Never Say Die: The Ags are back, they beat Louisiana happily, 9-6

Game # 57: # 5 Texas A&M 9, Louisiana 6
Notes: Texas A&M (39-18, 19-11), Louisiana (37-22, 19-11)
WP: James Palisch (5-3)
LP: Tommy Ray (3-3)
S: Brad Rudis (3)
Box Score

Austin Bost will find us. Amen.

After launching the triple on Friday afternoon, the Groves native heard a two-way bomb, advancing in the eighth route that put the # 5 Texas A&M (39-18) in front of a fine lead.

“He mixes me up well tonight,” Bost said. “[Jake Hammond] left the wax in the middle, slightly down. That’s where I like to shake, so I put it right. Good things happen. “

Bost’s ninth home run caused the 6,675 fans in attendance to panic as the Aggies defeated Louisiana, 9-6, in a College College Regional win.

“What a show from Man 12 tonight,” Texas A&M head coach Jim Schlossnagle said. “Any reason you would like to come to Texas A&M to play baseball, from the air and the way you look, you have seen tonight.”

With success, A&M meets TCU or Louisiana on the weekend of 7pm CT.

“What we have won is two games,” said Schlossnagle. “We didn’t win the division, so we still had a break and a lot of baseball to play.”

“What we have won is two games. We did not win in the district, so we still have time to relax and play a lot of baseball. ”

– Texas A&M HC Jim Schlossnagle

The eighth Bost heroics looked irrelevant after the first four appearances that saw Ryan Targac and Troy Claunch drive in pairs, each. These were the only four A&M appearances they had met in opposition. Former Louisiana star Jacob Schultz, who left after 4.1 innings and 104 pits.

It was Louisiana’s intense and constant pressure that resulted in Ragin ’Cajuns scoring six unanswered runs in the first half of the race.

“It’s a challenge they put you in, you can’t stop the extra running,” Schlossnagle said.

A&M founder Nathan Dettmer failed to convince the strikers in Louisiana, and his failure to put in charge gave life to Ragin ‘Cajuns.

“At the end of the day, if they get what they gave us … maybe they’ll get music,” Schlossnagle said.

Heath Hood hit twice for the first time, and Julian Brock who sat alone in the second A&M game led 4-3.

The tragedy happened for the third time when Louisiana took advantage of Dettmer’s throw-in at the sacrificial stake, taking twice to lead 5-4. Louisiana did another fifth because of Aggie’s mistake.

“It’s their game, and it puts a lot of pressure on you,” Schlossnagle said. “Coach (Matt) Deggs does a very good job of chasing the offense, and he has a name that is hard to play.”

In all, A&M security committed four offenses while Dettmer was charged with two counts of felony criminal mischief.

After 4.1 innings and nine runs on nine hits, Dettmer substituted left-back Jacob Palisch, who dispersed four strikes on three unmarked frames. Behind Palisch, newcomer Brad Rudis scored five goals to save for the third time this season.

“I feel good where we are,” Schlossnagle said of his staff. “We’re not a club that was designed to play five games in three days, so it was great to win tonight.”

With Palisch leading the storm in the field, A&M’s return began in the seventh year when Ryan Targac led the inning with one. Troy Claunch wall ball scored for Targac before he married Brett Minnich Claunch to build the match, 6-6.


LHP Jacob Palisch was nailed on Saturday, throwing three innings innings.

Then came the Bost bomb.

Prior to Claunch, A&M recorded 12 songs without further ado. By the seventh, A&M had lost nine runners.

“It’s been what we’ve been doing all season, so we continue to rely on what we do,” Claunch said. “Obviously, you want to raise the bar when you have a start, but we just keep going and rely on what we do. We know it will come.”

As for Claunch, Aggie backstop played a major role in directing the crazy Louisiana game. The shooter lost two potential forwards, including CJ Willis in the third to finish eighth.

“We knew he was going to run,” Claunch said. “Coach (Nate) Yeskie did a great job mixing, mixing up the choices, and I have to be ready to throw in every pitch.”

Had Claunch not fired Willis, Louisiana would have had a chance to score.

“I felt he could go, and fortunately, I got a chance where I was able to throw well,” added Claunch.

Kole Kaler also added a ninth insurer and evicted his third home a year by shooting Episode 12.

In a comeback and timely hit, Saturday’s competition was a major part of the 2022 A&M campaign that now sees the Aggies win in the top tier and three from Omaha.

“That’s our season,” Schlossnagle said. “This is how the boys have been competing all year. It’s not the most beautiful thing, but it’s the most competitive thing. “

If the Aggies reach the heart, Bost – or anyone at Maroon & White – will continue to respond to Aggies’ prayers everywhere.

“I was happy that I was able to beat my team, but the mistake is constant,” Bost said. “Anyone can be here right now.”


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