McDaniels walk away, making a big splash – making the game in Kansas City an annual, the first disappointment of October’s loss.

Chiefs lost (3-2)

Sabbath 6: vs. Buffalo pay

Sunday, October 16, 3:25 pm, CBS

Buffalo is the favorite to win both meetings and the Super Bowl, instead of Kansas City as the AFC favorite. Last season, he came to Arrowhead at the same time of the season and put the game on hold by the third quarter – but in 2022, the Chiefs had already beaten Buffalo once at home once. Here, they offer a kind of work to do.

Chiefs fight (4-2)

Week 7: pa San Francisco 49ers

Sunday, October 23, 3:25 pm, FOX

Heading to the west coast, the Chiefs will come out on top in three of the toughest games – and could see their eighth week. The 49ers are a very strong team – with Kyle Shanahan developing his skills, quarterback Trey Lance can come on his own. For a team facing the challenges of the first game, this could add to the road damage.

Aluza kings (4-3)

Sabbath 9: vs. Tennessee Titans

Sunday, November 6, 7:20 pm, NBC

What happened last week illustrates a topic that I believe we can see at the beginning of the season: a difficult system to integrate with a team that is adapting to new players in a variety of roles. However, I am confident that the team will get a start – and when is the best time to do this than at home, Sunday Night Football incompatibility during the week?

Chiefs fight (5-3)

Sabbath 10: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Sunday, November 13, Masana, CBS

I hope the Jaguars will be an amazingly competitive team in 2022. Doug Pederson is a good coach, and Trevor Lawrence will look great under his leadership. This could be a tough game – but Andy Reid is showing some victory against the former assistant.

Chiefs fight (6-3)

Week 11: at the Los Angeles Charger

Sunday, November 20, 3:25 pm CBS

It is possible that in the meantime, Los Angeles will have a better record than Kansas City – even if the Chiefs win the first round. It will be difficult to sweep the Chargers, but the Chiefs can. That said, I will still give Los Angeles a bit of limit to build the game list.

Aluza kings (6-4)

Sabbath 12: vs. Los Angeles Rams

Sunday, November 27, 3:25 pm, FOX

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, NFL fans are on the cutting edge: the first rivalry between the Chiefs and Rams since the memorable 2018. Monday Night Ball games in Los Angeles. This time, it will be in Arrowhead – but it may have the same fire extinguishers. By the time they felt like their backs were on the wall, the Chiefs were back on the winning list.

Chiefs fight (7-4)

Week 13: pa Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday, December 4, 3:25 pm, CBS

After losing to Cincinnati in the 17th week and the AFC tournament last season, the Leaders (and their fans) see Bengal as the most notable enemy. At the end of this season, revenge would be easily over – and it could be a handshake for returning players to take part in a major game. I think they will get another one against Cincinnati.

Chiefs fight (8-4)

Week 14: pa Denver Broncos

Sunday, December 11, 7:20 pm, NBC

The two AFC West rivals will be playing for the first time this season – mid-December. I would give this as an opportunity to one team, it could be the Broncos. Quarterback Russell Wilson will have a free time in the system with his recipients. At the same time, Wilson has a history of starting the season at MVP speed, but then I disappear. I predict that Kansas City will remain strong in the competition, winning their 14 straight games against Denver.

Chiefs fight (9-4)

Week 15: pa hoston Texas

Sunday, December 18, Masana, CBS

At the end of a three-game tour – four street games in all five weeks – this could be a break. However, it has come to an end. This Chiefs team will still be interested in winning in the fourth round.

Chiefs fight (10-4)

Sabbath 16: vs. Seattle Seahawks

Sunday, December 24, Masana, FOX

I don’t see the Seahawks as a legitimate competitor this season. Pete Carroll is a good coach, but there is a lot you can do with what is happening: Drew Lock and Geno Smith. The emperors receive the Christmas gift in five different contexts.

Chiefs fight (11-4)

Sabbath 17: vs. Denver Broncos

Sunday, January 1, Masana, CBS

This is where Denver can get a chance: playing for the Chiefs three weeks before the game. With both teams still mixed, the game has to mean everything to both teams – and I can see that this is a real testament to Wilson’s business. Denver picks one to share the game list.

Lost kings (11-5)

Week 18: at Las Vegas Raiders

Saturday, January 7th or Sunday, January 8, TBA team, CBS

Entering the game, it is very possible for the Opponents to be in the running race – and that the Chiefs will also need to win. I think Andy Reid makes sure to avoid sweeping the game of his rivals, being at risk – whether it is the title of the division or not.

Chiefs fight (12-5)

Final Story: 12-5

I have the Chiefs share every division, making their AFC West record 3-3. Considering how difficult the divisions can be, that’s a good thing. While the Chiefs may find a way to sweep one team, there is a possibility that the other team will beat them twice. Chargers almost did this last season.

After creating the segment, the remaining two losses can be simplified by this point: is it fair to expect only one loss for these seven teams?

  • blue
  • Buccaneers
  • bills
  • 49ers
  • titanium
  • Rams
  • Bengals

Another way to look at this: Kings have The opening of eight of the toughest games in NFL history. For a team that will be preparing for the new pieces (with a new look), 5-3 will be a solid record to start this season.

So that’s where 12-5 comes from. This may not be enough to win divisions – but again, it can be. Depending on how the teams can fight after a year, 12-5 he can enough to give the Chiefs the seventh AFC West title.

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