Nets Beat Cavaliers in Play-In and Will Meet Celtics Next

In their many NBA games against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday night, the Nets look like a dangerous team that many spectators have already said are hidden behind their midfield history. Kevin Durant was very good. Kyrie Irving did not miss a shot until the fourth quarter. Several of their teammates were more supportive than expected from them.

And yet, the game continued to decline in the final minutes after Cleveland, who was 20 points adrift after the first quarter and then 22nd, cut his deficit to 6 just one minute later.

The task came to an end: The Nets produced a 115-108 victory to take the No. 7 seed to the Eastern Conference, as well as a matchup with the Boston Celtics in the first round. But the game was a very recent example of a Nets system that could be regarded as a successful combination of global talent and a serious weakness.

For a half-full glass team, Nets Irving and Durant stars combined for 59 points in 31 shots as they provided 23 assistants, another show full of sheets from one of the NBA’s most talented did not appear very often during their time together in Brooklyn.

But they were not the only ones. Bruce Brown, a key player for the team, had 18 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists, often volunteering as the most important offensive lineman when Durant and Irving were beaten by defenders. Andre Drummond punished Cleveland on the boards, scoring 16 points and grabbing 8 rebounds in just 19 minutes. Nic Claxton, a spry reserve center, added 13 points, 9 rebounds and 5 blocks from the bench.

But the glassless glass had evidence, too, as the Nets were about to blow another lead against a small group. On Sunday at home against the Indiana Pacers, one of the worst teams in the NBA, the Nets endured the same fate that came close to hard. In games before – and against Cleveland – the Nets shot for two numbers in the third quarter. Prior to this there was a game against the Knicks, another unskilled team playing rope; The Nets were left with 21 points in the first half of that period.

All three games required a quarter-final battle to win, but all three repeated what had been a long time coming: The Nets, despite having a high level of talent in several places, and a team struggling to put up the wire. -wire operations. And in the playoffs, against the best teams in the league, that would be Achilles’ heel.

“It’s also part of our journey,” Nets coach Steve Nash said Tuesday in an attempt to find a way to turn his disaster-prone team on. “It’s not just going there and building 20 leaders. Change to 30.”

In the opening game of their first game on Sunday, the Nets travel to Boston and find a Celtics team that is not a team that the Nets easily sent off last season. And, thanks to Nets’ Brown, the Celtics now have some notes as a boost.

When asked about the Celtics on Tuesday, Brown also said that the absence of Robert Williams III, a Boston starting point and one of the league’s best defenders, could mean he “has less color.”

The comments did not sit well with Durant, who criticized them as “caffeine talkers.” Brown said that, after Williams’ exit, the Nets could “attack” Al Horford and Daniel Theis of Boston. in the case of Horford and Daniel Theis, who surround the Celtics’ adult man alternately. Durant got angry and said, “These two guys can do the same thing.”

Durant’s fitness is another concern the Nets have made in the Celtics’ list. Just entering the playoffs required a lot of work for Durant, who played 42 minutes Tuesday night. Since the All-Star break, Durant has clocked 38.6 minutes per game. While other stars around the league were able to control their minutes – and keep their legs – during the stretch, 33-year-old Durant had to use more power than ever to pull his team into the game.

In other words, the Nets have entered the playoffs as they did last season: I expect a lot and a little time to do together. Last year, this was due to injuries and a James Harden business. This year, it’s due to the injury and the decision to sell Harden away (not to mention Irving’s longer stay for refusing coronavirus vaccine).

“We’re a new team,” Nash said. “I think it was like the seventh game of nine games played together tonight. So every day is a day for us to learn about ourselves.. ”

All this time, the Nets have been betting that talent brings unity. This is why he confused the players in and out of the frequent rotation, which is why he was willing to sell Harden. Tuesday night’s win proved to be amusing the potential for competition in the club.

In the first three episodes, however.

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