NBA Final: The Warriors are weighed down by the Celtics’ running game in Game 3, and things will only get worse.

The game was already in hand when it happened, but there was no harm to be added to the insult. Stephen Curry, who suffered a foot injury just before playing, tried to defend Marcus Smart in the car with just two minutes left. Smart, 6-foot-4, 220-pounds plus muscle, grit and determination, delivered a stable posture in the middle of the Curry, causing the two-time MVP to jump sharply on the bench as he looked last.

Quitting a job? Probably not. But definitely admit … for one night.

The Boston Celtics led 2-1 in the NBA Wednesday final with an 116-100 Game 3 victory, and not one that the Golden State Warriors will soon forget. They will have plenty of time to think about this as they soak it in a pot of ice water and massage it completely, trying to avoid injury and swelling from the punishment the Celtics regularly inflict overnight.

“Game 2, it brought the heat to us. For us, this stopped the bad taste in our mouths because we hung up our hats and worked hard to fight for safety and become a fitness team. This woke us up a little bit.” Smart said after the Game 3 victory. “We just wanted to get out, and if we were going to come here and play, the last thing we did when we left the court we didn’t want to say we weren’t good enough.”

Boston made it his goal to reach the kidneys early and on a regular basis, bringing the Warriors 52-26 into the game. The Celtics also showed their strength on the wrong glass, leading the Warriors 15-6, resulting in a 22-11 chance in the second chance.

The Curry heater sign made things closer to the third quarter, but the Celtics were quick to respond by not dropping fourth. Above all, the Celtics only fight the Warriors. It makes you wonder how Golden State, whose key players are in their 30s, would support such a move if it were to continue against a small group of Celtics athletes who, as Smart said, are proud of its appearance.

Jayson Tatum did not have a very good shot on Wednesday, but when Curry got into trouble, he used his size and strength to go to the basket without a hitch.

Curry was not the only one to take part in the Celtics’ game. Al Horford had just heard that Otto Porter Jr. legs and shoulder blades in the first quarter.

One of the most inspiring players in the game, Jaylen Brown – who was very smart – stopped Klay Thompson. First, Brown hit Thompson right away and lifted him up, forcing him to change direction and just about to pull out the ball. Brown then recovered and used his length to cut the ticket to the corner. Finally, Brown remained in touch as he followed Thompson across the street, then used his game and time to pull off a shot. Very strange.

When it comes to frustrating repetitions, sometimes teams can be multiplied due to long carts from 3-pointers or random jumps here and there. But the Celtics got the most out of their upcoming games because of their determination and strength. Watch here as Horford sets up the scene, then captures the THREE Warriors to defend themselves. They miss revenge, but it shows the kind of effort and body that the Celtics played with all night.

“I thought the frustrating rebounds were deadly. … This was really a game changer,” said Warriors coach Kerr. “We stopped several times, especially in the second half where we had the opportunity to cut in front or push a little harder, and they found the boards frustrating. That was difficult.”

All in all, it just looked like the Warriors were being sent off at the bottom of Game 3. Nothing was easy, and the benefits of Celtics ’growth weren’t huge. Robert Williams III owned four blocks and stole three times – and it seemed like a lot. Its height and leap caused even the most intelligent floaters to burn for its refusal.

“We’ve talked about not knowing where he is because especially depending on who’s watching him, he can just get out,” said Curry about Williams after Game 3. ” the game does [Robert Williams III] he had a chance to influence the shooting. “

If you think what Curry means, here it is. Williams never enters the frame again until the last second, and suddenly the ball is on its way to the track at the speed of the Shohei Ohtani fastball.

We knew the Warriors were at the height, length, and disruption of the games heading into the series, but the results were obvious in Game 3. Boston found a slight victory to close out their Game 1 victory, then went on to the big, down-to-earth teams. stretch Wednesday. The Warriors’ real answer to his growing up was Kevon Looney, who only played 17 minutes in Game 3 after nearly 23 minutes in the first two games.

If the Warriors reach the peak, they will volunteer to shoot and separate at the disappointing end. If they go small, they are at risk of what happened Wednesday: burying the glass and straightening the paint. It’s a challenge, and what Kerr and his staff should consider carefully as the list goes on.

“It’s a game for us. We have to think about what’s going on downstairs, what we need, do we need more space, do we need to improve,” Kerr said after the loss. “So we were not able to find two alternatives than the third stretch when Steph was too hot. He couldn’t find the right combination to work well.”

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