NBA Finals 2022 – Draymond Green batsman, showcasing the Golden State Warriors’ Game 2 victory

SAN FRANCISCO – Draymond Green faced fears of a two-game losing streak until missing out on the NBA Finals in Sunday’s 2nd game after deciding to stay out of anger for a long time. Within 48 minutes of the match, he got into an altercation with the authorities – and almost every Boston Celtics player – and threw his body around the pitch with a vengeful fury.

Put it this way: The man plotted against her in the middle of the first quarter of the play in which the call was made. Yes, Green sang the sound of the Golden State Warriors’ 107-88 victory that matched the series at the Chase Center, and the lyrics were noisy.

Green promised after Game 1 that everything would be different. He also said that the Celtics needed to “hear” him more, and he came out with a sound similar to standing on a waterfall. Jaylen Brown was his first defensive line, and Brown went 5-for-17 off the field, but that was just the beginning. There were many things that Green, perhaps the most intelligent defender in league history, ended up defending three or four Celtic. He seemed to come wherever he needed.

When asked if the Warriors would receive an additional Green offer for Game 2, Stephen Curry said, “About five minutes after Game 1.”

Green was very tough on the game there was a real chance to be sent. After the initial technical difficulties, nothing changed. He kept on speaking to all who would listen and with many who would listen but who were not given a choice. He continued to do everything with the Celtics players – there were many – one or two seconds longer than he recommended. There was someone with Brown who made the referees put on their headsets and watch to see if Green’s night could end. It was not, for some reason the Celtics did not understand, but Green seemed indifferent.

“To sit down and say, ‘Oh, I’m pushing the side and trying to get back,’ doesn’t work,” Green said. “It has to be me. So first and foremost tech – that’s what it is. That doesn’t stop me from being aggressive or doing what I do on the basketball court. I just had to have results.”

And he seemed to know exactly where the line was, probably because – as the Celtics would argue – he was the one who drew it.

At one point in the third episode, Marcus Smart – Boston’s Draymond Lite – spoke to Judge Zach Zarba on a case that had nothing to do with Green; but there was Green, on the chest and both. Green did not let anything go, except tonight, and remained steadfast in making sure the water was flowing.

The green was nothing if it did not work. Jordan Poole was technically misdirected by stabbing Derrick White – a song that was quickly stopped – Green leaned against the scorer’s table and saw officials rushing to repeat as he commented on Tony Brothers. Green is the defender of the Warriors squad, which is supposed to take on any case that comes up.

“We knew we had to put our feet up in a hopeless situation,” Green said. “We did that.”

The Green line was a walker – nine points, five rebounds, seven assists – but he looked around the place all night. He chased her away and let Brown in to win. He snatched Al Horford’s ball for the first quarter on a road trip that seemed to break Horford’s spirit.

“Some of these things don’t always show up,” Curry said. “But you hear him in front of him, and the other team feels his presence and his power, and it’s a transmission for all of us.”

Describing Horford as mere silence would be commendable. After his 26-point revelation in Game 1 – on 9-of-12 shots, plus 6-of-8 on 3s – he did not shoot in the first half and hit just one shot, back to back. across the third phase. His game was a symbol of the Celtics’ dream. Horford crossed the corner after the threat found him under a basket. He was a step by step three on the defensive, while the Warriors were keenly interested in his selection. Most of the time, Horford roamed the courtroom as if he had just slept at the airport.

Horford clearly rejected the notion that Green antics could have entered his psyche with his teammates: “There are no consequences. I mean, he will do what he does. We don’t care about him.”

Green provided his answer.

“I think everyone played with a lot of energy,” Green said. “It wasn’t me alone. It was transient. Once I take my power and no one can do it, it won’t work.”

Green sat in the living room after Game 1 and lowered the Celtics shooting numbers. Horford, White and Smart all set up games that Green did not see as permanent. Green shook the paper over and over and shook his head. He could live by that, and it would never happen again. He would see it.

“This is my job,” Green said after his prediction in Game 2.

“I have to keep doing this on this list. It will be very strong.

It is hard to tell if that was a promise, a threat or an absolute impossible. In the end, the Celtics have a choice. Starting with less than five minutes left in the third half, during which time the Celtics came down with six points down to 29, Boston seemed content to return home with a built-in record. Coach Ime Udoka removed his bench 10 minutes before the start of the game.

The Celtics were ready to leave San Francisco – and, meanwhile, Draymond Green – in the background.


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