Naval College Circular 2022: Amended; 129 vacancies; Check out!

The 2022 Naval College Announcement Corrected! The naval administration of the Brazilian Navy has revised the cities in which test or supplementary events were held and the agencies responsible for local performance (OREL). See the full document under “Current Situation”.

As stated Naval College 2022 Announced, The competition offers 129 high school vacancies for students of Collegio Naval. The tests will be implemented on 2nd and 3rd July, 2022 Get ready!

See below Indicator With information about the Naval College competition:

Naval College Notification: Current Situation


Activity Date
Open for subscription From March 21 to April 24, 2022
Deadline for payment of registration fee May 04, 2022
Test application July 02 and 03, 2022
Deadline for objective evidence appeal From 4 to 6 July 2022
Start training course February 13, 2023

Public Notice College Naval: Remuneration and benefits

College Naval students have a basic salary BRL 1,398.30Which is divided as follows:

  • BRL 1,185.00 in military pay
  • Military surplus R $ 154.05
  • R $ 59.25 additional compensation for military availability

In addition to the basic salary, candidates will also be entitled to benefits such as food, uniforms, medical-dental, mental, social and religious support.

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Notification of Naval College: Registration

Performed during registration March 21 to April 24, 2022, Through the website or through the Navy’s military agencies. It was priced BRL 100.00 And payments can be made up to days May 04, 2022.

Was there Exemption from registration fee For candidates belonging to the Federal Government’s Cadastro Único para programas Sociais (CadÚnico) family, whose per capita monthly family income is less than or equal to half of the national minimum wage, as well as bone marrow in recognized entity recognized by the Ministry of Health.

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Naval College Notification: Posts and Vacancies

The 2022 Marinha Colégio Naval Competition offers vacancies for naval college courses. Will be 129 vacancies The destiny of teaching elementary education and military-naval education, where it will prepare the student for admission to the Naval School.

Students will be housed at the Angra dos Reis in Rio de Janeiro.

  • 117 vacancies for men; And
  • 12 vacancies for women.

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Naval College Notification: Career

After joining the Brazilian Navy (MB), every citizen will pledge respect, where he or she will sign a conscious recognition of military obligations and duties and express his or her determination to perform them well.

Military responsibilities arise from a set of rational and ethical bonds that connect the military to the Fatherland and the service, and essentially:
I – Dedication and loyalty to the fatherland, whose honor, integrity and institution must
To save even at the time of sacrificing one’s life;
II – religion of national symbols;
III – regulations and compliance in all situations;
IV – Respect for discipline and order;
V – strict compliance with obligations and orders; And
VI – Obligation to treat subordinates with dignity and civility.

Access to military classification, based primarily on ethical and professional values, will be selective, gradual, and consistent, and in accordance with current law and by fulfilling the requirements contained in the Naval Officer Career Plan (PCOM).


  1. A native Brazilian (Art. 12, Article 3 of the Federal Constitution), must be of both sexes;
  2. Not to be married or to have a stable union and not to have children, during which time he will be subject to the regulations of the Naval College, subject to the terms of the industry. 144-A, Act No. 6,880 / 1980;
  3. Must be 15 years of age and under 18 years of age on June 30, 2023, according to Act No. 14,296 of January 4, 2022;
  4. Have completed 9th year of primary school, successfully or near completion;
  5. Have a record of good conduct for future naval officer status (Article 11 of Act No. 6.880 / 80 – Military Code);
  6. There is approval from legal guardians to join the Navy;
  7. Not failing due to inadequate grades or disciplinary errors in internships for training courses for officers or previous CP applications;
  8. Pay the registration fee or request its release as paid;
  9. Must be registered in the Personal Taxpayer Registry (CPF);
  10. There is an original official identification document, physically, with a signature and with a photograph where it may be recognized;
  11. Minimum height 1.54 m and maximum 1.95 m; And
  12. Follow the other instructions specified for this CP.

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Notification of Naval College: Step

Will be shared in the competition Three steps. What are they:

    1. Objective Written Test (PO) and Writing (Exclusion and Eligibility)
    2. Complementary events (EVC)
      1. Health Inspection (IS) (Exclusion)
      2. Physical Eligibility Test (TAF-i) (Exclusion)
      3. Psychological Assessment (AP) (Exclusion)
      4. Document Verification (DV) (Exclusion)
      5. The heteroidentification method complements self-declaration (PH)
    3. Adaptation Period (PA) (Exclusion)

Purposeful examination

Tests will be held in days July 2 and 3, 2022 In this way:

  • Objective written test 1 (Mathematics and English), which will have a total duration 5 hours And will be formed 40 questionsBeing: 20 for Maths and 20 for English, each question will be 2.5 pointsTotal 100 points.
  • Objective written test 2 (Portuguese, social studies and science, and an essay), with a total duration 5 hours.


