NBA Finals: How Celtics Won Game 1 Giving Warriors, Stephen Curry Taste Their Cure

Photo by SAN FRANCISCO – Number of 3 points that leave the enemy dressed in action, seeking answers from the higher powers. The players on the bench enjoy proudly every time the ball passes the net without rejecting the kidneys. The running of the goal that leaves you scrutinizing in the record books, never realizing that something destructive has happened.

In the first game of the NBA Finals at the Chase Center, which is supposed to be the story of the Golden State Warriors – their return to the highest basketball court in the universe. Instead the Boston Celtics carried out an unprecedented attack in the fourth round, triggered by electric shocks and control of the ball, to win the 120-108 Game 1 in San Francisco, and take the lives of the electorate. aggressive businessmen.

Golden State false news was already recorded in the middle of the first quarter. Stephen Curry was on an unstoppable heater that he alone can handle, going 6-for-8 from three points along the way to 21 points at the start. Running in the second half, as the Warriors third-round tournament turned their deficit in half-time into a 15-point lead with just two minutes left.

The third of the 38 episodes of that culture has been a major problem for many tragic opponents in the last eight years of Warriors basketball. To say that Boston responded could be one of the most dramatic in the 75-year-old NBA history.

When people think of the Warriors, they probably think of 3-pointers – the distant waves from Curry and Klay Thompson stand above all other basketball experts. On Thursday, however, Boston used the Army’s favorite weapon against them.

The Celtics won the Golden State, 40-16, in the final, impressed with a terrific 9-for-12 3-points shot that knocked down the Bay Area and its fans. At one point, he scored seven consecutive 3-points, the last with Al Horford giving his team a six-point lead which, given the strong inequality at the time, seemed impossible.

The change was dramatic as Jayson Tatum, the Boston top scorer who recently won the Eastern Conference MVP, scored 12 points in 3 of 17 shots, facing various defensive appearances throughout the night including boxing. -one. His 13 assistants, however, showed the Celtics team – inspired by messages from head coach Ime Udoka – committed to play well, no matter how easy, and hoped that in the end it would have a positive effect.

“They do a great job of helping with things like that. So, you know, obviously it’s as simple as two-way photography, find someone who’s open,” Tatum said after Game 1. “That’s what I was just trying to do.”

It was not just the Celtics who made the 3s – they were 21 out of 41 in the game – and how they set them up. He moved the ball quickly, got into the paint and pushed the players in the best position and passed the best. Take a look at the game as the Celtics ran four times in six seconds, which saw Horford open the 3rd, which marked the NBA record for the players who made their Finals with six points of 3 at night.

Suppose, for example, that the movement of the ball looks like a Warriors-esque.

The Celtics also used the small ball, which is part of the Golden State years ago, to dominate the fourth division on both sides. The section on the court where Boston led was Horford in the middle, along with Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Derrick White and Payton Pritchard. Less than three minutes later, the Celtics got a six-point chance and played between Warriors Kevon Looney off the field. Steve Kerr challenged Curry’s “Poole Party” team, Thompson, Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole – who were disillusioned after appearing invincible by the Denver Nuggets in the first round – but failed to clear the holes. in the Warriors dam where the Celtics broke into a frenzy.

The attack was so widespread that the Warriors had no one to turn to. Horford, Brown, White and Marcus Smart made two 3s each in the fourth round. Pritchard added one. “Strength in Statistics” has been the motto of the Warriors for years, but on Thursday it really worked for the Celtics.

“We are proud to be able to contribute to both sides,” Udoka said after the game. “It’s rewarding, especially on the night when your good boy has a night of rest.”

In defense, the Celtics went on to make some major changes and completely changed the fourth quarter to reduce Curry’s shot and the Warriors’ entry. Udoka said the small team that plays also plays with the body and “looks like a dress [the Warriors] Slowly. Everywhere, the small football series paid tribute to Boston, and it’s a worthwhile thing to watch as the list goes on.

In other words, it was fitting that these Celtics came out of great danger in their first game of the NBA Finals – after all, their steady season was marked by unimaginable change. After a short start, he found himself 25-25 on Jan. 28. From then on, they went 26-7 with a net plus-13.8 score, five points higher than the nearest opponent, and received No. 2 seeds at Eastern Conference. The Celtics know how to fight because they have been fighting all year, and Udoka continued to preach about courage as the Warriors expanded their lead in the third division.

“We’ve been through a lot. We’ve had a lot of experiences, a lot of losses. We know what it takes to win,” Brown said after Game 1. “I give credit to every guy in the locker room. From top to bottom. We have a big, strong team.

The most amazing thing about the playoffs, especially the Finals, is that as soon as the final soundtrack is heard in Game 1, all of Game 2. The two teams will watch the film and make a change, knowing the appearance of the replay teams on Sunday. it may not look like a key. But on Thursday the Celtics confirmed their findings over the past five months – they believe they have what it takes to become NBA champions, and nothing can stop them from making that decision.

“We can’t get too high and we can’t get too low. We played very well, but we have to combine that strength in the next game, and we understand,” said Smart. “We all know that this game is a racing game. You don’t get into a game ready to do evil. Things happen. You have to find a way.”

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