NBA Playoffs: A fan event about the family of Chris Paul Mars Mavericks Game 4 victory over the Suns

The game was overshadowed by what happened to the family of Suns guards Chris Paul: ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin a report from someone who knows the subject well that Mavs fans allegedly grabbed Paul’s mother and pushed their wife in front of Paul’s children.

In a video that was shown on television, a Mavericks jersey was being kicked out of the house by an angry Paul shouting, “Hey! Hey! Hey! I’ll see you next time! It’s not known who the fan was who did anything to Paul’s family.

After the game, Paul was not asked about what happened to the press yet tweeted“I want good players to say things to the fans but the fans can lay hands on our families …. f ** k that !!”

In a statement to CNN, Mavericks said, “Dallas Mavericks is aware of what happened between Chris Paul’s lover and family. It was inappropriate and will not be tolerated. Mavericks, along with American Airlines Center, was quickly removed. Today’s game lover.”

In court, Paul filed more errors than the first for his career, ending with six fouls and five fouls, during which he failed for the first time since 2018.

“I can’t put myself in the situations of giving [the referees] able to do that, “Paul said according to ESPN.” I have to look after myself and find out how I can get better. “

As a result, the Suns were without Paul at the start of the fourth quarter, and the Mavs – led by Luke Doncic 26 points, seven rebounds and 11 assists – took advantage of his absence.

Although Doncic only scored 1-for-10 from town, the rest of his team paid off, scoring 19-for-34 behind the three-point line while the Suns only took 9-for-25.

Dorian Finney-Smith entered the top 24 games to go along with eight Mavs rebounds, plus three back and forth in the middle four.

“Luke told me when I was eight, he told me, ‘You’ll get more,'” Finney-Smith, who completed one final of Dallas’ nine-game winning streak, told reporters. “When LD told you you were about to get three more, I thought I’d find out.”

It has been a dramatic change for the Mavs, who made a comeback after being hit by the Sun in Game 1 and 2 of the Western Conference semifinals.

“We understand it’s a series and it’s a playoffs for a reason,” Devin Booker told reporters after the game, after leading the Suns by 35 points and seven assistants.

“The best teams in the NBA are here and no one wants to lose. So just take it all, run the game and just come up with the right ideas. If we’re worried about the last few games all this time, I think we’re in trouble.”

5 games set for Tuesday in Phoenix.

The 76ers build a 2-2 series

Meanwhile, at the Eastern Conference, the Philadelphia 76ers defeated Jimmy Butler’s 40-point win over the Miami Heat 116-108 at Philly on Sunday night to end their playoff series 2-2.

With Joel Embiid selected as MVP in the first leg, the Sixers lost 0-2 in the top seven.

But Embiid’s return, filled with a veil, helped Philly. The Cameroonian had 24 points and 11 rebounds, while James Harden played his best game, scoring 31 points, seven assists, nine assists and a 6-of-10 shot from the ground.

Embiid abolished game protocols shortly before Game 3 and helped stabilize the Sixers ship.

“Only James is James,” Sixers head coach Doc Rivers said after the game. “I felt like they were going to have a big game tonight.

The 76ers led by eight points at half-time, shooting about 64% off the field for the first time.

However, Philly was unable to leave when the team made 16 appearances which Miami converted into 24 points.

Butler did his best to keep the heat in the game with his heavy load to carry the team, but it was not enough for Miami as everyone else did little to help.

“We need to get back on our feet as a defense,” Butler told reporters after the game. “I have to go back when I like to look at everyone and see how I can help everyone take action and everyone is comfortable.”

Another heat problem was goalkeeper Kyle Lowry also injuring his left hammer, which has led to his suspicions about Game 5.

The Heat are hoping to fix their disappointing game with the Game 5 defense, which takes place Tuesday in Miami.


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