NBA Finals: Gary Payton says Warriors should play Gary Payton II in Game 2, and they can get what they want.

The Golden State Warriors and their fans are still feeling the shock of the fourth quarter that the Boston Celtics thrashed them in a 120-108 defeat on Thursday in Game 1 of the 2022 NBA Finals. Boston defeated the Warriors 40-16 in the final, breaking the NBA record-nine record of 3-points.

The Warriors’ defense was tight all night – especially Celtics player Jayson Tatum, who was held by 12 for a 3-for-17 shot – but the fourth quarter was made up of the poor Golden State. security as it was a hot shot from Boston. Celtics winger Jaylen Brown was able to get into the road, making the defense fall and making an open shot.

Hall of Famer and NBA 75th Anniversary Team member Gary Payton, who spoke to CBS Sports on Friday in a video interview, has a clear idea of ​​how the Warriors can fix their problems in Sunday’s game 2: Play with his son, Gary. Payton II. Young Payton has been a full-back for the Warriors all season, and has been linked with a move to Game 1 for the first team since breaking his left elbow at the start of a Western Conference game. Despite his presence, Payton II did not attend the opening Thursday, much to the chagrin of his father.

“He should not disclose that he is present. If you do not think he is ready, then you should not release him ‘available,’ just put him in street clothes,” Payton told the CBS game. “Why do you deserve it? I can’t find that one. This is a secret to me, but it is their decision.

“… I’m glad you’ve been given the opportunity and the opportunity to get on stage. Now the opportunity is for the coaches of the Golden State Warriors team to make a decision to put him in the game. They just got a few. He left. Just let him in.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr said Saturday that he and the coaching staff did not feel comfortable with Payton II playing more minutes in Game 1 during this time in his recovery. If the military needed to suspend security, Kerr could turn to Payton II, but things did not work out that way. For Game 2, however, Kerr said he expects Payton II to be available for more playing time.

“Here I am, ready to go. I’m just waiting on the phone,” Payton II told reporters Saturday. “… I try to say [Kerr] I get ready every day. We hope that sooner or later. “

Elder Payton has many experiences in the NBA Finals. His Seattle SuperSonics took Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls to six games in the 1996 Finals, and won the 37-year-old Miami Heat title in 2006. Former Soldier of the Year, Payton thinks his son could be instrumental in reducing the Celtics’ offense.

“[Payton II] what an influence it can have on them [Marcus] Smart took action [Stephen] Curry. He tried to get Curry out of his game, and that’s what he did. He began to push her away. I think you have to put a lot of pressure on Brown, Tatum, “Payton told CBS Sports. You have to put someone there.”

Payton II played a key role in the Warriors’ transformation this season, starting with the first two games of the Memphis Grizzlies series, but was injured after a disastrous fall that left Dillon Brooks worse in Game 2. one, when he re-created the story as if it were disgusting. Kerr sparked controversy after the game claiming Brooks “broke the rules” with a serious problem. Elder Payton, who excelled in basketball, basketball in the 1990s and early 2000s, does not see it that way.

“It’s a basketball game. People have to relax. It’s just basketball, you know what I’m saying? He didn’t come out and say, ‘I’m about to hurt him.’ I did not do that. ” Payton told CBS Sports. “Now it would have been a different story if he had pushed her out of the air, making sure she was trying to hurt him. The little boy was trying to make basketball. He jumped up late, hitting my baby in the head. just a weird accident. “

Even if he does not recover well, Payton II will need to make a defense. But the frustration, especially with the Celtics who may have left him, is worth paying for. Payton II has been a 39 per cent corner shooter this season and is 4-6 from the corners of this season. He has to fall to the ground, and it can be hard if his elbow does not reach properly.

Whether or not Payton II has recovered, it looks like there is a good shot to be seen in Game 2, and he has been a welcome addition to the Golden State series facing what should be a winning game. Sunday.

“With what he has, I know he has to be ready because his number can be called at any time,” Curry said Saturday at Payton II. “He has to go to be the GP we know him to be. He can touch this list the same way. Protecting Jaylen, supervising Jayson, supervising Marcus, protecting anyone who has been asked to look after him and giving us a lot of power, because that’s what he does.”

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