NFL Brazil wins

A BITES survey shows that Google is the fourth most searched country in the world for the American League, and Tom Brady is the preferred quarterback.

In the land of football and King Pel, the NFL is attracting attention
Brazil fans. According to the survey “The NFL wins Brazil” produced by BITES (, in the last 12 months, Brazil
Google is the fourth most searched country for American football. In this race for information about the Championship and American Football League teams, Brazil has overtaken the United States, Canada and Mexico. Traffic from the country was eighth on the league’s official website at the same time. Common expressions of the game, such as touchdown, quarterback, end zone, field goal and tackle are already part of the Brazilian fan’s dictionary. Local influencers, such as singer Anitta and streamer Casimiro, who have become the world’s most influential on Twitch, helped resonate with the NFL on social media last season.

Of the Twitter posts produced about the NFL in the last 12 months, 25% were published by profiles of female sports fans.

In Brazil, the world’s leading sports reference, quarterback Tom Brady, married to Brazilian Giselle Bundchen, has already attracted more interest from Brazilians than Google from his wife, a move that did not happen when Brady became known as “Giselo”. .

In the last 12 months, NFL fans with social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) have posted about 218,000 Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts about quarterbacks from last season’s NFL.

Brady appears in more than 30% of this publication. Upon retirement, data revealed that Giselle’s husband’s possible replacement as the league’s future top name for the Brazilians was Chief Patrick Mahomes.
Lifestyle – “Among Brazilians, involvement in the NFL is more of a lifestyle than even a sport. Unlike national football, which can be played anywhere, anytime by even two people,
American football needs greater logistics, ”says the BITES survey. “The country’s NFL fans are in A and B categories with access to pay-TV services and themed websites.”
In addition to the apparent growth potential of sports, which represents a business opportunity, it is important to note that 24.4% of published tweets

The last 12 months in Brazil have come from women’s profiles about the NFL.
History – NFL has been broadcast on Brazilian television since the late 1980s, and since the mid-2000s, ESPN has been one of Brazil’s main products. “Diversifying game broadcast channels – especially YouTube and Twitch – in addition to open television, – as has already been the case with the NBA – will help.
To popularize the league in the country, it also increases the engagement of internet users and digital influencers on social networks.

They were published in the last 12 months in Brazil with quotes from the quarterback of the 2021 NFL season
Other initiatives, such as creating and managing official profiles of league franchises in Portuguese, direct partnerships with special and non-specialized Brazilian digital influencers on social networks, increasing offers of official NFL products in the country and the entry of new Brazilian athletes into the league ”, BITES completed the survey.


1 Brazil is the fourth most searched country on Google for the NFL after considering questions from the last 12 months. It lags behind the United States, Mexico and Canada, and the United Kingdom.
2 Another sign of national interest in the competition: Brazil is the eighth country with the most access to the NFL’s English site, after the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Australia and Denmark.

3 Throughout the 2021-22 season, 75.6% of netizens who posted on Twitter about the game were men.
Over a period of time, 83.4% of posts about American football directly mentioned the NFL brand or one of the league’s 32 franchises.
5 Tom Brady is the main promoter of sports in Brazil, one of the most popular athletes in the last 5 years. The second name after him is Patrick Mahoms.
Brazil’s 6 NFL social networks have 724,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
7 Singer Anita and streamer Casimiro were the two main influencers of the Brazilian Super Bowl LVI.

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