NBA Commissioner Adam Silver talks about the size of the league, which could make the All-NBA change ahead of the Finals

Before the 2022 game of 2022 in the NBA Finals, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver spoke to members of the press in his annual league address and touched on a number of important topics. From the growth of the league, the changes that could occur in the All-NBA voting process and the possible changes to the NBA list, Silver provided the NBA’s future information, and the ways in which we can see the league progress.

Here are a few of the highlights of Silver’s address.

Additional NBA plans

This has been a major issue for the league for a number of years, and there have been reports that if the NBA were to expand, the two cities could face Seattle and Las Vegas. It is understandable that the league will do so see $ 2.5 billion in fines each of the two extension groups to be added, a valuable number for creating a new license. However, Silver said Thursday night that the upgrade is not something the league is looking for at the moment.

“That’s not true,” Silver said. “As I said before, sometime, this league will always grow, but we are not currently talking about it. One of the things that is growing is the loss of talent. As I said before, I found it. with the millions of youngsters playing the game, then you have 450 the best players in the world in this league, that there are a few of them.

“So upgrades make it a little less stressful. And even with the addition of 30 or so players who are similar, there are still a lot of top-notch skills that need to be done. This is something in mind. About other teams when we consider growth. and the best markets. We’ll look at it sometime, but there’s no real time right now. “

All-NBA vote changes

There has been a controversy over the years over how All-NBA decisions are made, and this season was no different. When MVP defender Nikola Jokic was named First Team winner, the winner of the award, Joel Embiid, was placed in Group Two, due to the importance associated with the All-NBA voting. . All-NBA votes are considered obsolete because the league has begun to be played casually. So far, Silver has said the league has decided to cancel the All-NBA titles.

“I think the right thinking is happening if we just have to – really, you, the way it works here, the media – should just select players who are better than choosing roles,” Silver said. “I think we are the most advanced league in non-league basketball, and the existing systems can create inequality based on what is happening because of your role. So this is something we are looking at. And the Players Association because it also affects motivation and contract players. and you know, it also means a lot to their heritage. That’s why we’re going to see these things. “

Coming to Silver’s view of the All-NBA linked to contract incentives, players have commented on this in the past, as well as about members of the media who control the amount of money they can make based on their votes. Silver said the League and Players Association saw this as the best way to tackle these incentives, and according to the media and voters, it is the most impartial way to get votes.

“In the meantime we have partnered with the Players Association to use these names to secure bonuses in player contracts, honestly because we can’t find a better way that would be meaningful to everyone involved,” Silver said. “I think we all know that to do this on pure statistics or just to use analytics, would be unfair there because it does not take things invisible. I certainly do not think no one wanted the league office to do it. We have come up with this proxy for journalists to do.

“I understand from the player, he says, ‘I can’t believe journalists have been given this power over me.’ I mean, when you have 100 journalists in a group, it seems to be going well. We’ll discuss this with the players and sit down and see if there is a better way to do it. ”

On Trail Blazers is said to be on sale

The shocking event was announced Thursday when it was announced that Nike founder Phil Knight and Los Angeles Dodgers owner Alan Smolinisky had raised $ 2 billion in cash to buy the Portland Trail Blazers. Former Blazers owner Paul Allen passed away in 2018, and a trust run by Allen’s sister, Jody, has been running and running the club ever since. When news broke that Knight and Smolinisky had applied for the team, the Blazers’ owners announced that the club was not for sale. Although Silver did not know everything about his sale, he said that in the end the Blazers were sold out.

“I don’t know all of Paul Allen’s beliefs, all I understand is that Jody Allen, Paul Allen’s sister, is in charge of the site, and sometime the team will be sold,” Silver said. “I do not know when, but one time it will be sold. It is a very difficult place, and it has been several years. [since Paul’s death], these things can take time. Having said that, everyone is interested in a smooth transition. I think Jody was the best team manager at the time. Portland has been a very good NBA team, and my wish would have been for the team to stay in Portland as part of the project. “

Changes in NBA policy

The NBA has been playing with a number of ways to change the schedule over the years. When the league closes again in the summer of 2020, we saw what it would look like if NBA games were played in the summer. Last season the league cut 10 games from its inception and started the Christmas week for players to take a short break after the Orlando bubble. However, the league returned to normalcy this season unchanged. While some players want to see a reduction in sport to reduce the incidence of injuries that we have been seeing, if a change occurs, it could happen as a competitive sport.

“I think the way we are trying to look here instead of reducing the number of games, we think competitively, there is a way to improve what, for most people, is a long-term stable,” Silver said. he said. “And one of the ways we think of doing this is in-season competition, which we talk about a lot, we haven’t arrived. a lot of games in a row, maybe a competition that could replace regular play but it could be meaningful. “

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