NBA Finals: Three Adjustments Warriors can make as they try to match the Celtics in Game 2.

If the Game 1 win had secured a successive success, the Boston Celtics would have been relegated from the playoffs long ago. They lost Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals in Miami Heat. He lost 1 game in the second row to the Milwaukee Bucks. He almost lost Game 1 in the first round against the Brooklyn Nets. He won all three series. They may not win this one.

The Golden State Warriors know how quickly things can change in the Finals. Although the Game 1 winner has won four Finals in the five games he has played, he shot 3-1 at the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 Finals. No team makes the Finals by accident. The enemy type ensures a change in game and game. The Warriors and Celtics are both good enough and flexible to sell grasshoppers for seven full games. Seventh, when we get there, it won’t look like the first one.

The seventh possible with two weeks to go. Game 2 exists and now. The Warriors lost Game 1 at home, 120-108, and have been the last few days on the boardboard trying to figure out what went wrong. So with the Warriors trying to make it to the Finals on Sunday night, let’s take a look at three changes they can make to fight the Celtics.

1. Recognize inconsistencies

Marcus Smart, obviously, spent more time overseeing Stephen Curry than any other Fighter. has tracked 29.2 data-protected properties on Curry to Smart, but you may not be able to compare it to a Fighter who received a second prize from Defensive Player of the Year. Tip: he was not one of their star guards.

No, it was a disgusting Golden State: Draymond Green. The move was unusual, yet it was unmistakable. Green will not take the opportunity to grow bigger than Smart. Even if he is successful enough to use matchup, Smart will not allow it. We are talking about a guard who arrested himself against Giannis Antetokounmpo. Green was not testing him. Not even his work on the offense. Golden State manages its operations and takes action through Green to achieve its potential as a shooter and boost its basketball IQ. He has a green light to make a pen or lowering the curtain when he sees an opportunity, but in most cases, his job is to set up Curry and friends to shoot easily. The problem Golden State faced in Game 1 was that Smart defending Green meant they could be swapped with any football player they tried to dance with. See if frustrated Curry is doing the dirty work of trying to get away from Smart at the switch:

Jordan Poole did not do well when he tried to use Kevon Looney as a spectator and met Smart:

This is a challenge for Golden State in a number of areas, with at least Green’s 29.6% hitting behind the arc. If Green does not act as the capital, it will be very difficult to find the resources to frustrate him. There is only a cut and a connection across what a player can do when the defense should not protect him. The Warriors can reduce this by reducing Green’s minutes along with their non-shooting allies. This may not be Andre Iguodala’s list, for example. But the biggest problem here is Golden State’s reluctance to seek change. It is contrary to their philosophy of anti-equality. Let James Harden and LeBron James and Luke Doncic find the right fit. Golden State wants to expel its assets to anyone who will try to protect it.

This did not work in Game 1. There are intermediate locations that can be found here, but it should be noted that there is no real “good” answer here. Milwaukee relied on Jaylen Brown as his favorite target because he was not considered to be strong enough in Antetokounmpo. The heat came on Derrick White as too young to compete with Jimmy Butler. Payton Pritchard may be a wise starting point, but Boston would not like to let him down against Curry for long, and Poole did not fare as well as the Warriors expected.

This is a competition that should be looked at in Game 2 if Boston continues to offer, and the little idea is worth exploring as the chaos that Curry, Poole and Klay Thompson can start together. maybe? All seven Boston players are almost All-Defense type. It will be just a matter of finding the one who is most closely associated with the Golden State football players. Could that be Grant Williams? He was twice hit by Antetokounmpo and Bam Adebayo. Chasing Curry and Thompson could be another game.

This will take a trial and error, but if Game 1 taught us anything, it is this: Smart is not a defender Golden State wants to try. Removing him from the game should be his preference, and that means getting a new target.

2. Let’s think about it a little bit

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Gary Payton II had a hard time before he broke his elbow. There is no indication that the shots are there. But let me laugh.