  • Day 1.
  • 20 objective math questions;
  • 20 objective English questions.
  • Day 2.
  • 20 Portuguese questions;
  • 12 social studies questions; And
  • 18 science questions.


Research with clear, coherent and objective concepts, the title of which will deal with a topic considered important by the naval administration and will be held on the same day as scheduled for social studies, science and Portuguese examinations.

Complementary events

Health Inspection (IS)

Health inspection, of an abolitionist nature, is the medical qualification for the primary selection aimed at verifying whether the candidates meet the eligibility criteria and medical standards for a military career in MB. Responsibility of SI Regular Health Board (JRS) for admission.

The candidate must go to the place provided for IS with proof of registration and original and valid identification documents, a signature and photograph in order to be recognized. In this opportunity, the candidate has to fill the complete anamnesis sheet, without deleting it, give the date and sign.

Physical Fitness Test (TAF-i)

Physical fitness tests are only of an abrupt nature, where students must take swimming and running tests.

The swimming test consisted of swimming 25 meters, with a maximum time of 50 seconds. At the race stage, the candidate must run 2,400 meters in a maximum of 16 minutes.

Psychological Assessment (AP)

The goal of Psychological Assessment is to evaluate candidates using scientific methods designed to assess the compatibility of a candidate’s psychological characteristics with a military career.

The AP will evaluate the following aspects:

A) Intellectuals – for the purpose of verifying the general and / or specific qualifications of the candidates with the requirement of purposeful activity. Assessment requirements: verbal reasoning, speed, numerical ability and intelligence; And

B) In order to verify the personality and motivational characteristics of the candidate along with the need for personal-purpose activities. Assessment requirements: discipline, hierarchy acceptability, adaptability, emotional control and leadership.

Document Verification (DV)

At this elimination stage, candidates must provide a certified or generic copy of the documents, including the original. Copies must be bound, the pages numbered (eg: 01/20, 02/20, 03/20 …) and will be initiated by the candidate.

Below is a list of documents to submit:

A) Birth certificate from the Civil Registry;

B) Certificate or declaration of completion of primary school course, the latter with the corresponding academic transcript. Candidates who are in the process of completing the primary school course must present the statement in Annex III, in which case they must submit the completion certificate / declaration and the corresponding academic transcript within the adaptation period till the date of enrollment in the course. ;

C) the approval of the legal guardian of the candidate for enrollment in Naval College;

d) the document proves that the signatory of the above-mentioned approval is liable to the candidate, when none of the parents;

E) Identity card of the responsible person, with a picture so that he can be identified;

F) Proof of enrollment in the Personal Taxpayer Registry (CPF); And

g) Official identification documents, including the original, signature and photograph where it may be recognized, as defined in sub-item 4.3 of the opening notice.

Heteroidentification method (PH)

The phenotypic identification is performed by a third party in the self-declared condition of the candidate in the MB public tender in the complementary hetero-identification method of self-declaration (PH) and considering the criteria established in Ordinance No. 38 / GM-MD, June 25, 2018 and Ordinance No. 74 /. Changes in GM-MD, August 23, 2019.

Candidates who have declared themselves black at the time of registration and who have chosen to contest for the reserved vacancy without requesting a change in this condition will be submitted to PH, even though they are categorized as vacancies in the wide competition.

Adaptation period

PA is a non-curricular phase of the course, during which candidates focus on NC; They have been included in the forces; And, so that they can verify, in fact, their adaptation and their interest in career, they get the initial instructions of military doctrine; About the course and in activities that are consistent with the military routine, so they must maintain the physical health required for the course.

The ambitious preparation course will have an eliminating and qualifying character.

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The latest Naval College competition

The last competition was held in 1997 2021. Competition offer 129 vacancies. The vacancies were for male viewers only. The order for the graduation course was at the basic level.

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Reasons to participate in the Naval College competition

Entering the military career, in addition to good pay and career plans. Financial stability and professional training.

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Competition of the Armed Forces

In 2022, the armed forces will offer several opportunities to join Army, Navy And Aviator. There are thousands of vacancies for men and women, including the need for a high school or higher level.

After the training course, military training is an excellent opportunity, with an estimated R $ 3 thousand (middle level) and R $ 10 thousand (upper level) initial fees.

One of the positive things is that the intellectual test (objective stage) of military competition is applied in all the capitals of the country and is often, in other big cities, accessible to most Brazilians.

See more details about the 2022 Armed Forces Competition.

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Colégio Naval 2022 Notice Summary

2022 Naval College Notification Brazilian Navy
The current situation Notification published
Organized bank Navy Personnel Selection Service
Terms Naval College students
Education Basic level
Career Military
Power Angra dos Reis – RJ
Number of vacancies 129 vacancies
Salary BRL 1,398.30
Registration March 21 to April 24, 2022
Registration fee BRL 100.00
Objective test date July 02 and 03, 2022
Click here to see the 2022 Colégio Naval Announcement!

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