The Celtics play 13.5 in 100 games in their best games. They turn 16.8 per cent out of every 100 items lost. The points that the translators make directly are helpful, but they also seem to have a magical effect on Boston’s error. Look at the Celtics are very low in the fight against Heat in particular and you will see an error that scares its shadow, shooting the wrong shot and passing some of the most lazy picks you can see. The Celtics are a jumping team. Turnovers break the rhythm. Payton is a retail machine. Golden State made 16.7 of the 100 items he owned on the ground in the regular season and 13.4 without him. This difference of 3.3 conversions at 100 stocks is the main difference between Boston’s success and loss.

Boston can’t track him down. The Celtics no longer defended Iguodala. Maybe a little Nemanja Bjelica can deal with crazy problems? He defended himself well on the Dallas list, and Boston does not have as much risk as Luke Doncic. The Celtics have been wrong to isolate themselves from the sport and have been a bit bad in the regular season. The soldiers would have been trying to punish Bjelica one by one for stretching.

When Golden State reached the final of the Final, it did so with a very thin list. The loss of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson was not, in itself, a devastating blow to the Warriors. Remember, Golden State was about to force Game 7 against Toronto without them. But his pay was very high and the minutes were so short outside the center that he could not get any backup storage and could not raise the smaller ones. Edit Otto Porter Jr. to Alfonzo McKinnie and the Warriors could have won the 2019 race. This list is no problem. James Wiseman is the only player on the list to emerge from the equation right now. Payton, Bjelica, Juan Toscano-Anderson, Moses Moody and Jonathan Kuminga can all take advantage of the Celtics. It all brings real strengths and weaknesses to the table. It is up to Steve Kerr to find out how he can increase his stamina and reduce his strengths. Somewhere on the list there is a rotation that can hit Boston. Obviously, if the Celtics made 21 3s, there would not be any list to have.

3. Decide how to secure a Boston shot

Draymond Green did not buy a hot shot in Boston. “He hit 21 3s and Marcus Smart, Al Horford and Derrick White plus 15,” he said. “Those guys are good shooters, but what did they add, 15 out of eight, Smart seven, eight, 15 out of 23. My math is right? Eight, seven, eight. Eight, seven and eight. Yes. , that’s 23, right.? Fifteen out of 23 from those guys. Eh. We’ll be fine. “

Security has been playing “there is no way Boston can continue to shoot well” all the postseason cards. Remember when the Bucks refused to defend Grant Williams in 7 second-placed games to see him make 7-points 3 wins? Times like this make it easy to forget that he shot 2 out of 14 out of 3 in the last four games. The Celtics shot 13 of 23 in the most open 3s in Game 1. They were the most humble 38.7 percent on such a shot in the playoffs before. On the other hand, Boston’s shot was just a coincidence.

But the Celtics have made themselves available for every game. Anyone whose safety does not neglect them can flee. Al Horford made six 3s in Game 1. Green was his main defender, and of the three of them, he was ready to quit shooting or be busy.

The idea of ​​using Green on Horford is similar to Boston’s in throwing Smart on Green. The Celtics want Horford to see who is directing the ball. Green threatens them because Boston knows they can deal with anyone they have on the switch. Leaving the Horford Fire is not a way to protect yourself. He shot down 34 percent in the 3s this year. He has played 18 games in this tournament and made 3 or less in the half of the game. What if the Warriors wanted him to continue to let him shoot? They will be playing with fire, but they will be justified. Having Green available as a defensive assistant is probably more important in integration than running Horford off the line.

But I would like to offer another alternative, especially to other designs. Should Green Defend Horford? It is easy to compare what is well known in terms of appearance, either from the start when Kevon Looney and Robert Williams III play or units that both sides can lean on, but Horford is not fit to punish the flaws. He can. His 30-point 4 game against the Bucks proves he can still call for an explosive game whenever he needs to, but less than 20 percent of his shot in this race has come within three kidneys and was a very low post. -a player in the regular season. Would the Warriors think of testing their big wings, like Thompson or Porter, at Horford? Green probably has enough matching weapons to deal with, and if there is another spot shooter that the Warriors want to try (maybe Derrick White?) He can test Green by defending him nominally, but allowing him to shoot harder. so did Horford in Game 1.

The military has to agree somewhere, but there is no Andre Roberson of Green to leave here. Every Celtic round can shoot. Wherever Golden State insists on Green, she must offer some of her value as a defender or agree to her husband just form a 3s team. There is no better way. The Warriors need to know which one is the best.

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